Self-checkouts coming soon to DG

Self-checkouts fell out of favor a while back, as some retailers claimed that shoppers don’t like them, they’re not conducive to good customer service – and they make it too easy for customers to steal stuff. But they’ve been making something of a comeback lately – and now Dollar General is about to become the latest to give self-checkout stations a try. Here’s the Coupons in the News article.

Libby’s vegetables $1 a case


The new Dollar General ad has a Sunday-Wednesday sale on Libby’s vegetables – 3/$1.  The 11/20 rp has a $1/4 which plays nicely when you buy in multiples of 12 (a case).  My OOP was $5.15 for the five cases.

I first tried running this deal at an actual Dollar General but the register kept spitting out the 3/$1 price and charging me 80¢ per can price when I used a coupon.  Even the manager was unable to override the price; said they’d had a software update within the week.  The cashier was a couponer and believe me, if she could have, she would have.  So I just grabbed the ad, thanked them and headed over to price match at Walmart.  I’ll pick up more cases over the next couple of days because this is probably the cheapest you’ll see canned veggies and the dates are 2019.

Moneymaker dog treats at Dollar General

photo.JPGTake this $4/2 Beneful Healthy Smile dog treats coupon – no size restrictions – over to Dollar General, where you can buy small size treats for only $1!  Dollar General coupon policy allows overage on other items in your order – like Jewel – so load up!  These Ferrero candies were on the Valentine’s Day 25% off table…$4.50.  FYI, the coupon scans beautifully.

Here is the official Dollar General policy (as of 12/2014) as it relates to coupon overage:

Coupon Overage
If a coupon value is more than the price of the item, the remaining value will be applied to the balance of the transaction. Coupon overage can only be applied to the balance and will not be given back at the end of the transaction. Coupon overages will only be applied to the store merchandise remaining in the transaction and cannot be applied to gift cards, pre-paid money cards or phone cards. Other restrictions may apply.

Cash back will not be given.

Need hair color? Shop Dollar General

photo.JPGDollar General has Clairol Balsam hair color for $3 – don’t know if it’s a sale.  It’s in the current ad, but that could be their regular shelf price.  It was on sale last week for $2.50 but even saving 50¢ wasn’t enough to drive so much out of my way…  Use the $2 coupons for any Clairol hair color in the 8/24S or the 8/10S – 8/24 S also has a $3/2 coupon.

Neither Walmart nor Target carry this line, so you’re SOL on price matching.

Target & Dollar General – I hate shopping


Okay, we all know how I got shot down on the Carnation price match at Walmart earlier today.  Not that big a deal because I have an order for 40 at Dollar General.  Stopped in to grab ten and three packs of the Healthy Smile dog treats (found one more coupon that expires – today!).  Their registers still don’t accept the .55/2 mfr coupons, but the managers are able to override.

I’ve officially given up trying to decipher Target receipts:  You cannot, no way, not no how figure out what goes with what.  Suffice to say the I got two of these Batman Cave toys and eight pasta sides.  Coupons are now printing out with Limit One per guest wording, which is getting more and more weird.  Would you drive all the way to Target (or heck, even stop if you were driving by!) to redeem one Target coupon along with four like on the other stuff?  I thought not.  But the employees have been very sweet to me in Lombard, so it’s not a pan on them at all.  And the toys are all immense!  This Bat Cave was not the largest by any stretch of the imagination!  Whatever happened to those little Matchbox Cars?

Free dog treats & cheap detergent

My special order of Beneful Healthy Smile dog treats came in at Dollar General; a couple of hundred packs, which was split with another person. This stuff is high tax, so I ended up spending over $8 for 105 packs. Obviously I don’t have 118 dogs (shut up, Rachel), so the majority will be donated to the food pantry, ’cause sometimes it’s hard enough to even feed your pet, let alone getting treats.  And hey, we all love our treats, don’t we?

Also stopped at Ultra for four bottles of Era (two for PITA and two for me) for $2.07 each (more high tax).  Was going to pick up the Kraft mac ‘n cheese, but they had very limited stock and selections, so we’ll just price match at Walmart.

Bread and circuses…well, sorta

photo.JPGStopped at Dollar General for the Purina Beneful Healthy Smile dog treats – these are actually kind of neat!  Remember, you’re gonna be paying high tax on these:  My OOP on 12 was 99¢.

Picked up a large loaf of white sandwich bread for FirstBorn, who considers multigrains a Communist plot.  Paid 30¢ ($1.29 less the $1 mobile coupon plus a penny low tax).

Free dog treats @ Dollar General!

485253Dollar General has both the green (twists) and red (ridges) packs of Purina Beneful Healthy Smile for a buck. Use the 3/$3 coupon from 7/28rp for FREE dog treats. I verified this price with the Lombard store so it should be good in your neck of the woods, too. Coupon expiration is 10/28, so lots of time to place special orders. If you don’t have a dog, these make great donation items, since it’s not something that food pantries would order.