take that, Jewel!

Tongue in cheek here, but when Pita and I stopped at Jewel for the AHA Saturday Sampler and a couple of watermelons, we found the Glen Ellyn store had no melons for me.  Luckily the Dollar Tree in the mall was completely stocked with Thomas English muffins and bagels and sausage rolls.  I take the cardboard out of the muffins bag and can fit 1½ packs in the one bag which then rests quietly in the freezer.  I also picked up another 5 pk of ramen for a buck (they still maintain shelves of buck items).

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2 thoughts on “take that, Jewel!

  1. I totally forgot that Dollar Tree sells bread, etc – duh!
    Maybe because the closest store is tiny and I’ve never seen bread there. Gotta investigate another store.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Not every store sells these, but there are enough DT around that you could call and find out who’s got them, delivery dates and then stop in and stock up. At my two closest stores, they have deliveries twice a week. Breads freeze beautifully.

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