My powdered baking/cooking stuff came

While there’s no danger of becoming a Doomsday Prepper, I am tired of stores being out of stock – why should I have to drive all over if I’m paying full price (deals are another story).  Read the comments and bought a few items 🙂 Dates are 6-12 months out and they do not require refrigeration.  Butter was 50% off when you bought one of the other Hoosier Hill items, so that made it practical for me. I took white cheddar instead of the yellow; they also offer a Mac & Cheese blend. Products are offered in 1 and 2 lb sizes. Really tempted by the instant gel, but I think that’s as a result of watching so many baking shows during quarantine!

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$40 off $40 with new Target acct

Yes, that’s right, the $40 off $40+ Target RedCard promotion has returned. Pita had a never-used card from 2015 which they cancelled 1/18 🙂 She opened a new account and this came in today’s mail along with the card.  Apply online and you’ll get an account number so you can still do your holiday shopping while waiting for the plastic and $40 coupon.  Coupon promotion is only available online.