Free 8×10 at Walgreens

Get a FREE 8×10 print at Walgreens with promo code EIGHT19 and in-store pick up. Your total will be $3.99 before code and zero afterwards.  Don’t use the Walgreens APP  ’cause it’s wonky; use above link to avoid issues with sizing and codes when you use a mobile device.  Choose the highest possible resolution.  This was originally released (twice) as an APP-only code … which didn’t work either time.  Now it’s working online as well.

Charmin for Revlon at Walgreens

There was a reason for all the Revlon shopping last week:  Charmin and Puffs this week 🙂  Two transactions of two 3pks Puffs plus a 48 Mega pack of Charmin; each used two $10 Revlon RRs plus one 50¢ Puffs 3pk coupon from the November P&G.  Subtotal was $3.47 and I earned 5,000 bonus reward points on each transaction.  This will definitely be stock-up shopping at Walgreens this week.

Revlon Register Rewards update

I was told today that stores are being told to not accept more than four $5 Revlon coupons per person per day because there have been instances of people taking stacks of RRs all bearing the same barcode (which scans beautifully, unlike most real ones!) and using them for gift cards or somehow using fraudulent coupons.  I mean most employees know that you can’t buy gift cards with RRs, but scammers can zero in on a newbie like a heat-seeking missile.  And these are friggin’ paper coupons – maybe we should bring in the entire insert and clip at the counter because what does a paper coupon have to do with fake Register Rewards cats?

riding the Walgreens gravy train

As long as the total comes to $10 or more, it doesn’t matter if one item is under $5 and one over – the registers attach one item to one coupon and you’re good since the total is over $10.  I’ve done this a few times now ’cause I need to buy a few pricy items over the next two weeks and this way it’ll cost me very little since I’m combining clearance deals with coupons and paying with bonus points.  Oh, and since they’re all ringing at $10+ a transaction, I’ll hit the $50 beauty 5,000 bonus points that much faster 🙂

Making money at Walgreens

Honestly, this is just a couple of clearance fun colors for PITA – well, actually a money maker for me 🙂   This week Walgreens has a $10 Register Reward deal when you spend $10 or more on select Revlon products.  You’re welcome to buy the higher end stuff, but my name is carp…bottom feeder.  Use the $5 10/6 SS coupons like I did and those $5.99 products end up costing you $1.98 plus tax (used points and paid 82¢ OOP).

Shopping for vitamins the Wags way

Which is to say the cheap way.  Had a couple of Revlon RRs to burn and Walgreens has BOGO vitamins this week, so I ran two more Revlon transactions at 40% off using that $5 coupon, got one $5 and nothing on the second, so they added 5,000 points, which I used to pay for the vitamins (there was a $2 Nature Made digital coupon I’d clipped as well, but I never expect them to actually work).  $3.61 OOP for all you see.

Walgreens: another day of eye shadow

So today I went to another Walgreens that had NO $5 RR shelf tags and NO 40% off Revlon product signs (actually didn’t see clearance, either).  Asked Beauty Advisor and she hadn’t heard anything about them…decided to just try it and void the transaction (couponers’ version of catch and kill) if it didn’t work.  Sure enough, the $8.99 shadows rang at $5.39, so I bought 3, used the $5 coupons plus $2 in bonus points, leaving me to hand over two quarters to get back a $5 RR which generated without issue.  The Beauty Advisor was stunned ’cause she hadn’t been told any of this.  I said that’s because Walgreens doesn’t really want customers coming in to buy things.