Dumpster-diving: LA-Style

Haven’t heard from this LA reader in quite some time – figured she’d rented out a warehouse and was hauling in $$ hand over fist by staging houses for sale…

mail.google.comOkay, that does it:  My next official road trip will be to LA.  I’ll even reattach the top luggage bars (the ones I wanted to use with PITA on the NYC road trip before DH interfered).

And the way the dumpsters work out there is you first see a couple of chairs, then the rest of the set and only then do you spot the table and/or hutch; same schedule for living room furnishings.  just shoot me now…the only thing I got ever from a dumpster was that guy giving me a folded Uncle Ben.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Reader Deal of the Week

Reader stops in to Kohls since she’d gotten one of those $10 off $10+ coupons in the mail and the kids needed back-to-school shoes.  Kids were not thrilled with the selection, so she decided to just look around when she spotted this dress, fully lined, at 80% off – down to $10.80.  Brought it to the register to verify the price and walked out with a perfectly-fitting dress that can be worn dressed down for work or dressed up for a night out.  Total OOP was 86¢…damned taxes!