BOGO sushi, etc at Pete’s Fresh Market

Pete’s Fresh Market Wheaton location is having a BOGO today and Saturday on their Ramen, Sushi, and Stirfry.  This is the old Whole Foods location in the Studio Movie Grill plaza off Butterfield.  PITA and I had tried their Poké bowls during the BOGO grand opening celebration of the former Dominicks in Glen Ellyn on Roosevelt and rte 53 and figured we’d give it another try.  The other location had electric car charging stations, which the Wheaton store did not 🙁  While it’s up to PITA whether or not we stop in tomorrow (we’ll be up at COD for the livestream from London performance of 42nd Street), I’m not particularly thrilled with the quality.  I had the spicy tuna and there were only a few extremely thin slices of avocado in there but lots of cucumber, minced (!) tuna but lots of white rice.  Their usual price of $10.95 is the same as Jewel and frankly, Jewel’s got them beat.

Fetch Rewards: another great rebate APP

‘m suddenly awash in rebate APPs. Ibotta has always been fun, but my issue when them is that the item you’re buying may not have a rebate at that store (say Jewel), but another (say Walmart). That’s where Fetch Rewards comes into the picture, ’cause they don’t care where you shop! Seriously, just scan the receipt and if there’s an item showing that’s part of a rebate, you get it automatically. You earn an extra 2,000 points ($2) just for signing up with promo code WVAB6 (it asks at the very end, just make sure it’s entered before your first receipt scan ’cause you can’t go back).  I will also earn points if you use the code. (thanks) Buy gift cards for Amazon, Panera, Target, Visa and more with as little as 3,000 points. Once you start earning points you’ll see FREE items pop up on your Discover page. You can also go back using old receipts! I am in scanning heaven right now!

You can use both Ibotta and Fetch on the same receipt, which now makes it seriously good.

2 Sunday inserts: SmartSource & P&G

We’re supposed to get two inserts in this Sunday’s paper (11/24), a SmartSource and the December P&G. Sometimes you’ll find your paper has divided them differently and not all papers carry the same coupons or even have the same value.

Airborne $1/1 any product (1/24)
Alka-Seltz $1/1 plus product, exc. Alka-Seltzer plus cold sparkling original effervescent 4ct (12/13)
Alka-Seltzer $2/1 plus power max gels product (12/13)
Aquaphor $1/1 Lip product (12/7)
Aquaphor $2/1 ointment body spray product and exc. any other Aquaphor product and ETS (12/7)
Aquaphor $2/1 body product or baby product and exc. any other Aquaphor product and ETS (12/7)
Blue Diamond $1.50/2 6oz cans almonds (1/26)
Blue Diamond $1/1 5oz bag almonds (1/26)
Blue Diamond .75/1 box Nut-Thin crackers (1/26)
Borden $1/2 Cheese Products (12/8)
Cheerios $1/2 Assorted Varities (1/4)
Clairol $4/2 boxes Nice N’ Easy, Root Touch Up Permanent Crème or Natural Instincts Hair Color exc. Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color (12/7)
Clairol $2/1 boxes Nice N’ Easy, Root Touch Up Permanent Crème or Natural Instincts Hair Color exc. Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color (12/7)
Eucerin $5/2 Body Product 8oz+ or baby product and face products (12/7)
Eucerin $3/1 Body Product 8oz+ and face products (12/7)
Eucerin $1/1 Body Lotion Product 2-6.8z and baby products (12/7)
General Mills $1/2 Boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Resses Puffs, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams, Kix or Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros Cereal (1/4)
General Mills $1/2 Chex, Fiber One, Multi Grain Cheerios, Wheaties, Basic4, Raising Nut Bran, Oatmeal Crisp, Total or Nature Valley Granola Pouches (1/4)
Glade .50/1 1ct or 2ct warmer only product (12/31)
Glade product B1G1 free up to $3.75 (12/24)
Godiva $1.25/1 Bag or Gift Box (1/31)
Hormel $1/2 Compleats products, includes denty moore trays, compleats xl products and chili microwave trays (1/27)
Megared $2/1 any product (1/24)
Move Free $5/1 Ultra product (12/8)
Move Free $3/1 Advanced and Advanced Plus Vitamin D product (12/8)
Nutella $1.50/1 Jar 13oz+ (1/19)
O’Keeffe’s $1/1 any product (12/31)
Quaker $1/2 boxes Old Fashioned Quick or Instant Oats (12/31)
Schick $4/1 disposable or skintimate disposable razor pack exc. xtreme3 1ct, xtreme2 and skintimate twin blades 2 and 6 ct and schick classic 3ct disposable (12/14)
Zims $2/1 Pain Relief Product (1/15)

