cheap Purina High Protein cans @ Jewel

The Purina High Protein canned food is on sale for a buck at Jewel through 9/1 and also on Ibotta – get $1 when you buy 3 cans. I also add the Buy any Item for 20¢ rebate whenever it renews.  Buy 4, use the BOGO coupons in 7/28 S then submit for the rebate!  You’ll end up paying only a buck for all four.  And if it resets you’ll do it again 🙂  Honest T is the Saturday Sampler freebie.

Dollar Tree also has the Purina cans and they’re part of the Ibotta rebate, but I don’t know how they’re registers will take this coupon since it requires the cashier to enter the price and their registers are iffy so often.

Ibotta + Jewel clearance = $

I only have hardwood floors, so carpet cleaner isn’t gonna do me any good – – except when it’s $1.50 on the clearance cart and there’s a $2 Ibotta  rebate (Limit 5 per receipt)!  Had a bunch of dried dates in the cart, but noticed expiration dates of April and early June when I went to scan – – so yes, even my Jewel messes up. It’s one thing to pull expired from your stockpile, but to buy it that way to start with?

collected coupon shopping – free Quaker

I rarely (read: never) buy a product being sampled ’cause let’s face it, it’s never a great deal.  Having said that, I’m particularly found of the coupons they hand out ’cause they’re mostly higher value than insert coupons or there aren’t any coupons to be found and usually have longer expiration dates.  These products were tested at Jewel and I grabbed a few $1 coupons, never thinking they’d amount to anything.  Well, guess who is selling them for 99¢ this week?  Yup, Jewel.  But sadly, that $1 Ibotta isn’t for Jewel.  i know, I know, i always obsess about the one that got away…

Jewel Frozen Clearance Shopping

Good thing we made room in the freezer – that ice cream was just taking up too much space!  We stopped in just for the free cereal and from force of habit, checked the frozen clearance end cap – thank you baby jesus!  Everything pictured here came to about $35.  FirstBorn eats out a lot and this way he doesn’t have to put his pants on for dinner 🙂