HSI Professional Glider only $25.89

clearance ramen – 10 cents each

Jewel clearance cart was out on a Sunday with lots of ramen noodles at 3/30¢ – grabbed 3 cases!  I use ramen a lot (all flavors are basically the same salt), whether making a noodle dish for lunch or using the noodles in chicken soup (among other dishes).  These will go in a basement tote in the hope they’ll last the winter 🙂

Edit: 3 Free Saturday Samplers at Jewel

I’m editing this post to reflect the disappearance of the Open Nature Granola freebie – whatever Jewel is up to is annoying the shit out of me lately.  If they don’t have inventory, why couldn’t they figure that out before showing the freebie item this morning?
Today we get three Jewel Saturday Samplers: a 12 oz bottle of O Organics salad dressing, an Open Nature lip balm (picture shows 2pk) and an Open Nature 11-12 oz pouch of granola.  Add to your JFU account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.