December P&G
Align $2/1 Probiotic Supplement product (12/7)
Always $3/2 Radiant or Infinity Pads or Pure Pads 10ct+ exc. Always Discreet (12/28)
Bounty $1/1 Paper Towel Product 4ct+ (includes 2 HUGE roll) (12/7)
Cascade $1/1 Action Pacs, Dishwasher Detergent 20-37ct bags (12/7)
Cascade .50/1 Dishwasher Detergent, rinse aid or dishwasher cleaner (12/7)
Charmin $1/1 Toilet Paper Product, 4 Mega Roll or larger, includes Mega Plus and Super Mega exc. Single Rolls (12/7)
Crest $2/1 Toothpaste 3oz+ exc. cavity, regular, baking soda, tartar control/protection, F&W Pep Gleem, kids and ETS (12/7)
Crest .50/1 Kids Crest Toothpaste 4.2oz+ (12/7)
Crest $5/1 3D White Strips Kit exc. noticeably white, classic white, original whitening kit, gentle whitening kit, express whitening kit and ETS (12/7)
Crest $1/1 Mouthwash 370ml (16oz+) , (12/7)
Dawn .75/2 Scrubbers, Sponges 3pk+, brushes and fillable dishwands exc. gloves and liquids (12/22)
Dawn .50/1 Dishwashing Liquid or Platinum Foam 10.1oz+ exc. special value, simply clean and ETS (12/7)
Febreeze B1G1 free up to $4 exc. in-wash scent booster and ETS (12/7)
Fixodent $2.50/1 Adhesive Twin or triple pack 1.4oz+ (12/7)
Gillette $3/1 Disposable 2ct+ exc. sensor 2ct and Venus Products (12/28)
Gillette $2/1 razor exc. disposables, venus products and ETS (12/28)
Head & Shoulders $5/2 Products 10oz+ OR Royal Oils (12/7)
Head & Shoulders $1/1 product 10 oz+ OR Royal Oils (12/7)
Herbal Essences $5/2 Bi:renew shampoo, conditioner or styling products exc. masks, 100 ml shampoo and conditioners, color, body wash and ETS (12/7)
Olay $1/2 Bar Soap 4ct+, Body Wash, Hand and Body lotion or in-shower body lotion exc. 1 bar and ETS (12/7)
Old Spice $3/3 Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Body Wash or Bar Soap products exc. twin packs high endurance and ETS (12/7)
Old Spice $1/1 Hair Product (12/7)
Oral- B $1/1 Adult Manual Toothbrush exc. kids, healthy clean, cavity defense and ETS (12/7)
Oral-B .50/1 Kids Manual Toothbrush (12/7)
Oral-B .50/1 Kids Battery Toothbrush (12/7)
Oral-B $5/1 Kids Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrush exc. oral-b kids battery powered toothbrushes (12/7)
Pampers $1.50/1 Diapers or Easy Ups Training Underwear (12/7)
Pampers $2/1 Easy Ups Training Underwear or Underjams absorbent nightware (12/7)
Pantene $5/3 Products, including gold series collection exc. single count intense rescue shot, 1 step nourishing mask and ETS (12/7)
Pantene $1/1 Products, including gold series collection exc. single count intense rescue shot, 1 step nourishing mask and ETS (12/7)
Pepto Bismol .50/1 any product (12/28)
Priolosec $2/1 OTC product (12/28)
Puffs $1/1 Puffs Facial Tissues AND 1 Vicks Dayquil/Nyquil Product (12/7)
Sinex $3/2 Nasal Spray Products (12/7)
Swiffer $1/1 product exc. 1ct, 2ct, heavy duty dusters and ETS (12/7)
Tampax $3/2 Pearl or Radiant Tampons, or Pure Tampons 14ct+ (12/28)
Venus $3/1 Venus or Daisy Disposable 2ct+ exc. Daisy 2ct (12/28)
Venus $2/1 Razor exc. disposables (12/28)
Vicks .50/1 Vapocool drops exc. vaporub, zzzquil, purezzz’s and ETS (12/7)
Vicks $2.50/2 Vaporub, vaposhower, vapocream, vapopatch or vapo in haler products exc. vapocool drops and ETS (12/7)
Vicks $1/1 Children’s liquid product (12/7)
Vicks $1/1 Dayquil or Nyquil product exc. 8ct and ETS (12/28)
Vicks $1/1 Vapocool Spray or lozenge product exc. vapocool bag drops (12/27)
Vicks $1/1 Vaporub, VapoShower, Vapocream, Vapopatch or Vapoinhaler product (12/7)
Vicks $2/1 Flu Therapy Product (12/7)
ZzzQuil .50/1 ZzzQuil or Pure ZZZs product (12/7)

