Piezano Pizza Oven – up to 800 degrees!

Granitestone Piezano Pizza Oven for $99.99.  This is $126.99 over on Big Brother, where I just spent way too much time reading the one-star reviews.  Please tell me these people aren’t breeding.  Except I know they are because complaints are that you can’t leave it with children around – it’s almost 800° folks!

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EXTRA 15% LocalFlavor code today only!

New code for today’s eclipse 🙂 Use promo code ECLIPSE15 for an extra 15% your deal – how about the one below? Actually, you can use it on any deal you choose or even a cartload!
LocalFlavor offers loads of local choices for half price dining, plus their vouchers typically are at least six months out!  The picture (and link) is for Urban Wine & Kitchen, a Lisle establishment on Main Street that Pita likes and patronizes.  So hey, Pita, buy some vouchers and save a few bucks ????

Space Safari Tent for Kids

My Space Safari Space Tent for Kids for $24.99 (half off!).  Made to be as realistic as possible, this space games childrens tent displays a cool show of the solar system to educate your wee ones on what lies beyond! With the touch of a sound button, the space safari tent for kids sets off a rocket launch! The play space even allows your kids to capture a photo using the astronaut face cut out. Download solar system coloring pages via QR code