Jewel for 9 cent potatoes: limit 4?

This deal will be a special starting tomorrow, but with an absurd 3 pound limit. Since it’s a digital U™ coupon, you’ll be limited to roughly 4 potatoes (I weighed an average size one on display and it was 3/4 of a pound).  I’m hoping they don’t move the quantity they’re anticipating and that silly coupon and limit disappear for back up the truck buyers 🙂

Free Mountain Dew Saturday Sampler

We have one Saturday Sampler, a 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew Spark.  Both regular and sugar free are being pushed, but the 12 oz bottle of Orange Crush (glass) and Country Time Pink Lemonade are also listed under qualifying products. Add to your U™ account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.  They had tons of Mountain Dew at the front counter starting Wednesday, so unlikely this Pepsi product won’t be available.

2 Jewel Freebies: Mediwiper wipes

Go to your U™ account, click Free Offers and you should see both the 80 ct and 10 ct Mediwiper sanitizer wipes offers again this week. I grabbed an 80 ct package a few weeks ago (early in the sale), but they never restocked and I haven’t seen them since.  What’s the point of offering freebies they never have in stock (multiple stores, same warehouse)?  Oh, right, to trick customers into shopping at Jewel …

& these were the puny oranges

Don’t know about your Jewel, but mine was stocking weapons-grade oranges bigger than grapefruit for the 7¢ sale – I got five for 68¢ since the total weight was a half pound over, meaning their scales are as useless as tits on a bull.  crap, I forgot to check for the free Mediwipers on U™.

Jewel Clearance Soda Shopping

Well, the good old clearance cart was out at Jewel this evening and not only was there a box of M&M’s fudge brownie flavor there (32¢ each), they had Culture Pop soda in pink grapefruit with ginger & junifer.  I scanned it on the Amazon APP and it’s $29.99 a 12pk, considerably more than their other flavors, so maybe it’s being discontinued.  Love grapefruit – with or without probiotics! – and paying a quarter a can floats my boat nicely.  Took all 22 of them 🙂  Just took a sip – omg, so tasty!