Saturday Sampler: pancakes & waffles

Today we get one Saturday Sampler, a Signature Select box of frozen pancakes or waffles.  Add to your U™ account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.  Shows eight varieties under offer details, including Belgian waffles.  I never got an email about this and it wasn’t showing up on the APP earlier.  Make sure to scan the Fetch Rewards; might as well get at least 25 points from your purchase, especially since the holidays are rapidly approaching.

2 Jewels – more clearance

First stop was Danada Square Jewel, since we could just walk in and get a booster shot. Pretty soon they’re gonna need accordion sleeves for all the pages.  Lots of clearance, but only 50%; there was one bar of Beyond Good chocolate, but no price tag and you need two for the $3.99 Ibotta rebate 🙁

Ran up to the Glen Ellyn Dollar Tree for bread and took a chance on Jewel – no sale potatoes, but more dressing and rice clearance if you’re looking…

update: Jewel rice, pasta, dressing clearance

Pita found a $3 Ibotta rebate for the Chosen mayo I bought for $2. Limit two, but heck, I made $2 on the deal!

  Probably more clearance stuff, but there’s a limit to the amount of time I want to spend shopping.  Definitely stocked for at least a year on brown and white rice!  Most everything was 75% off, but pasta and olive oil was only 50% off, so a hard pass for me 🙁  Make sure to check each and every date ’cause we brought up a bunch of expired stuff to the front desk.

Note:  I saw this posted on a private Jewel FB group so it’s obviously going on at other locations.

Jewel, Amazon Fresh & Costco

We hit all the high spots today 🙂   Took all 64 cans of La Croix at 4/$1 plus some gum, but the rest was only 50% off, so a hard pass.  Amazon Fresh had the Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise for $1.49 and the mustard for $1.19 – – I’m liking their clearance section, too!  And naturally these Advent boxes from Costco made me smile.  $69.99 for beer or $99.99 for wine didn’t…

Jewel Saturday Sampler: Coffee Coke

Today we get one Saturday Sampler, a 12 oz can of Coffee Coke.  Add to your U™ account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.  Shows five flavor choices under offer details, although I don’t know that smaller stores carry them all.  There’s also a 50¢ Ibotta rebate to add for maybe a slight money maker and don’t forget the points from Fetch Rewards; I bought a case of Muir Glen tomatoes at Dollar Tree yesterday and got 12 points for each can!

Amazon Fresh vs Jewel Carts

Smart idea to have Amazon Fresh with two shopping lists – and the full cart – comparing their prices to Jewel.  We stopped at Jewel for the $1.99 clementines before hitting Amazon for $5/$10 ice cream and Ben & Jerry’s was $4.89 at Amazon Fresh before coupon; $5.49 at Jewel.

Of course, had the clearance cart been out, my opinion might change 🙂

Ibotta CORE bar resets – money maker

Refrigerated Core bars are 5/$5 at Jewel this week and the $2.50/2 Ibotta rebate has improved – – now it’s $1.25 with a FIVE limit 🙂  You can also scan the receipt for 25 points from Fetch Rewards.  I bought five of the peanut butter/chocolate variety so I can pretend candy is a health food.  Scan the barcode to make sure you’re grabbing the right variety/flavors.