Dollar Tree Shopping

If you’ve seen these on YouTube videos or other sites, they’re really neat, but for $15.99?  I don’t THINK so.  But for a buck at Dollar Tree, I’ll take a couple, thank you.  I’d make more egg salad if the whole peeling the shell weren’t such a pain.  You can also use them to make scrambled eggs with stuff added (cheese, bacon, etc.) and presto – instant breakfast tacos!

I was also looking for the Cake Boss line that larger Dollar Trees have carried – check out your location for deals on whatever they sold for full price.  I was looking to stock up on spatulas, etc., but no luck 🙁

Even cheaper Scotties at Dollar Tree

I love my Jewel, but 4/$5 for 110 ct boxes doesn’t even come close to a buck a box at Dollar Tree for the 148 ct boxes, especially since they both have the 50¢ a box Ibotta rebate (limit 5 per receipt)!  My Scotties rebate reset PLUS there’s a 25¢ Ibotta bonus for running it the second time, so it’s a no-brainer.  I scanned in the receipt and UPCs and I swear it was literally seconds for the $2.50 plus the 25¢ bonus.  I had to check my earnings history because I thought something was wrong.

50 cent Scotties at Dollar Tree with Ibotta

Stopped at Dollar Tree for things they didn’t have in stock yet (other parts of the country move at a different pace) but checked for tissue coupons and found Ibotta has a 50¢ a single box on Scotties facial tissues (limit 5 per transaction), which made me feel a whole lot better!  Got home, scanned the receipt and boxes and got $2.50 in my account immediately.

DT ’cause I’m sick of buying Puffs

Finally had it when FirstBorn asked when I was gonna buy more Puffs – seriously?  Do you eat this stuff?  Since I have a box by my computer and by my bed, I’m in no rush…so he’s paying $20 for me to buy these 20 boxes.  It was when he said just buy them for $1.99 each at Jewel that I almost ripped his head off.  news flash for people who are not in touch with reality time

Dollar Tree Freebie Shopping

Needed to mail a CHECK, so figured I’d get an envelope + stamp at the post office – 50¢ for one envelope!  So naturally I later went to Dollar Tree where I found these boxes of Schiff Digestive Aid which pair nicely with the $1 coupon in the 5/12 S.  No beeping, but the expiration date is 5/2019, so buy and donate if it’s not something you’ll use.  This stuff is $11.99 at

Dollar Tree Shopping

Don’t know if you’ve seen these at your local Dollar Tree, but the Softsoap size (8 oz) is perfect for the 50¢ coupon in 5/5S – in other words, no beeping.  Don’t like paying, but I’m getting really tired of the complaints here about bar soap.  whiners…

Dollar Tree freebies

Okay, here’s the deal on the May P&G Pantene coupons:  The $5/3 coupons do not work but the $1.50 Collection Styler or Treatment and the $1 any product coupons do.  The Airborne Plus $1 coupons (2/24S & 4/7S) both work on this product but not the small boxes that only say Vitamin C.  EXP is 08/2019

Dollar Tree shopping

Wanted to use up the last of my Mucinex coupons and while there saw some interesting hair products.  Dessange sounded somehow familiar, so I scanned it on Amazon and the conditioner was $8.95 with the shampoo running just a bit less.  Not being a California Blonde, I choose a couple of the conditioners 🙂 The L’Oreal Summer Lights sell for about the same price as Dessange – great for lightening darker blonde to that trust fund baby beach look.