No more Catalinas at Jewel

Don’t look for Catalina coupons to print out at the register anymore, if you shop at one of nearly 20 grocery chains owned by one of the country’s largest grocery retailers. Following through with a plan first reported here back in February, owner Quotient Technology has officially replaced Catalina as the provider of checkout coupons at more than 2,000 stores owned by Albertsons, including Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, ACME, Shaw’s and more.

But these coupons are different than the ones that Catalina offers. Catalina has dedicated coupon-printing machines that generate coupons based on your purchase history, or on specific items that you buy in a transaction. Some offers are promoted in store (“Buy 2 of these items and earn a $2 Catalina coupon good on your next purchase!”), while other offers are shared online and on coupon blogs, so savvy shoppers know just what to buy in order to trigger a Catalina coupon. Here’s the entire article from Coupons in the News.

2 Sunday inserts: SmartSource & RMN

We’re supposed to get two inserts in this Sunday’s paper (11/17), a SmartSource and RetailMeNot. Sometimes you’ll find your paper has divided them differently and not all papers carry the same coupons or even have the same value.


Afrin $3/1 Product (11/24)
Air Wick $1.25/1 Scented Oil Twin Refill (12/15)
Air Wick $3/1 Essential Mist Starter Kit (12/15)
Aleve $4/1 40ct+ or Aleve PM (11/24)
Biore $2/1 Cleanser exc. Dollar General and ETS (12/31)
Biore $1/1 Strip Product exc. Dollar General and ETS (12/31)
Bob Evans $1/2 Refrigerated Side Dishes (1/17)
Capzasin $2/1 Capzasin Product (11/30)
Claritin $9/1 Non-Drowsy Liquid Gels 60ct or Tabl 70ct+ (11/24)
Claritin $4/1 Non-Drowsy 30ct+ (12/15)
Claritin $8/1 Non-Drowsy Claritin D 15ct+ (11/24)
Curel $1.50/1 Moisturizer 13oz+ (12/29)
Curel $3/1 Hrdra Therapy or Dry Skin Moisturizer (12/29)
Delsym $2/1 Cough and Adult Product (12/22)
Delsym $2/1 Children’s Product (12/22)
Delsym $2/1 12 hour adult product (12/22)
Dole .75/3 Canned Fruit (1/12)
Dole .75/3 Canned Fruit (3/8)
Dr Scholls $8/2 insoldes $7.95+ (12/1)
Dr Scholls $2/1 Wart, Corn, Callus, Bunion or Blister Product (12/1)
Eggland’s Best .50/1 Eggs (2/17)
Eggland’s Best .50/1 Organic Eggs (2/17)
Eggland’s Best .35/1 Hard Cooked and Peeled Eggs or Cage Free or Organic Hard Cooked and Peeled Eggs (2/17)
Eggland’s Best .50/1 Cage Free Eggs (2/17)
Farm Rich $1/1 Meatballs 26oz+ (1/25)
Fiber One .50/3 boxes Fiber One or Protein One Snack Product (1/11)
Finish $1/1 Quantum (12/15)
Finish $1/1 Max in 1 (12/15)
Finish $1/1 Jet Dry Rinse Aid (12/14)
Finish $1/1 Liquid or In-Wash Machine Cleaner (12/15)
Fisher .55/1 Recipe Nut Item any variety 10oz+ (12/7)
Florida Crystals $1/1 Organic Brown or Organic Powdered Raw Cane Sugar Products (1/12)
Florida Crystals .75/1 Raw Cane Sugars or Demerara Sugar Products (1/12)
Icy Hot $1/1 Icy Hot, Aspercreme, Capzasin, Sportscreme, Arthritis Hot or Fexall Product (11/30)
Jergens $4/2 Body Butters 5oz+ (12/14)
Kinder Joy $1/2 Single Eggs .7oz (1/10)
Kinder Joy $1/1 Holiday Multipack 2.8oz+ (1/10)
King Arthur $1/1 Flour exc. organics and gluten-free (12/31)
King Arthur $1.50/1 2lb or 5lb bag organic flour (12/31)
King Arthur $1.50/1 bag gluten-free flour (12/31)
Miralax $5/1 product 20ct+ (11/24)
Mt. Olive .55/1 Pouch of Munchies (1/15)
Mucinex $2/1 Product (12/22)
Mucinex $2/1 Cold and Flu Product (12/22)
Palmolive .25/1 Ultra Dish Liquid (11/30)
Phillips $5/1 Colon Health Product (11/24)
Pillsbury $1/3 Refrigerated Baked Goods Products (12/31)
Pillsbury $0.50/2 Cake Mixes (12/31)
Pillsbury .50/1 Cake Mix and ONE Pillsbury Frosting (12/31)
Red Gold .60/3 Sacramento, Red Pack and/or Huy Fong Tomato Products 10oz+ (12/31)
Refresh $5/1 Relieva Product (1/4)
Refresh $3/2 P.M. or Lacri-Lube Products (1/4)
Refresh $3/2 Products any size any variety (1/4)
Russell Stover $1/2 Box 4oz+ (12/31)
Sara Lee .55/1 Sweet Goods Product (1/6)
Splenda $1.50/1 Sweetener Product (12/31)
Splenda $1.50/1 Stevia Sweetener Product (12/31)
Texas Pete $1/2 12oz or larger products (2/12)
Tropicana $1/1 52oz Pure Premium Bottle (1/12)
Trubiotics $5/1 Product (11/24)
Viva .75/1 6 pack or larger paper towels (12/15)
White Castle .75/1 Sliders 4 or 6ct (2/29)
White Castle $1.25/1 Sliders 16, 24 or 32ct (2/29)
White Castle $2/1 10 pack of any Sliders RESTAURANT ONLY (12/31)
Wonderful .50/1 Halos 2lbs + (12/17)


