Dollar Tree and Amazon Fresh

Spent at least an hour wandering the aisles at Dollar Tree.  Normally I’m in and out, but that’s a mistake because they’ve really upped their game since the price increase.  These reusable food storage bags come in small and variety packs; not microwavable, but for the price, I grabbed a couple.  FirstBorn uses them for small electronics – disposable ones are too thin and stuff breaks through.  The silicone bowl covers I’ve seen for tons more (as seen on tv, maybe?), so something to test.

Amazon Fresh for baguettes, dairy and eggs.  The Swiss Miss assortment was down to a buck, so why not; they also had many boxes of peppermint sticks for a quarter, but I’m not a fan, although the quarter price almost reeled me in 🙂  Dropped off a return for FirstBorn and scored a couple of $10/$40 coupons good through March 31st!

Low T, ED – – DT has you covered

Tired of all the ED and LOW TESTOSTERONE commercials on NewsRadio?  Move over to CNN and you’re hit with those plus a side helping of IRS problems and Life Insurance for overweight people taking a buttload of meds.

Well, Dollar Tree has you covered with their testosterone-booster kits!  Didn’t read the ingredients, but for a buck and a quarter?

why yes, I’m lazy & oh, so cheap

I already know how lazy I am, but do you?  Dollar Tree has Hamburger Helper twinpacks in potatoes Stroganoff.  One box ($1.25), 2 pub burgers (what, 99¢?), free milk from a FB Buy Nothing group and Fage sour cream from a Saturday Sampler.  As long as you give them enough soaking time, the potatoes will be good.

Honestly didn’t notice a meat shortage and used only 25% of what the box called for.

Dollar Tree & Jewel Clearance

stopped at the Dollar Tree on Park & Roosevelt in Glen Ellyn for some holiday grilling buns and saw this interesting toothpaste on the shelf.  I have so much of the stuff I’m taking boxes to the COD food pantry, but if you’re interested, it’s much pricier on Amazon )

Decided to pick up some Bubbl’r with the freebie coupon from May – there was a tearpad on the shelf with one coupon – score!  The Pacific Foods aseptically packaged soups are a great deal at $1.17 a box; had them in the past and mighty tasty.  Make sure to check dates ’cause I pulled out a bunch that expired last month; I kindly brought them up to the service desk.  The rest were as far out as mid-2023.

Dollar Tree – u could pay more, but why?

On Fridays and Mondays the Glen Ellyn Dollar Tree on Park/Roosevelt in the Jewel plaza gets bakery deliveries, which means Brownberry Oven, Sara Lee, Thomas brand and more for only $1.25 – can’t beat that with a stick. I remove the cardboard from muffin packs and combine two into one and then freeze so a bad delivery week doesn’t impact us.  Check around because I’ve seen bread delivery at many, but not all, stores.

Dollar Tree goodies

Picked up another six cans of Muir Glen organic crushed tomatoes – the variety with basil, although they have both.  I plan to stop in over the week for a couple more cases, since grill cheese sandwiches and easy-peasy tomato soup can’t be beat during colder months.  BTW, they’re $4.79 at Jewel.

Kinda like an upscale Hamburger Helper, imo, but lots pricier over on Amazon.  Each package requires a pound of ground beef (or substitute) – the meatballs also use two eggs.

The Naperville (Ogden) store had a couple of carts of 50¢ snack foods, like cheese popcorn, and cheese balls so yes, got a few of those as well.  They’re for the squirrel 🙂

I relish shopping at Dollar Tree

Have I any use for a giant can of dill relish?  Nope, unless I suddenly start a commercial potato salad operation, but omg, how could you pass it up?  I picked up the sugar I buy at Aldi (4 lb) for half the price, plus some great reading material – even cheaper than Goodwill.  Bear naked oatmeal cups are a nice surprise as well.  Need this fancy Colgate?  No current coupons, but buy it at Walgreens with their $3 digital coupon and you’ll only pay $6 or $7; same size here for $1.25.

take that, Jewel!

Tongue in cheek here, but when Pita and I stopped at Jewel for the AHA Saturday Sampler and a couple of watermelons, we found the Glen Ellyn store had no melons for me.  Luckily the Dollar Tree in the mall was completely stocked with Thomas English muffins and bagels and sausage rolls.  I take the cardboard out of the muffins bag and can fit 1½ packs in the one bag which then rests quietly in the freezer.  I also picked up another 5 pk of ramen for a buck (they still maintain shelves of buck items).

buck & a quarter shopping trip

Lots of interesting things at Dollar Tree today!  Pita loves Annie’s products, so even with short dates, this Cowgirl Ranch salad dressing it was a sweet find for her; I thought the Avocado sauce looked yummy (with good ingredients, to boot!).  Soapbox hand soap was a restock from last month; Walgreens has it for $4.49. Walgreens also carries their body wash for $6.99 & $7.99 with a $12/2 coupon to clip now that will be valid starting Sunday.  Walgreens also has a ton of high-value coupons for No 7 – seen these drastically reduced in the past, so I’ve clipped them all just in case 🙂

Jewel shopping with Ibotta

Actually, this is a trick photo because the Thomas products came from Dollar Tree a few doors down – see what the Jewel shelf tags read!  What I wanted was the Cabot cheese on sale for $3.50 because there’s a $1.50 Ibotta rebate (limit 5) and Cabot is a good brand. If you sign up with my referral code – MTXFAG – we’ll both earn $10 on your first receipt scan!