Jewel clearance – no cash edition

Raced out the door to get PITA to work on time…and left cell (with ID & cards) on my computer desk.   Had to steal PITA’s Discover card…not a happy camper was she 🙂  Total was about $42, but I’ll go back with $6 in Jack Link’s coupons, $6 in Glade coupons and wait for more coupons to appear.  Even if I don’t get a Febreze coupon within the next 60 days, they were only 37¢ each – – the Glade was way over-priced at $1.37 for all types.  Thought I’d make Ibotta cash with the Food Network boxes ($3 each!), but they aren’t available to Jewel shoppers 🙁  🙁

Total included 10 Hormel snacks (used $5 in coupons) and a spicy salmon roll sushi plate.

.50 Hormel Snacks at Jewel

The Hormel Natural Choice wraps and bits are 10/$10 this week at Jewel.  Use the 50¢ coupon from 3/10S and pay 50¢.  The best way to eat these is after they’ve been nuked for about 10 seconds, making the wrap warm and the cheese nice and soft.  Great snack to keep around for the kids.

Just F U Ice Cream Coupon Appears

For those of you interested, the Signature Select ice cream coupon has now been added to your Just F U account at Jewel.  And even better news (for me) is that my new account actually works!  Think I’ll try the original, long-standing one today as well.  Oh, and if you’re looking for an ice cream with only a few ingredients, this one ain’t it…