Cervae $4/1 product exc. 1pk cleanser bar ETS (12/7)
Cervae $4/1 baby product (12/7)
Community Coffee $3/1 37oz canister of American Classic (1/3)
Dixie $1/2 packages, plates, everyday and Dixie Ultra (12/17)
Dixie $2.50/2 packages, plates, everyday and Dixie Ultra 54ct+ (12/17)
Dixie $1/1 package to go cups (12/17)
Dixie $2/1 to go cups 26ct+ (12/17)
Garnier $3/1 Skinactive Moisturizer and masks (12/14)
Garnier $2/1 Skinactive Cleanser Product and masks (12/14)
Garnier $2/1 Whole Blends Shampoo and Conditioner or Treatment Product exc. 3oz ETS (11/30)
Garnier $2/1 Nutrisse, OLIA or Express Retouch Hair Color Product (12/7)
Garnier $3/2 Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment or Styling Productsexc. 1oz, 2oz and 2.9oz and 3oz ETS (11/30)
Gaviscon $1.50/1 any product (12/17)
Hellmanns .25/1 Real Mayonnaise 11.5oz+ OR variety sauce 11oz product (11/30)
Loreal $2/1 Paris Root Precision or Magic Root Coverup Product (12/14)
Loreal $1.50/1 Paris El Vive Treatment or Rapid Reviver Product exc. 1oz Treatment ETS (11/30)
Loreal $3/2 Paris El vive Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatments exc. any 1oz product, 3oz Shampoo and Conditioner, Twin Packs and Value Packs (11/30)
Loreal $5/2 Pairs Superior Preference or exc. Hair Color Product (12/14)
Loreal $2/1 Paris Eyeliner, Eye Shadow or Eyebrow Product exc. color rich monos (12/14)
Loreal $2/1 Paris Cosmetic Face Product (12/14)
Loreal $2/1 Paris Revitalift or Age Perfect Product (11/30)
Loreal $2/1 Paris Superior Preference or exc. Hair Color Product (12/14)
Maybelline $2/1 New York Mascara Product exc. mini ETS (12/14)
Oral-B $5/1 Replacement brush heads 3ct+ ETS (11/30)
Oral-B $2/1 Adult Battery Toothbrush ETS (11/30)
Prevacid $3/1 any product (12/17)
Prevacid $5/1 42ct product (12/17)
Purina $3/2 bags Beggin Dog Treats, any size, any variety (2/17)
Purina $5 Target Gift Card with Purina Pet Food, treats and/or litter purchase $25 or more (2/17)
Quilted Northern $0.50/1 bath tissue, 6 double roll or larger (12/17)
Tums $1.50/2 products 28ct+ (12/17)
Tums $1.50/1 chewy bites or sugar free product 28ct+ (12/1)
Vanity Fair .50/1 package napkins (12/17)

