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75% off Jewel clearance – Starbucks!

I just needed a break, so the minute Pita stepped into the shower I hit the door 🙂  Had heard some Jewels were dumping seasonal coffee, so why not?  Brown rice at $1.37 a bag, $3.25 for Starbucks (they had lots of pumpkin spice, but I’m done with that) and only 50¢ for olives!  Unfortunately, the only jar.  Even at 75% off, fish gels were $7.50, but Mr. Moosie loves his gummy fish and has been giving me the stink eye every morning since we ran out. Oh, and brown rice is for Master Charles, who prefers that to white.  stupid dogs

Mystery Santa’s North Pole Canvas Bag

Mystery Santa’s North Pole Express Delivery Canvas Gift Bag – Prefilled with mystery gifts!  An INCREDIBLY popular item every year, a tradition for a lot of families to open together Christmas morning ????  Honestly, they’re a giant pain in the butt for us to assemble, but knowing it makes y’all smile makes it worth every second!  Limit three per customer – SHIPS FREE!

Note: We’re very sorry about the price increase this year. Not only did the cost of everything skyrocket, but the shipping carriers have increased our rates dramatically. We even debated offering them at all just because we didn’t want to increase the price, but ultimately so many of you count on this as part of your Christmas morning, we decided to offer it. Hope you understand.