Dollar Tree for Scotties & True Lemon

Picked up boxes of Scotties tissue at Dollar Tree plus lots of True Lemon crystal packets – been waiting on True Lemon since our last stock up in April!  Use the .75/2 coupon from today’s insert for even cheaper tissue 🙂  Note that no Scotties coupon since the dawn of time has ever scanned at DT, so if your store is even mildly hostile to manually entering coupons, hard pass.

Dollar Tree & Fetch Rewards Bonus

Stopped in for whatever name brand for less Dollar Tree had on the shelves and was very pleased to see these three products, especially since we were introduced to Saffron Road at Whole Foods many years ago – DT definitely is cheaper.  What else did we see?  Still lots of pink Himalayan sea salt, grabbed more tissue since you can’t beat the price … and somehow ended up at $66 with three large totes of stuff.

Scanned Fetch Rewards when we got back and earned 350 points, putting me over 55,000!  Fetch Rewards, the APP that doesn’t care where you shop – even online! Scan the receipt and if there’s an item that’s part of a rebate, you get it automatically – otherwise you still get a minimum of 25 points; if there’s a manufacturer promo going on, you could get as many as 3,000 points! Don’t have it, sign up with code WVAB6 (asks at end, so enter before your first scan since you can’t go back) and we’ll both earn bonus points on your first scan.  Buy gift cards for Amazon, Panera, Target, Visa and more with as little as 3,000 points.

Need more Colgate toothpaste?

On our way to someplace else shopping, we stopped at a Dollar Tree and found this end cap filled with large (4+ oz) tubes of Colgate toothpaste varieties.  There are a few coupons in 7/18 SmartSource (exp 7/31; limit 2 identical coupons) for 50¢ and $1/2.  Not as cheap as free at Walgreens, but if you’re not a Wags fan and/or want more, give DT a shot and let us know about any scanning issues.

Dollar Tree for button batteries

Don’t know how I missed seeing button batteries in the past, especially since they’re right with regular AA and their like, but now they’re here and you will save a TON of cash at Dollar Tree.  Grab a couple to replace car remote batteries and things like that.  I bought my replacements at Jewel and they were not cheap.

Check out the Dollar Tree cookbooks!

Wow, lots and lots of very interesting cook books at Dollar Tree – one for a sugar-free diet and one for an ice cream one … guess which I’d choose 🙂  Was really drawn to one called The Tiny Mess which had recipes and stories from tiny home small kitchens.  Cheapest for that sucker on Amazon was over $12 plus $4 shipping.

DT for 50 cents GM cereal

Stopped in Dollar Tree for something else … always the way.  Use the $1/2 coupon from 3/28S (Claritin cover) for 50¢ boxes of Lucky Charms  and probably the Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch.  Oddly enough, the UPC reads for any General Mills Cereals and doesn’t give an expiration date although 5/8 is actually printed on the coupon.

Charmin Essentials at Dollar Tree

First I’d seen of them (maybe I’ve been too focused on Puffs), but this is a pretty good price for a Charmin Essentials Mega Roll, especially since they had lots on the shelf.  Forget Amazon, while Target is only slightly cheaper for a six-pack, but out of stock most locations, and who knows if they’d even ship or cancel.  There’s a 25¢ Charmin coupon in the January P&G, but those never scan at DT, so it’s up to your store’s discretion.  I used the new $1/4 Puffs coupon today and they manually entered them.  I don’t recall one ever scanning now that I think about it …