Cheese, glorious cheese at Jewel

Don’t see why I have to buy cheese when it’s the rat who eats it all!  This week Jewel has 32 oz bags of Lucerne shredded cheese for only $2.99 after loading digital coupon – limit one.  And that’s why I had to buy one, too.  Baskin Robbins 75¢ ice cream (limit 1) might be a good deal but I haven’t eaten it in years – it’s also 14 oz, so not a pint.  Check it out on a non-rainy day and see what’s in there.  Life’s too short to eat bad ice cream, no matter how cheap.  I love you, Cherry Garcia, don’t listen to them!

Last of the Monopoly Freebies

Sad but true, it’s the last of the Monopoly freebies – last post turned out to be the penultimate trip, since there was another binder clip in the pouch – oops 🙂  They substituted the 2 oz weird-ass brand of hand sanitizer for the house brand, but everything else was fine.  Oy, so much salad dressing on the shelf – now to find safe lettuce.

On a completely different note, Jewel has been ordering the 99¢ Jack Link JFU jerky but it never comes in – they’ll still order it, but I’d guess the warehouse never got stock.

Jewel candy bar clearance

I’m a Snickers girl myself, but PITA bought these at 2/$1 (king size!) for FirstBorn as a thank you for picking her up at work so often.  I should point out it’s much cheaper than a half-dozen Lyft rides 🙂  Don’t forget your free Word of the Day chips.

Jewel Clearance Shopping

Can never have too much gum I say and for 37¢ and 40¢ a pack, I’m in.  PITA’s disgusting soy milk was only 37¢, the bags of French Roast whole bean coffee were 99¢ each (god, I hope it’s drinkable) and omg, I’m eating my $1.62 jerky as I type.  All in all, a good haul, since I’d only stopped in for a quart of heavy cream…