Saturday Sampler BUBBL’R

Today we get one Saturday Sampler, a 12 oz can of BUBBL’R Sparkling Water.  Add to your JFU account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.  Whole heap of flavor choices under offer details (blood orange sounds yummy). Jewel had this posted along with the WOD Cheerios in their weekly ad.  I was hoping for a bonus 🙂 but to me, at least, it shows management is confident enough of conditions to know they’ll have stock on that day.

$1.99 Feta at my Jewel

Don’t know if this is something the warehouse pushed out to all Jewels or it’s only an oddity at the Lisle Jewel, but I found a coffin in produce stocked with Athenos Feta Cheese bulk clamshells at $1.99/lb.  This stuff is regularly $7 more and even on sale it’s never even close to being this cheap.  and trust me, Pita and I know cheese prices.  Dates are June 14, but this dry cheese lasts a lot longer.

Jewel clearance + Ibotta for $ & down I go

Not my usual Jewel, which only proves you can find deals anywhere!  Love walnut oil for salads and it keeps so well on a cool basement shelf (dates are a couple of years out, anyway) so for 87¢ I’m definitely stocking up.  Almond butter jars were a particularly nice find because not only is the price awesome, there’s a $2 Ibotta rebate (limit 3, exactly the number on the shelf).  So that overage paid down my walnut oil 🙂

Good thing I’m in pretty decent shape ’cause this Jewel had a huge water spill across half the floral aisle and I went down hard and fast just walking through.  Clerk explained customers take bouquets from floor buckets and drip; pointed out that they would also have to be upending the buckets to get that much water on the floor!  A little sore and I know it’ll be worse tomorrow.  I’d say nothing was injured but my dignity … but we all know that ship sailed years ago.

Monopoly freebies return & clearance

Jewel is definitely messing with the digital Monopoly coupons because first they ALL reappeared and then started disappearing while we were in the store – – one by one.  And even legit ones weren’t coming off at the register.

On the other hand, the clearance cart was out and I picked up a few of these bamboo reusable towels which can be washed in the machine and reused up to 100 times!  Paid 68¢ a roll and was told I purchased a lifetime supply…given my age I don’t know if that’s a good or bad comment 🙂