Instant Read Digital Thermometer $17

Instant Read Digital Thermometer with Probe for Grilling, Cooking, Baking, Liquids, Candy or just checking to see if that roast is ready, all for only $16.98 today on Amazon.  My instant read thermometer was probably the best investment and best piece of advice from Bake Off; once you start using it, you notice all cooking shows do the same.

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75% off caffeine – need bigger trunk

Carts and carts and carts of coffee and tea today at Lisle Jewel, all marked down 75%.  Clearance cart also had cosmetics, roasted peppers in oil (from Italy) and more.  Pita and I had only stopped in for El Milagro tortillas, and since they only seem to carry Signature and Mission, it was a hard pass.  Walked back to the front, where the cart had been moved to the customer service area. Total was about $160, which included $10 for four pounds of blueberries and a full price bottle of blueberry wine Pita wanted to try.

Interesting deal on a dozen roses – only $5!  I’d gift myself, but self-love lasts longer than roses.

Starbucks coffee price isn’t included, since it’s a MUM purchase 🙂

get card, get $40 Target coupon returns

The $40 off $40+ Target RedCard promotion starts today and runs through the 27th.  Apply online and you’ll get an immediate account number (write it down) so you can shop while waiting for the plastic card and $40 coupon.  Coupon promotion is available online and in store, but then you’d need to get dressed.  Choose debit or credit card.  Valid for new accounts, but if you haven’t used your card in some time, check the status because Target automatically closes accounts after a period of inactivity.