and yet another dire prediction for inserts

It’s no secret that newspaper circulation is down, interest in traditional coupons has declined, and those who are still interested in saving are increasingly turning to digital coupons. But that evolution may be in for a rapid acceleration, as one industry leader with a stake in this digital transition is predicting a drastic decline in paper coupons in the coming year.  Here’s the article from Coupons in the News.

2 inserts Sunday 11/10: SS & RMN

We’re supposed to get two inserts in this Sunday’s paper (11/10), SmartSource and RetailMeNot.  Sometimes you’ll find your paper has divided them differently and not all papers carry the same coupons or even for the same value.


Aveeno $2/1 Body Lotion, Body Wash or anti-itch product exc. 2.5oz 1.0oz and after shave (12/15)
Aveeno $2/1 Baby Productexc. products 3.0oz or smaller and 10 ct wipes and / ETS (12/7)
Band-Aid .75/1 Adhesive Bandages Product (12/31)
Bayer $2/1 Aspirin Product 200ct+ (11/24)
Betty Crocker .50/3 Boxes Fruit Snacks (1/4)
Bic $1/1 Multi-purpose lighter 1pack or larger (11/30)
Blue $5/1 dry dog or cat food 5lbs+ (12/15)
Blue $2/1 Dog Treats (12/15)
Blue $1/1 Bag of Cat Treats (12/15)
Bronkaid $2/1 any 60ct product (12/31)
Bronkaid $1.50/1 Product (12/31)
Chobani $1/2 Yogurt multi-packs, tubes, tubs and squeezable pouches (12/15)
Chobani $1/5 single-serve and non-dairy products (12/15)
Coricidin $2/1 HBP Product (11/29)
Cottonelle .50/1 Flushable wipes 42ct+ (12/8)
Cottonelle $1/1 6pack or larger toilet paper (12/8)
Diabetic Tussin $2/1 Product (2/8)
Diamond $1/2 Diamond of California Items 5oz+ (12/31)
Dukes .75/1 Product (12/8)
Edwards $1/2 Desserts 23.5oz or larger (1/15)
Energizer $1.25/1 Pack of Batters or Flashlight (12/21)
Energizer $1/1 pack hearing aid batteries (12/28)
Ferrero Rocher $1/1 Package of Ferrero Rocher or Ferrero Rocher Collection (6.8oz – 10.4oz) (1/5)
Fleischmann’s .40/1 Yeast Product (12/29)
Hidden Valley $1/2 Ranch Dry Dips or Seasoning Mixes (12/10)
Hidden Valley $2/2 Ranch Seasoning Shakers (12/10)
Juicy Juice .55/1 Product exc. 4pack juice boxes (12/23)
Karo .40/1 Syrup Products (12/29)
Kleenex .50/2 Facial Tissue 30ct+ or any bundle pack Kleenex Wet Wipes 20ct+ (12/8)
Listerine $1/1 Mouthwash 400ml+ or Ready Tabs 8ct+ (12/31)
Lubriderm $2/1 Productexc. 3 in 1 and aftershave & / ETS (12/15)
Lucky Leaf $1/2 Premium Fruit Fillings or Toppers (12/31)
Lysol .50/1 Toilet Bowl Cleaner (12/14)
Lysol .50/1 Disinfecting Wipes (12/14)
Lysol .50/1 Disinfectant Spray (12/14)
Lysol $1/1 Laundry Sanitizer (12/14)
Nature Valley .50/2 Boxes any flavor/variety 5ct or larger (1/4)
Ricola $1/2 Bags (12/10)
Ricola $1/1 Bag Cool Relief (12/10)
ROC $3/1 Retinol Correxion Eye Cream (12/9)
ROC $2/1 facial moisturizer, cream or serum (exc. daily resurfacing disks) (12/9)
Sargento .60/2 Shredded Natural Cheese (1/5)
Theratears $3/1 Product (2/8)
Wewalka $1/1 Product (1/31)
Wewalka $1/1 Product (12/31)
Windex $1/2 Products (12/21)


