Track your driving for rewards?

There are apps that will let you earn coupons just for visiting a particular store, or for traveling in a particular area. But what if you could be rewarded no matter where you go, just as long as you’re going somewhere?

That’s the idea behind “Miles”, an app that launched on Apple’s app store last summer and is newly available for Android devices. But whether you’ll find the rewards to be worth earning, depends on whether you shop at the stores offering them – and how you feel about being tracked everywhere you go.

“Mobility is a universal behavior that largely goes unrewarded,” Miles CEO Jigar Shah said in a recent company blog post. So he and his co-founders decided to invent what they call “a frequent flier program for ground transportation”.  Here’s the entire Coupons in the News article.

Purex Settlement – submit your claim

If you purchased Purex Naturals between May 19, 2013 and March 8, 2019, you may be eligible for a payment from a settlement.  As I’ve stated many times in the past, the Linen & Lilies scent is my favorite laundry detergent and I’ve bought hundreds in that time frame… unfortunately, without receipts or other proof (wonder if an old photo of lines of bottles in the basement would qualify?), you are limited to 10.  Click here for more info.