.82 DiGiorno pizza at Jewel today

Today is the last day of the 3 day sale at Jewel, which includes $3.99 DiGiorno pizza.  If you added the $5/3 DiGiorno JFU, you’re probably feeling all smug, but now we have a $1.50 coupon in today’s RMN.  My subtotal was $2.47 for three (PITA also bought 3).  If you have extra coupons, leave them out for employees and customers ’cause everyone like a good deal on pizza, right?  Some people are finding $1.50 coupons on their account as well, although neither PITA nor I got that.

$2 Blinkies for Hill Bros. are here

They’re here – our answer to how are we gonna pay for Christmas?  If you stocked up on Hills Bros. during the three day Jewel sale and thought that $2.99 was pioneer pricing, the $2 blinkie coupon has come 🙂   Time for the happy dance since you can gather up all your receipts (you do save them for the 30 days you have to post-redeem, don’t you?) and trot over to get your $2 back per can.  or you can listen to those people who piss and moan about no more deals…

Jewel: $2.99 Hills Bros starts Sunday

In case you missed the little ad, Jewel is having a 3 day sale starting Sunday!  The Hills Bros cans were $4.99 a few weeks ago and that was a great price (bought a bunch – yes, we go through lots here), but $2.99?  Definitely back up the truck time.  Only wish there were coupons or rebates out there for either Hills or Skippy, but you can’t have everything 🙂

Check JFU for cheese reset deal

My $2 chunk price has now morphed into a $1.56 shreds price and the BOGO deal runs through the 28th, so check your JFU and see if either has reset and you have one or the other or both (PITA got both last week).  It’s a limit one, so two with the BOGO and pay $1.56 for a pound of cheese.  Thanks to Jane for the heads up.