one tiny SmartSource insert 9/17

A tiny SmartSource in this week’s paper (9/17). Not all papers carry the same coupons or values, so this national list might show coupons we don’t get around Chicago.


2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner $1/1 (12/31)
Airborne Product (exc. Airborne 1ct shot) $3/1 (10/1)
Butterfinger, CRUNCH, Baby Ruth or 100 Grand Fun Size Bars 10oz+ bags $2/3 (11/1)
Green Mountain Gringo Hot Sauce 5oz $1/1 (12/16)
Green Mountain Gringo Salsa or Tortilla Strips $1/1 (12/16)
MegaRed Advanced Product $5/1 (10/1)
MegaRed Base Krill Product $3/1 (10/1)
Neuriva Brain Health Supplement 30-60ct (exc. Ultra 14ct and all Neuriva Sleep Products) $6/1 (10/1)
Ricola 19ct-45ct $1/2 (10/14)
SPOT SHOT Instant Carpet Stain Remover $1/1 (12/31)

Birks: in your closet & portfolio

German sandal maker and in-again fashion icon Birkenstock has filed for an initial public offering, according to a filing late Tuesday.

The filing doesn’t list the number of shares the maker intends to sell or a price range yet. Filing fees were also left blank. The company plans to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BIRK.

According to reports in July, private-equity firm L Catterton, backed by LVMH MC, -0.39%, was mulling over its options for Birkenstock, including an initial public offering that would value the sandal maker at more than $6 billion.  Here’s the Marketwatch article.

Saturday Sampler: Coke Y3000

The Jewel preview ad is up for next week and there’s a Coke Saturday Sampler.  Dunno what this is, but Coke has moved off the beaten track so far it’s not part of the same species!

I like quite a few of the deals in this ad, like the 49¢ avocados, the $2.99 Fisher’s peanuts (the big jug that’s usually $9.99!) and quite a few of the clip coupon deals.  Since they always have low limits, clip ’em all and run it on one trip.  That way you won’t be tempted to over pay on another trip.  Click on the U™ account link and check the preview ads for your own finds.