clearance at Jewel & Amazon Fresh

Figured we’d hit up Jewel for the Saturday freebies … on the off-chance they had a clearance cart out – which they did!!!  Pita grabbed her beloved Zevia soda at 75%.  Needed half and half, but there was no way I was paying $7.49 a half gallon, although I’d get a discount by buying THREE.  Even I am not that nuts, so we headed over to Amazon Fresh, where it was $5.49 🙂  They had more of the Chobani creamer on 98¢ clearance, so threw six into the cart.  May dates mean Pita will be through them long before, since she’s already used one of the nine bought last Sunday.  Also had short-dated (March 3) Silk organic for only $1.49, so that went into the cart as well; Pita has been eating cereal a few times a week lately.

Amazon Fresh 12/20: good ad + 20% q

The Amazon Fresh ad for 12/20 is offering a 20% coupon for Prime and 10% for non-.  Good to save on stock up items, like toilet paper, paper towels and dish soap.  50% off cheese is awesome, and 99¢ carrots means roasted veggies at holiday tables.  Extra-large brown eggs, DiGiorno pizza and more – pretty good ad!

Stopped in the other day to return an Amazon purchase and was given a QR code for $2 off a $10 purchase.  Grabbed two HB half gallons of half & half at $5.39 each; Jewel’s Lucerne shelf price is $7.49.  Total BS, right?, since both are private labels.