Breathe Right $2/1 any product (11/25)
Country Crock $1/1 product 30oz or 45oz (11/24)
Crest $1/1 toothpaste or liquid gel 3oz or more ETS (11/23)
Dove $4/2 hair care products exc. dove dermacare, men+care and ETS (11/24)
Dove $2.50/1 dermacare product exc. men+care, non-dove dermacare and ETS (11/24)
Greenies $2/1 treats for dogs 3oz+ (12/22)
Hefty $1/2 packages foam products (12/31)
Hefty .50/1 package Party Cups (12/31)
Hillshire Farm .55/1 Product (12/8)
Jimmy Dean $1/2 all items (12/8)
Jimmy Dean .75/2 Refrigerated Items (12/8)
Keebler $1/2 crackers 8oz or larger any flavor (12/22)
Libby’s $1/4 cans of vegetables (12/31)
Lipton .60/2 Recipe Secr Products ETS (11/24)
Lipton .75/2 Tea Bags, K-Cup, Liquid or Powdered Iced Tea Mix Products ETS (11/24)
No7 $2/1 facial serum or moisturizer (1/1)
No7 $2/1 foundation (1/1)
No7 $3/1 no7 laboratories booster serum (1/1)
Olay $2/1 facial cleanser (11/23)
Olay $2/1 daily facials (11/23)
Soap & Glory $2/1 product valued at $10 or more (1/10)
Suave $3/2 professionals shampoo or conditioner products exc. twin pakcs and ETS (11/24)
Suave $1/1 professionals shampoo or conditioner product (11/24)
Suave $2/1 professionals for natural hair product (11/24)
Suave $1.50/1 men hair care product (11/24)
Suave $1.50/1 kids hair product (11/24)
Suave B1G1 Free Professionals Hair Product get One FREE up to $5.99 (11/24)
Theraflu $2/1 any product (12/7)
Triaminic $1/1 any product (12/7)
Wright $1/1 wright brand bacon product (12/8)

Activate your 5% Discover Bonus now

One of the things I like best about Discover (other than fewer hacking incidents) is that they offer 5% bonus cash back in specific categories during the year by quarters.  Currently they feature Amazon, Target &, but come January — woo-hoo!  I’ll earn at Jewel, Wags and CVS.  Well, the latter ain’t really gonna do me any good, but one never knows 🙂  You earn on up to $1500 in purchases and that adds up very fast.

2 inserts this Sunday (11/3)

We’re supposed to get two inserts in this Sunday’s paper (11/3), a SmartSource and a RetailMeNot. Not all papers carry the same coupons or even have the same value.


