Whole Foods move means 50% off

unnamed (6)The Wheaton Whole Foods on Butterfield is moving around the parking lot into the old Dominicks Danada Square East location with a grand opening tomorrow.  Means today only everything is 50% off.  Cashier said checkout lines at 9 am were down the aisles.  PITA and I walked in about 3 and it was Dominicks deja vu!  Wanted milk, cheese and butter, but they had none; was able to grab the sugar and cereal since we were out of both…have to wait for Jewel clearance cart specials!  FYI, the cashier said not everything was in the store to start with, some stuff had already been moved, so I don’t feel too bad since that was probably all the stuff I wanted!unnamed (2)

Whole Foods, ’cause sometimes you just gotta pay


Whole Foods has Dr. Bronner’s on a 3-day sale for only $8.99 for the 32 oz size – it’s $16.29 at Target!  Chalkboard sign in front said $8.99 and that’s how it rang up, even though the sale sign said $9.99.  Love Dr. Bronner’s ’cause it’s pure Castile soap and can clean anything – – just don’t believe them when they say you can wash your hair with it.  they lie…nuff said.cd28ed88-812d-4b16-95d0-f2b7ec042ea5

While there I grabbed these huge California artichokes for $2.59 each.  Damn things are weapons!

shopping with love @ Whole Foods

photo.JPGWas able to clear enough freezer space to finally do this deal at Whole Foods:  Lightlife burgers are 2/$6, there’s a $1 WF coupon in their flyer (and a pdf on their site), plus there were $2 printables (no longer available) on a day that had 8-10 print limits per computer!  You see here 24 packs and since I got 10% case overage, I used it to buy two Mexican crumbles, four packs of jumpo smart dogs, a bag of peaches and a bag of cherries.  Total OOP was $4.90.  i can live with that!

Also stopped at a nearby Walgreens where I was told they don’t carry the Tone bodywash any longer.  Each and every time I think Wags can’t mess up more...i’m proven wrong…

Whole Foods with no coupons

photo.JPGTotal order included THREE rotisserie chickens, a baguette, two mangos, 2lb clamshell of moscato grapes (USA-grown), coconut water and two $3.99 cookies.  one is chocolate chip and the other is kitchen sink – it’s got oats so practically a health food  they’d better be worth it!  total was about $33 … with no coupons … call the newspapers

WF whole roasted chickens for $5… 8/22!

BvmrUOzIgAApWVP All U.S. Whole Food stores are offering whole roasted chickens for $5… One-day only tomorrow 8/22! Their chickens are 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rated and raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones. (Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones when raising chickens, but we wouldn’t do that anyway.)  

I know what we’re having for dinner tomorrow…and Saturday…and Sunday…

Whole Foods – I almost spent a dollar

photo.JPG As Rachel pointed out, I was looking at the old Whole Deal flyer, not the latest issue, which has the 50¢ coupon for the Clif Mojo bars...why do I always hear the unspoken dumbass?

We met up at Whole Foods this morning where in penance I whacked my head on the dairy shelf, reaching waaaaay in the back for the last couple yogurts for her…  By buying over 12 of the bars, I earned a 10% discount, which reduced the price of the kettle chips.  I was intrigued by the compostable bag.  that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

Total OOP was 86¢, which allowed me to unload a pocketful of change.  Had I remembered to bring in bags from the car I would have saved another nickel.

Whole Foods for $4.18 – U can do it, too!

photo.JPG This trip was originally set up to grab a bunch of Cliff bars, stacking the 50¢ mfr coupons (both the Mambo Sprout printables &  6/8 S) with the $1/2 WF coupons…Unfortunately, the mfr coupons aren’t for the same variety as the WF coupons.  Oh, well.  Grabbed a few more of the Tasty Bites pouches, using the FREE coupons I picked up at Eyes to the Skies, along with 12 of the Pacific non-dairy milks (99¢ each and paid with WF $1 coupons, plus I got a 10% case discount), a cranberry-walnut bread and the Lifeway Whole Milk Kefir.  The Kefir was the only FREE coupon I got as a blogger – the rest you should be grabbing any and all coupons each time you see a display and/or food demonstration, just like I do.

more free stuff at Whole Foods – dead!

They pulled the coupon – sorry! If you already saved this as a pdf, you’re still good to go.

photo.JPGWell, the Beyond Meat people have released a June pdf coupon for FREE products!  Just grabbed these six items and will head back later in the week to stock up.  We really, really, really love Beyond Meat – their beefy crumbles are so ground beef-like it’s scary!  I put three pouches in the crock pot on Sunday morning with a sliced onion, jar of salsa verde and some spicy marinated eggplant slices.  Let it simmer all day on low and dinner was served over leftover rice.  easy-peasy cooking at its finest!

If you’re trying to save paper, I suggest printing out a couple in BIG size because big scans, smaller doesn’t.  just sayin’  And why not share these coupons with carnivore friends (or use Beyond Meat for tacos) and change their minds about meat-free meals.

New $1 Beyond Meat coupon – stack with sale & Whole Foods coupon

13280467184_08543b0e65Beyond Meat has already put out their coupons for April: $1 off all Beyond Meat Products.  Sign up for emails, because they’ll be sending out an exclusive coupon in mid-April.  Whole Foods is also going to be running a $1 sale on product from 4/2 – 4/15 so stock up on the cheap(er)…  Ibotta also has a 75¢ Whole Foods rebate.

So let’s have Barbie do some math:  I paid $5.69 a bag for the Beef-Free Crumble today.  Buy 12 (or more) and you get a 10% case discount.  If it’s on sale for $4.69 and you use the $1 mfr coupon stacked with the $1 Whole Foods coupon and buy at least 12, you’d be paying about $2.22 a bag.

The beef-free crumbles are in the freezer section, while the chicken strips are refrigerated.  Wanted to switch to less meat for some time, but frankly, I’m not a tofu kind of person (White Castles just hit the spot sometimes, kwim?) and most of the other meat-alternatives … aren’t.  Other than hamburgers, meatballs and meatloaf, I can’t think of any recipe where you couldn’t swap out Beefy or Feisty Crumbles for ground beef.

and I’m gushing about a product that they’re not even paying me to gush about.  something is very wrong in my universe.