Charmin Essentials at Dollar Tree

First I’d seen of them (maybe I’ve been too focused on Puffs), but this is a pretty good price for a Charmin Essentials Mega Roll, especially since they had lots on the shelf.  Forget Amazon, while Target is only slightly cheaper for a six-pack, but out of stock most locations, and who knows if they’d even ship or cancel.  There’s a 25¢ Charmin coupon in the January P&G, but those never scan at DT, so it’s up to your store’s discretion.  I used the new $1/4 Puffs coupon today and they manually entered them.  I don’t recall one ever scanning now that I think about it …

no free dog chews at Dollar Tree

Nope, not gonna happen with this coupon – sorry! Stopped by Dollar Tree with the coupons, only to read the size on the packages was only 2+ oz, nowhere near large enough for the current coupon.

Stocking up on facial tissue at Dollar Tree (Scotties with the .75/2 coupon from 9/20 S) when Pita noticed a restock of the Purina DentaLife dog chews!  This was free a couple of months ago with the $2 6/14 r coupon – – and guess what, we got new coupons in the 9/13 RMN.  These $2 coupons automatically adjusted down last time and don’t see why this time shouldn’t be as easy.

Late July snacks at Dollar Tree

Didn’t know this was a pricey item elsewhere (like Whole Foods), but bacon habanero was the lure, not the organic yellow corn, although that should have been the tip off 🙂 Check your local Dollar Tree ’cause these are AWESOME.  September dates, but that one bag didn’t last the day 🙁  Have to head back tomorrow for more.

Dollar Tree for Free Dental Chews

6/14 RMN had a $2 coupon for DentaLife dental chews and guess who just got large shipments in?  Coupon automatically scans and adjusts down with no issues; coupon expiration is in September and the chews are good through August 2021.  Yup, over a year out.  And I’m not kidding when I say they’re predicting another wave of panic shopping, so stocking up on tissue now makes perfect sense.  This Dollar Tree had Kleenex, Scotties & Puffs!  No coupons out there, but even without, you can’t beat a buck price.

Dollar Tree while the Coast is here

as opposed to the Coast is clear, that is. We’re stocking up as long as the warehouse ships! Use as a body wash and/or refill hand soap dispensers for tax. The Pacific soymilk is a new one, but a great brand. I like Goya cookies because they’re not as sweet as other brands. And you can never have too many boxes of tissues in this house … sigh. The 4pk coffee cups might be good when funds are extremely low or you need them right this minute.

Keeping checking Dollar Tree

You never know how much the warehouse has in stock, so you might luck out and find that great deal every week.  In this case we picked up more Coast Body Wash (they had green as well, but we have plenty of those) using the 5/31S $1 coupon.  Some locations are also showing Garnier Color Sensation, but I didn’t see it at the one I shopped, so don’t know if the current coupons work. Still the best place to find bleach and facial tissue right now.