Bonus insert time!

I’ve been doing this for quite a few years now and having double (or even triple) inserts in a Sunday Trib isn’t that rare, although uncommon – used to be way more likely you’d get stiffed! So imagine my surprise when one of my papers was super fat and I ended up with 14 SmartSource inserts. Naturally this is the week we get pitiful inserts and naturally I have to complain instead of doing a happy dance.

Sunday inserts (1/19): SS & RMN

We’re supposed to get two inserts in this Sunday’s paper (1/19), a SmartSource and a RetailMeNot. Sometimes you’ll find your paper has divided them differently and not all papers will carry the same coupons or even have the same value.

Acuvue $3/1 10oz Revitalens Multipurpose Disinfecting Solutions (2/24)
Acuvue $5/1 20oz Revitalens Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution (2/24)
Alka Seltzer $2/1 Plus Power Max Gels Product 10ct+ (2/16)
Alka Seltzer $1/1 Plus Product 10ct+ (2/16)
Amlactin $3/1 Product and foot repair cream (2/8)
Blink $3/1 Tears Lubricating Eyedrops, GelTears Lubrication Eye Drops or Preservative Free Lubricating Eye Drops (2/24)
Blink $3/1 Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops or Blink and Clean Lens Drops (2/24)
Celestial Seasonings $1/2 Boxes Tea exc. K-Cup Pod Boxes (3/31)
Colgate $1.50/1 Adult or Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush (2/1)
Colgate .50/1 Toothpaste 3oz or larger exc. 2.8oz, 2.8oz bonus and ETS (2/1)
Colgate .50/1 Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrush exc. Colgate Plus, Colgate Extra Clean or Colgate Classic Clean (2/1)
Eating Well $1/1 Frozen Entrée or Breakfast Item any variety (3/15)
Farm Rich $1/1 Snack 15.2oz+ (4/12)
Farm Rich $1.25/1 Snack 15.2oz+ (4/25)
Florastor $4/1 50ct+ Florastor Pre or Florastor Plus (5/30)
Florastor $2/1 Product (5/30)
Greek Gods .50/1 Greek Style Yogurt (3/31)
Grown in Idaho $1/1 Bag of Potatoes (3/14)
Maruchan $1/3 Bowls (3/31)
O’Keefe’s $1/1 Product (3/31)
Palmolive .50/1 Ultra Dish Liquid 18oz+ (2/1)
Palmolive $1/1 Ultra Dish Liquid 32.5oz+ (2/1)
Pepcid $2/1 or Immodium or Lactaid Dietary Supplement Product (2/16)
Schick $3/1 Disposable or Skintimate Disposable Pack or Xtreme 5 or Hydro Silk 3 Razor or Refill exc. xtreme 3 1ct, xtreme 2 and Skintimate 2ct and 6ct disposables (2/8)
Sensible Portions $1/2 Snacks 4.2oz or larger (3/31)
Softsoap .75/1 Body Wash or any Irish Spring Body Wash (2/1)
Softsoap .50/1 Liquid Hand Soap Pump 8oz+ or refill 32oz+ (2/1)
Speedstick .50/1 Men’s A/P Deodorant exc. 2oz, 1.8oz and 1.7oz and .5oz ETS (2/8)
Speedstick .50/1 Lady A/P Deodorant exc. 1.7oz and 1.4oz and .5oz ETS (2/8)
Sugardale .50/1 Package Hot Dogs, Bacon or Pepperoni (4/30)
Sunsweet $1/1 Juice (4/30)
Superpretzel $1/1 Soft Pretzel Product (3/20)
Superpretzel $1/1 Soft Pretzel Bites Product (3/20)
Wonderful $1/1 Pistachios Product 14oz+ (4/19)
Wonderful .50/1 Pistachios Product 4.5oz-8oz (4/19)

Cetaphil $2/1 Product exc. 14oz or less – daily facial cleanser, gentle skin cleanser, moisturizing lotion, moisturizing cream, single bars and Cetaphil Baby (2/29)
Cetaphil $4/1 Restoring Lotion, Ultra Healing Lotion or Purifying Clay Mask (2/29)
Dixie $1/1 Package To Go Cups (2/19)
Dixie $1/2 Ultra or Dixie Everyday Plates and Bowls (2/19)
Persil $2/1 ProClean Laundry Detergent exc. 6 loads or less and ETS (2/2)
Renuzit $3/1 Oil Refill (2/2)
Renuzit B4G2 Free Adjustables Air Fresheners Cones (2/2)
Sudafed $1/1 Product or Children’s Sudafed Product (2/15)
Tylenol $1/1 Cold or Tylenol Sinus or Children’s Tylenol Cold Product (2/15)
Tyson $1.25/1 Chicken Strips or Anytizers Snack Products (2/7)

self-scan even more shopper-friendly

Using coupons at a self-checkout has always been a less-than-optimal experience. Either the store trusts you to scan your own coupons, putting itself at risk for fraud, or you have to wait while an attendant scrutinizes your every coupon, defeating the purpose of a speedy, do-it-yourself checkout.

Now, self-checkout pioneer NCR has come up with a system that skips the self-checkout lane and eliminates the need to scan bar codes, by letting you use your phone to identify items, pay for your purchases – and apply your own paper coupons without an attendant’s assistance.

What could possibly go wrong?  Seriously?  I can think of crap ton of ways to make this a complete clusterf**k – ever scanned on Amazon using photo search and have completely oddball items appear?

online groceries without coupons – why?

Buying groceries online is becoming more popular, but many shoppers remain hesitant to try it. A number of surveys have found that coupons, or the lack thereof, are part of the reason – shoppers say they’d be more willing to try online grocery shopping if it was easier to use coupons.

You might think, then, that stores looking to boost their e-commerce capabilities ought to take shoppers’ advice already, and do a better job accepting coupons. So what’s stopping them? Coupons in the News article here.

Should we be taxed on instant savings?

Just when you think you’ve figured out how you’re going to be taxed on an item you purchased with a coupon or rebate, along comes a legal dispute that calls into question one state’s interpretation of its own tax laws, and a retailer’s effort to provide savings for its customers – and itself.  Here’s the article from Coupons in the News.  My take on this is that this is not going to only apply to one store – taxing bodies will use it to show they have a right to tax our savings.

no more redplum or RMN printables

Don’t go looking for printable or digital coupons on RedPlum or RetailMeNot anymore.

It’s been nearly two years since the owner of RedPlum said it was retiring the name, changing it to RetailMeNot Everyday. That change took effect immediately on the Sunday coupon inserts, but moving all of RedPlum’s online content to the RetailMeNot website took a bit longer.

Two years later, that transition is finally complete – but not everything made the move to its new home. Print-at-home and digital load-to-card coupons that were once available on both sites, are now available on neither.

Valassis, the owner of RedPlum and RetailMeNot, has drastically scaled back its printable and digital coupon offerings. As of a few weeks ago, the page once dedicated to grocery coupons now contains only coupon codes for online grocery orders and links to external sites. The website has been mothballed. And affiliate sites that still provide RedPlum printable coupons via direct links and dedicated coupon galleries – like the one here on Coupons in the News and other coupon sites – will no longer have any to offer, effective at the end of this month.

Here’s the entire article from Coupons in the News, but honestly, getting those coupons to print was always a crapshoot for me.