Goodwill Shopping – Southern Style

The good news is that you are bound to find a ton of tank tops and sleeveless tops in Atlanta – bad news is that they not only don’t have bag credits, they also don’t participate in that $5 bonus program…which means I spent $64 with no thanks.  Well, good stuff.  Got this new bathing suit, a couple tanks for PITA, a giant dehydrator (selling on Amazon used for over $70), a rug for my front foyer, a king-size, reversible comforter and these two adorable Eiffel Tower lamps for my bedroom.  Picked up the two Jennifer Crusie books ’cause I collect them.  After the Apocalypse, I’ll be the only source around 🙂

Shoulda brought more inserts shopping

Times like these not only try a woman’s soul, but make her really wish she’d brought more inserts, especially since I love a free of Crest or Quantum Finish as much as the next person.  Sadly, I only brought inserts enough for more Suave and U by Kotex.  Oh, well, Atlanta will be another day…Total OOP was $3.13; you pay for feminine hygiene products in Kentucky.

Let the honey flow begin

Pulled a few supers yesterday and just started extracting; looks to be a good season – no pun intended!  Our house doesn’t go the fancy route; plain Ball jars work for us.  Here’s a few shots from today’s operation. Slice off the wax cap with a tool that looks and works rather like a hot flat iron (wax is dripping into another container in picture), then two frames go in the stainless steel extractor, where centrifugal force pushes the honey to the bottom, it’s poured into the top stainless steel vat in the second photo and allowed to drain through three filters until it reaches the plastic bucket with spigot you see me filling.  After a super (ten frames) is emptied you move it out quickly so the hive bees and other locals can clean off the remaining honey.  Nothing wasted! There’s a short video of the honey flow on FB.

Where’re ya been, Goddess?

Posted a couple of times in FB, but not on the blog –  I checked into the hospital Monday morning because I’d been having stomach issues for a few days and I’m NEVER sick; I’m a carrier!  Checked out today AMA because I’m a patient, not a profit center, although some would insist we are all both.

I’m gonna finally get a good night’s sleep without machines lighting up my room or nurses waking me up every few hours to check my blood pressure/oxygen/temperature or trying to exist on bowls of clear broth.  If there’s nothing it them, why ain’t I skinny?  And if I’m no longer on an IV or restricted diet, why can’t I be officially discharged?  well, that last one was obviously rhetorical…

Iceland flights from $69 one-way

20% Off Rome Vacation Packages

Fly WOW air to Iceland on a $69 one-way ticket!  I pulled up the May calendar and saw that May 1st has a flight from Chicago to Reykjavik included.

Travel between May and June or September and October 2018.

Available on selected flights from Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C.

BOGO eggs & cheap avocados

Fresh Thyme has lots of BOGO deals this week.  Normally not a store I shop, but I’ll drive a bit for BOGO cage-free Egg-land’s Best eggs, especially with a 50¢ coupon from 1/28 rp1.  Avocados are 69¢, but they’re not the biggest ones I’ve ever seen.  Foresee egg salad in our future!

Happy Easter – freezer pork roasts

There was a .99/lb Jewel pork roast deal back last July.  I bought a few, had them triple-wrapped in plastic and tossed into the freezer.  Took one out yesterday and had DH halve it today when thawed – you see the cooked results above.  One is a more traditional garlic, salt & pepper seasoning, while the other is a 7 herb blend I rubbed on all sides after a rub in olive oil.  DH just walked into the kitchen and said Boy, they shrunk (yes, they filled the entire pan originally!).

Serving with mashed potatoes, Monopoly pork gravy and Green Giant broccoli spears.  Hope your dinners are as hassle-free as this one was.