Dollar Tree for Free Dental Chews

6/14 RMN had a $2 coupon for DentaLife dental chews and guess who just got large shipments in?  Coupon automatically scans and adjusts down with no issues; coupon expiration is in September and the chews are good through August 2021.  Yup, over a year out.  And I’m not kidding when I say they’re predicting another wave of panic shopping, so stocking up on tissue now makes perfect sense.  This Dollar Tree had Kleenex, Scotties & Puffs!  No coupons out there, but even without, you can’t beat a buck price.

Dollar Tree while the Coast is here

as opposed to the Coast is clear, that is. We’re stocking up as long as the warehouse ships! Use as a body wash and/or refill hand soap dispensers for tax. The Pacific soymilk is a new one, but a great brand. I like Goya cookies because they’re not as sweet as other brands. And you can never have too many boxes of tissues in this house … sigh. The 4pk coffee cups might be good when funds are extremely low or you need them right this minute.

Keeping checking Dollar Tree

You never know how much the warehouse has in stock, so you might luck out and find that great deal every week.  In this case we picked up more Coast Body Wash (they had green as well, but we have plenty of those) using the 5/31S $1 coupon.  Some locations are also showing Garnier Color Sensation, but I didn’t see it at the one I shopped, so don’t know if the current coupons work. Still the best place to find bleach and facial tissue right now.

more cheap cereal at Dollar Tree

Stopped at Dollar Tree for more free Coast body wash ($1 coupon in 3/29 S) when PITA pointed out the Family Size boxes of Maple Cheerios – also had lots of Lucky Charms if those are more to your liking.  Use the $1/2 coupons from 3/29 S (the Finish cover) and stock up!  I spent some time clipping and handing over coupons ’cause that’s a damned fine price.

Dollar Tree for body wash & bleach

Don’t forget you can always grab bleach at Dollar Tree.  The size may not be a gallon (96 oz), but the ones at Jewel aren’t either any more!  Cloralen was $3.79 yesterday and there were the only two bottles left!  For Coast body wash, use the $1 coupon in 3/29 S (the Finish cover) for free body wash!  No beeps, either.

don’t forget to shop Dollar Tree

I periodically test Dollar Tree products to compare against grocery and drug store items.  A few months ago I tried their powdered dishwasher detergent and was really pleased with how well it worked!  So well I put the Cascade back in in the cabinet and picked up another box today, along with the aspirin.  On Saturday, DH wanted a pain reliever, so we went to Jewel where he was (well, so was I) shocked at the price of the small bottle of 325 mg generic aspirin – $5.49!  Not shown is the two boxes of tissue cubes I made PITA buy herself ’cause I’m tired of her being too lazy to keep a larger & cheaper box in her own room instead of wiping out the pathetic few in those cubes.

Dollar Tree 2 – I caved on the cereal

Okay, PITA and I went back with a stack of inserts, prepared to do battle (figuratively) with the Dollar Tree registers.  The Pumpkin Spice Cheerios coupons had to be manually overridden, but there was a zip-thru line for the Fillows (both flavors) coupon (the other 2/$1 GM coupon from 1/5 S).  Between the time of my earlier post and return visit, someone bought all the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros 🙁