cocoa dusted almonds are back!

3 Pounds of premium cocoa dusted whole almonds – healthy, nutritious and filling – for only $14.99.  Order 3 or more and the price drops to $11.97 per package!  Each unit comes in a resealable bag. Shipping is Free.

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New Week, New JFU Zip Codes

Start of a new sale week, so once again it’s time to play Check your Store and see what JFU freebie or cheapie you can get by switching locations! Switch to 60559 and their Hot Offers category for 29¢ Jewel large eggs, 99¢ Sugardale bacon, 99¢ personal size seedless watermelon and 99¢ Tombstone pizza (use the $1 Tombstone pizza coupon from 1/26 R1 & the 50¢ Sugardale coupon from 1/19 S).  Also showing 39¢ Gatorade and $2.99 Tropicana 89 oz orange juice on a few of these zip codes. 60439 showed the Sugardale bacon for free and many of the same items but nothing extra 🙁 Although the items will disappear from your list once you change stores, they’ll reappear when you swap back, but still come off no matter where you shop. Jewel is making us work for deals!  Everyone this week gets another 2 cans of Bubblr Sparkling Water.

Note that some people might have even better deals as personalized prices – the ones I list above can be grabbed by everyone.