DT ’cause I’m sick of buying Puffs

Finally had it when FirstBorn asked when I was gonna buy more Puffs – seriously?  Do you eat this stuff?  Since I have a box by my computer and by my bed, I’m in no rush…so he’s paying $20 for me to buy these 20 boxes.  It was when he said just buy them for $1.99 each at Jewel that I almost ripped his head off.  news flash for people who are not in touch with reality time

Dollar Tree Freebie Shopping

Needed to mail a CHECK, so figured I’d get an envelope + stamp at the post office – 50¢ for one envelope!  So naturally I later went to Dollar Tree where I found these boxes of Schiff Digestive Aid which pair nicely with the $1 coupon in the 5/12 S.  No beeping, but the expiration date is 5/2019, so buy and donate if it’s not something you’ll use.  This stuff is $11.99 at Walgreens.com.

Dollar Tree Shopping

Don’t know if you’ve seen these at your local Dollar Tree, but the Softsoap size (8 oz) is perfect for the 50¢ coupon in 5/5S – in other words, no beeping.  Don’t like paying, but I’m getting really tired of the complaints here about bar soap.  whiners…

Dollar Tree freebies

Okay, here’s the deal on the May P&G Pantene coupons:  The $5/3 coupons do not work but the $1.50 Collection Styler or Treatment and the $1 any product coupons do.  The Airborne Plus $1 coupons (2/24S & 4/7S) both work on this product but not the small boxes that only say Vitamin C.  EXP is 08/2019

Dollar Tree shopping

Wanted to use up the last of my Mucinex coupons and while there saw some interesting hair products.  Dessange sounded somehow familiar, so I scanned it on Amazon and the conditioner was $8.95 with the shampoo running just a bit less.  Not being a California Blonde, I choose a couple of the conditioners 🙂 The L’Oreal Summer Lights sell for about the same price as Dessange – great for lightening darker blonde to that trust fund baby beach look.

Dollar Tree shopping

While there are no current Pantene coupons, the May P&G will have a $1 any Pantene Gold Collection coupon, and a $5/3 any Pantene Gold Collection product coupon; obviously don’t know if they’ll work as yet.  No current coupon or upcoming L’Oreal Colorista coupons but this is a great price no matter how you play it!

Free Mucinex Sinus-Max Day/Night

Found a Dollar Tree with lots of Mucinex Sinus-Max Day/Night Value Packs on the shelf!  You can either use an $2 any Mucinex product or the $2 Mucinex Sinus-Max coupon from 2/24S and get your products for low tax.  They also had another variety (think it was daytime), but this was more bang for the buck.  Coupon expires 4/7; product expiration is 06/2019.