Free 8×10 returns to Walgreens

Get a FREE 8×10 print at Walgreens with promo code SPRING-FREE and in-store pick up.  Order and pick up at your convenience; code is valid through March 22nd.  Total will be $3.99 before code and zero afterwards.  Always choose the highest possible resolution.

This is a mix I made for photography class, combining a few shots.  Classmates agreed the lock looked more like a slab of Kerrygold butter 🙂

more shampoo & toothpaste for less

This week at Walgreens you can buy two Colgate products using a $4/2 digital coupon and get a $4 Register Reward.  I combined that deal with a Whole Blends 2/$8 promo that had a $3/2 digital coupon and earned $5 in Wags Cash Rewards. Mark the RR so you know just what manufacturer it’s from because using it on the same company means no new RR will be generated ????

Remember, though, that any order that involves a Register Reward being printed CANNOT be ordered through order pickup.  They’ll give you 101 weird reasons why, but the bottom line is don’t.  Add the coupons and shop in person.

Walgreens for cheap Tom’s of Maine

Very little of note at Walgreens this week, although I placed a ship-to-store order for two jars of Cantu shea butter curling product.  No use for it, but after coupons it’s just tax and a very nice donation item.  Unfortunately, it sold out for shipping between my order and shipping email.  Decided to grab a couple Tom’s of Maine toothpaste because I get tired of mint :). For this deal, you clip the $3/2 coupon and put two in your cart, earning you $3 in Walgreens Cash for each tube.  You could stuff the cart, but there’s only the one $3 digital coupon, no insert ones. I also put in a Reese’s candy bar to get over the $10 hump, great since it has a $1.25 coupon plus a 50¢ Walgreens coupon, which equals 4¢ happiness.

I redeemed $5 and will earn $6+ for both toothpastes and candy bar.

Walgreens shopping … why bother

When I think of all the deals we used to run at Walgreens – – now I can’t even make a straight purchase without the system messing up. FirstBorn cracks “gee, it’s like they don’t want you using coupons and saving money”. har de har har

Prefer toothpaste deals?  This week they have $4 Rewards when you buy 2 Crest, but no coupons, so hard pass.  Only grab ’em when they’re free is my motto.

If you’re still interested, here’s the link to $3 Crest toothpaste.  I’m grabbing the pictured items because the discounts are the most.  Garnier Whole Blends products give you both a $3/2 and $5/2 coupon (the latter automatically appears at checkout), so your effective cost is $1.98 for two.  I’m not using pick up because I want to dump a few Register Rewards and 35¢ savings from the 10% code isn’t worth worrying about, imho.

So what actually happened?  I left the five items in my cart because I wanted to pay with Register Rewards.  When I got to the store I opened the APP and watched as the $5/2 Garnier coupon disappeared.  Then everything emptied from the cart.  I added the five items back, but never was able to find the $5/2 Garnier coupon, although shelf signage offered a $4 Register Reward for buying two Fructis.  I tried this deal twice, once with each shampoo.  No Whole Blends coupon came off, but $3/2 did come off Fructis.  When you buy a Seventh Generation 19 oz dish soap on sale for $3.19, you earn $2 in Rewards and that part worked.

Got home and the Whole Blends $3/2 coupon appears, but not the extra $5/2.

11×14 poster only $2 – new Wags code

Order a 11×14 poster print at Walgreens, use promo code POSTERIZE with in-store pick up and pay only $1.99. Order by 1/18 and pick up next time you’re in the area. Total will be $12.99 before code and $1.99 after.  Choose highest possible resolution. Picture was taken yesterday at Lisle Jewel, where they obviously received too large a warehouse shipment!  I should blow this up to terrify carnivore FirstBorn 🙂