Ajax .50/1 Ultra Dish Liquid 28oz+ (11/16)
Campbells .40/4 Condensed Soups (1/3)
Colgate $1/1 Total, Optic White, Enamel Health, Essentials, or sensitive toothpaste 3.0 oz+ (11/16)
Colgate $1/1 Mouthwash or Mouth Rinse 200ML+ (11/16)
College Inn .50/1 32oz broth or stock, any flavor (1/3)
College Inn $1/1 32 oz culinary stock, any flavor (1/3)
Covergirl $2/1 foundation or powder exc. cheekers, accessories and ETS (11/30)
Covergirl $2/1 mascara exc. accessories and ETS (11/30)
Covergirl $1/1 lip product exc. accessories and ETS (11/30)
Del Monte .40/4 canned vegetables (10-18oz single cans only) (1/3)
Drano .75/1 any product (12/14)
Dulcolax $3/1 product 25ct+ or 1 liquid product (11/30)
Duracell $2/2 Optimum Double AA/AAA 8pk OR Coppertop Double AA/AAA 8pk, C/d 4pk, 9V 2pk or larger (11/30)
Fantastik $1.25/2 All-Purpose Cleaner products (12/14)
French’s .40/1 Crispy Fried Onions, original 6oz or any 5oz crispy fried veggies (1/1)
Glade $1/2 products exc. solids 8oz and aerosol room spray products (12/14)
Halls $1.25/2 products 10ct or larger any variety (12/14)
Hatfield $1.50/1 Marinated product (12/31)
Johnsons $2/1 product exc. kids hair care, gift s and cotton swabs and ETS (11/16)
Johnsons $1/1 product exc. kids hair care, gift s and cotton swabs and ETS (11/30)
Kaopectate $2/1 any product (11/30)
Kikkoman $1/1 teriyaki takumi (1/31)
Kikkoman $1/2 products 5oz or larger (1/31)
Maruchan $1/3 bowls (1/15)
One a Day $3/1 Multi Vitamin Product exc. 60ct tabl (11/17)
One a Day $3/1 50+ Multi Vitamin Product (11/17)
Pledge $1/1 any product (12/14)
POM .50/1 juice (12/30)
POM .50/1 4oz pom poms arils (12/30)
POM .50/1 pomegranate (12/30)
POM $1/1 8oz pom poms arils (12/30)
Ragu .60/2 Pasta Sauces (12/1)
Rolaids $2/1 product 36ct+ (11/30)
Scrubbing Bubbles $1/1 Fresh Gel Product (12/14)
Scrubbing Bubbles .50/1 toilet bowl cleaner product (12/14)
Scrubbing Bubbles $1.50/2 Bathroom Cleaner products (12/14)
Super Pretzel $1/1 soft pretzel product (12/31)
Super Pretzel $1/1 soft pretzel bites product (12/31)
Tena $3/1 any product (11/17)
Tylenol $1/1 Cold, or Sinus Product (11/30)
Wet Ones .50/1 hand wipes and canister or singles exc. 20ct travel packs (12/31)
Wet Ones $1.50/2 hand wipes and canisters or singles exc. 20ct travel packs (12/31)
Windex $1/2 all products (12/14)
Zantac $4/1 product 24ct or larger (11/30)
Ziploc $1/2 all products (12/14)

RetailMeNot Everyday

Angel Soft .50/1 Package of Bath Tissue 4 double roll or larger (12/3)
Angel Soft $1/1 Bath Tissue 12roll or larger or 6 mega or larger (12/3)
Aussie $2/2 Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Products exc. masks and ETS (11/16)
Caress $1/1 Body Wash product, 12 oz+ exc. 25.4oz pumps or beauty bar 6pk+ or Caress botanicals bar (11/16)
Dove .75/1 Beauty Bar 4ct+ (11/16)
Dove $1/1 Foaming Hand Wash 6.8oz (11/16)
Dove $1/1 Bath Bombs 2ct or larger (11/16)
Dove $4/2 Dove, Dove Men+Care, Degree or Degree Men Dry Spray Antiperspirant Products (11/16)
Dove Buy 1 Dove Body Wash 13.5oz+ OR exfoliating body polish 10.5oz – get any 1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash 13.5 oz+ Free up to $6 (11/16)
Herbal Essences $2/2 Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Products exc. bio;renew, color, body wash and ETS (11/16)
Natures Truth $1/1 Aromatherapy Products (1/3)
Natures Truth $2/1 Vitamin or Supplement Product (1/3)
Noxzema $1/1 Face Care product, exc. 2oz jars and ETS (11/17)
Pond’s $1.50/1 product, exc. 1.75oz jars, 5ct towelettes and ETS (11/17)
Renuzit $3/1 Oil Refills (12/3)
Renuzit B4G2 Free Adjustables Air Freshener Cones (12/3)
Shea Moisture $1/1 bar soap (11/16)
Simple $2/1 product, exc. sheet masks and ETS (11/17)
St. Ives $1/1 Face Care or Body Wash product (11/17)
Suave .75/1 Body Wash Product, (11/17)
Suave $1/1 Lotion product, (11/17)
Suave .50/1 anti-perspirant deodorant product, exc. 1.4oz and ETS (11/17)
Tresemme $2.50/1 Pro Collection Shampoo or Conditioner (11/17)
Tresemme $2/1 Compressed Micromist Hairspray Product (11/17)
Tresemme $5/2 Shampoo or Conditioner Products 28oz exc. Pro Collection and ETS (11/17)
Vaseline $2/1 Hand and Body Lotion 6.8oz+ (11/16)