Top Regency Reads on Kindle

If you’re into the Bridgerton novels, you have eight to enjoy and then lots more in the genre for $3.99 or less today on Amazon.  No Kindle, no worries!  Download the free APP and read on any device you choose.  Especially convenient when your iPad is always available or your phone is big enough for easy viewing.

Mr. Tortilla – 1 net carb Keto tortillas

Digital Instant Read Thermometers

Amazon has ThermoPro Instant Read digital thermometers on sale today for as low as $11.55 – this is the brand I have.  Bought it during lockdown after hundreds of hours of cooking shows and it’s probably the best thing I did.  Use it ALL the time for everything from meat to baking to syrup to soup to … well, everything.  Even waved around the air vents when I didn’t trust the house thermostat!

Homdox 8 Trays Food Dehydrator

Airthings Corentium Radon Detector