more Jewel clearance surprises

They also had a couple bags of Pirate’s Booty white cheddar, so for 44¢ Pita was happy – I mean happy that I paid for them.  Plenty of Rice Krispies treats and a number of the chili lime hot sauce, there was only one pack of toilet paper, which I took – hey, a quarter a roll for holiday toilet paper in the hopes that next year will be more festive.  Lots of Nature’s Bounty Alpha Lipoic Acid for $1.99  ($2 coupon in 1/3 R2).

Jewel Pre sale + coupon + Ibotta + Fetch

Grass-fed is pretty much the only beef we eat now – can’t afford to consume that much of it, but when there’s a sale … These Pre (our favorite brand) chuck roasts were already on 25% off sale ($11.24), the 50% off sticker brought them down to $28.10 and a $2 Ibotta rebate (limit 5) means my roasts cost $3.62 each, down from the usual $14.99 shelf price.  Even less if you include the 25 Fetch Rewards I got.  Pre vacuum-seals their meat so pop them in the freezer if you aren’t going to use within a few days. These were marked 1/21/21.

Edit: Do the Dew – Saturday Sampler

Edited to say there is a Fetch Rewards bonus on Mountain Dew, so Pita and I each got 50 points for nothing! Even better than free. I use Fetch Rewards for everything – rebate APPs pretty much paid for Christmas this year. The link goes to an earlier post. Let’s just say it works on all stores (and online purchases) even places like Goodwill! Today we get a 20 oz bottle of Major Melon or Melon Zero Mountain Dew as a Saturday Sampler.  Add to your JFU account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.

Stock up on clearance chicken time

Literally so many chickens (in at least five sections) that you could fill an upright freezer.  Young fryers for 30% off, 50% off large stuffing chickens and 50% off expensive free-range birds.  This is the Lisle Jewel and since today is the date marked on them, freeze or roast soon.  I’m going to roast two in a large pan tomorrow and use another one for chicken soup.  The others … we shall see, although this cold weather means a heavy pot on an enclosed back porch gives you a few more days to plan without worrying about marauding bears or coyotes – hey, it could happen!

Jewel JFU & clearance vitamins

I got everything in the photo for $45 – outrageous, I know, but sometimes you have to put out some folding green.  Vitamins were 75% off, so naturally I grabbed them (plenty more, as you can see from the bottom photo). Adding every JFU coupon got me BOGO Vero sauce, the Impossible Patties took $2 off plus $9 store coupon when it didn’t scan as BOGO.  Potatoes did come up for $1.99 and the free Bosco cheese stick – whee!  All told, I’m very pleased because of the vitamins; dog food was also a few bucks off and I have a cat who thinks all food in the house belongs to him. Got $2 from Ibotta for Nature’s Truth vitamins and 1100 Fetch Rewards points (use WVAB6 and I’ll get points for a new sign up) when it somehow read frozen dinners on my receipt! There’s also a $2 Nature’s Bounty coupon in 1/3R2 and a $2 Nature’s Truth printable (limit 1) which I’ll attempt to post-redeem (given all the covid rules & restrictions, I never know from week to week what to expect)

stuffed breadstick WOD at Jewel today

Today only (1/7) get a free single serve frozen Bosco stuffed breadstick at Jewel when you say BOSCO at the register.  No codes, coupons or loyalty account required – cashier will scan the free UPC paper.  I’m going there to check out the Impossible Burger JFU coupons because otherwise there ain’t no way in hell I’d drive out for a breadstick!