Walgreens 30% code for great savings

When I got home with my cashews yesterday, I spent some time on the Walgreens.com site to see if I could find anything I actually wanted that was in stock for shipping.  Found these bottles of body wash, used the 30% CYBER30 code again and Free Shipping (no minimum), my total was as shown – already been shipped via Fed-ex. While the code still works, the ship to home minimum is back to $35.  but if you’re getting lots of other stuff

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Walgreens: 30% code + free shipping

Walgreens has free shipping to home, but since nothing I wanted was available to ship, hard pass.  I was able to use the 30% code CYBER30 with digital coupons to get the items pictured for $11.18 plus tax; the 30 oz container of cashews (wanted mixed nuts, but – not available to ship) alone costs $15.99.  Alaffia products have both a $5 IVC coupon and a $3 digital mfr coupon.

Amazon Front Page – deal or no deal?

I liked the old way Amazon had of putting daily and lightning deals on their front page – now it all seems to be sponsored products when you click.  Eight pages in for a deal (yeah, I know, you have to filter by low to high, but still!).  Here’s a group of front page deals or no deals, including the Prime 25% off deal when you spend $50.  I’m loading up on more toilet paper and paper towels with this week’s coupon, but if you don’t live near a store, their Presto paper products brand is really good if you want this deal.