1 JFU freebie this week

Add this 11.5 oz bottle of Iconic Protein Drink to your JFU Jewel account by Sunday, May 10th and redeem by Monday.  Either on the APP or online it will be the Saturday Sampler box you click.  Also check to see if you have any new freebies – stuff just appears occasionally for some of us.

new week, new JFU freebie

Check your JFU account and add this bubbl’r sparkling antioxidant water freebie (limit 2).  It’s under the beverage (not free) category.  I also have a $1 any bakery department purchase – look for the $1 peelies for the biggest bang for your buck :). Under Special Offers I have $1 off Open Product a buck or more and $1 off any O Organic product; I have lots of Monopoly tickets for freebies and wonder if I’d get double.  Check all categories for those $1 off deals – here’s another one for the frozen aisle and the product department, along with a 2x bonus points deal.  $1.51 on mine for 3 lb bag of yellow onions and 2x bonus meat or seafood.

hello clearance cart, I love you!

Yeah, I love when my clearance cart appears – and yes, I consider it mine and resent anyone attempting to poach on my preserves 🙂  This happens to be my favorite non-pouch pasta so for only 75¢ I took the three.  Many, many jars of Kalamata olives I’ll leave for PITA to take ’cause she’s olive-mad and I’m not rich enough to feed her addiction.  My mother used to hide olive bowls from the holiday dinner table until we were just ready to sit down or there would only be empty bowls awaiting us!

Starting tomorrow all Jewel employees will be required to wear masks – they’re handing out washable black ninja ones, but many wear their own already.  Big signs up with screening questions (cough, pains, sneezing…) already in place.