Woot!: Bird 800w Scooter $385

Bird ES4-800RN 800w Scooter (Renewed) for $385.  This is a Renewed Electric Scooter with 800w and up to 28 mile Max Operating Range & 15.5 mph Max Speed.  Has both an electrical and mechanical braking system along with ground lights, not just a headlight, so you can see the road.  Bird is one of the big scooter rental companies.

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.99/5 lbs red potatoes @ Jewel

Edit: Forget that little bird ’cause she’s gonna be kicked to the curb.  This is a weekly JFU deal, so you can only grab the one bag. A little bird whispered (tweeted?) that these 5lb bags of red potatoes will be 99¢ tomorrow at Jewel, so grab one or two and make some mashed potatoes or casseroles since having the stove and oven on over the next couple of nights sounds like a good game plan to me.