add freebies to your JFU account

By switching your store, you can find lots of freebies at Jewel!  Saw this on MUM’s FB group and decided to test it out.  I changed stores (picked Westmont) and suddenly I had free Signature Spinach, Lucerne shredded cheese, 49¢ blueberries, $1.99 bacon and 99¢ gallons of Jewel milk which I clicked and added to my list (if you change stores, they disappear, but reappear when you change the store back).  Pizzas were $3 each, but I don’t know if that is available to everyone.  The Alpha Burrito is a plant-based food and didn’t show up for quite a few people.  You see here PITA and my accounts combined.

.99/lb Kentucky Legend ham at Jewel!

Jewel must have a crap ton of these ’cause they’re all 99¢ a pound, whether whole or half size – normally $5.49/lb!  Dates on the two I bought are March 29th!  I plan on making ham jerky, so doubt they’ll be around too much longer 🙂  I made bacon jerky the other day (sweet and spicy) and now I’m on a pork jerky roll!  Check your local Jewel or head over to Lisle and stock up – they’re vacuum sealed so eat or freeze by the end of March.

Check your JFU for freebies

I just got TWO freebies added to my Jewel JFU account, which sucks ’cause I just got back from grabbing my free cereal.  Oh well, it’s good until the 14th, so plenty of time.  I got a 3 oz PROBAR meal bar and a 2.46 oz PROBAR BASE protein bar.  JFU online has been down for some time now, but I was able to add both offers using the APP.