It came from Space – with a good grip!

In 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays and used them to image the bones in his wife’s hand, kicking off a revolutionary diagnostic tool for medicine. Now two of NASA’s X-ray space telescopes have combined their imaging powers to unveil the magnetic field “bones” of a remarkable hand-shaped structure in space. Together, these telescopes reveal the behavior of a dead collapsed star that lives on through plumes of particles of energized matter and antimatter.

Here’s the article from NASA – sure wish I’d seen this for posting yesterday!

10/29: one SmartSource insert

One SmartSource insert in this week’s paper (10/29). Not all papers carry the same coupons or values, so this national list might show coupons we don’t get around Chicago. meh


ACT Product (exc. toothpaste) $1.25/1 (11/12)
Airborne Product (exc. Airborne 1ct shot) $3/1 (11/11)
Allegra Product (exc. 5ct & 8ct) $5/1 (11/18)
Aspercreme Product (exc. 1.25oz cream, 1ct patch, ETS) $2/1 (11/11)
Capzasin Product $2/1 (11/11)
Cortizone-10 Product $1.25/1 (11/18)
Dulcolax 30ct+ or Zantac 360 Product (ETS) $3/1 (11/12)
Dulcolax or Rolaids Product (ETS) $1.50/1 (11/12)
Gold Bond Lotion or Cream Product $2/1 (11/25)
Gold Bond Lotions or Cream Products $3/2 (11/25)
Icy Hot Product (exc. 1ct patch, ETS) $2/1 (11/12)
MegaRed Base Krill Product or Advanced Product $5/1 (11/11)
MoveFree Products $10/1 (11/11)
Neuriva Brain Health Supplements 30-60ct (exc. Ultra 14ct and all Neuriva Sleep Products) $6/1 (11/11)
Tena Maximum Regular 56ct & Long 39ct, Ultimate 33ct or Overnight Pads 28ct/45ct or Overnight Underwear and Briefs Products $4/1 (11/12)
Unisom Product (exc. 8ct, ETS) $2/1 (11/11)
Xyzal Product (exc. 10ct) $5/1 (11/12)

10/22: one small Save insert

For the second week in a row we’ll only get a Save insert and it’s not even very large 🙂 Not all papers carry the same coupons or values, so this national list might show coupons we don’t get around Chicago.


Allegra product (exc. 5ct & 8ct) $5/1 (11/11)
Allegra Allergy 24HR 70ct, 90ct tablets or 60ct gelcap product $10/1 (10/28)
Blink Contacts or Blink-N-Clean Drops $3/1 (11/30)
Blink Tears 0.5oz or 1oz, or Blink Triple Care $3/1 (11/30)
Colace 28ct or higher $1/1 (12/3)
Colace 60ct or higher $3/1 (12/3)
CoverGirl Eye Product (exc. 1-kit shadows, accessories and ETS) $3/1 (11/8)
CoverGirl Face Product (exc. Cheekers, accessories and ETS) $3/1 (11/4)
CoverGirl Lip Product (exc. Continuous Color Lipstick, accessories and ETS) $1/1 (11/4)
Dove, Dove Men+Care, Degree, Degree Men Dry Spray Antiperspirants or Schmidt’s Deodorant Spray Products (ETS) $4/2 (11/4)
Eucerin Body Product 5oz+, or Eucerin Baby Product (ETS) $2/1 (11/18)
Eucerin Cream Product 16oz (ETS) $3/1 (11/18)
Eucerin Face Product (ETS) $3/1 (11/18)
Lindt Lindor Bags >5oz $1.50/2 (11/30)
Thayers 12oz or 8.5oz Facial Toner $2/1 (11/5)
Xyzal 24HR Allergy 80ct product $10/1 (10/28)
Xyzal product (exc. 10ct) $5/1 (11/11)
Zegerid OTC 42ct $6/1 (12/3)
Zegerid OTC $3/1 (12/3)

Rite Aid files for Bankruptcy

Rite Aid has more than 2,000 stores in 17 states – but may soon have far fewer. Late Sunday night, the drug store chain filed for bankruptcy, in an effort to “accelerate its ongoing business transformation” and “position the company for long-term success.”

And that “success” may come only after closing hundreds more stores.

The company promises it will be business as usual, for the most part, as it has secured $3.45 billion in new financing to help it get through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. But it may not be business as usual for many of its locations.  Here’s the Coupons in the News link to the story.

10/15: one Save insert

One Save insert in this week’s paper (10/15).  Not all papers carry the same coupons or values, so this national list might show coupons we don’t get around Chicago.  Isn’t it strange how RedPlum (which morphed into Save), as the smaller insert of the pack has now gotten so much larger than SmartSource?


Almay Eye Product $3/1 (10/28)
Almay Face Product $3/1 (10/28)
Almay Makeup Remover (ETS) $2/2 (10/28)
Bausch+Lomb Ocuvite Product $5/1 (11/30)
CeraVe Baby Product (ETS) $4/1 (11/4)
CeraVe Product (exc. 0.35oz Healing Ointment, 1oz Cleanser Bar and ETS) $3/1 (11/4)
CeraVe Skin Renewing Product (ETS) $3/1 (11/4)
Dial Body Wash, Dial Men’s Body Wash, Dial Kids Body Wash, Tone Body Wash $2/2 (10/29)
Dial Foaming Hand Washes, 11oz and 52oz Gel Hand Soaps – Buy Three, Get One Free up to $3.49 B3G1 (10/29)
Dove Advanced Care, Teens, Even Tone, Ultimate, or 0% Aluminum Stick Product (exc. Dove Men+Care products, Base Deodorants, Clinical Deodorants, Twin Packs, Dry Sprays and ETS) $2/1 (10/28)
Dove 30.6oz Body Wash with Pump (exc. all other sizes) $3/1 (10/28)
Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant or Deodorant Stick (exc. dry sprays, twin packs and ETS) $2/1 (10/28)
Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant or 0% Aluminum Deodorant Spray (exc. Dove Men+Care products, twin packs, sticks and ETS) $2.50/1 (10/28)
Eggland’s Best Cage Free Eggs $1/2 (1/31)
Eggland’s Best Eggs $1/2 (1/31)
Eggland’s Best Hard-Cooked & Peeled Eggs, Cage Free or Organic Hard-Cooked & Peeled Eggs .50/1 (1/31)
Eggland’s Best Organic Eggs $1/2 (1/31)
Garnier Nutrisse , Color Reviver or Olia Hair color Products $4/2 (10/28)
IBgard or FDgard product 12ct $2/1 (12/15)
IBgard or FDgard product 36ct+ $4/1 (12/15)
Maybelline New York Mascara Product (exc. mini and ETS) $2/1 (10/28)
Maybelline New York Lip Product (exc. Baby Lips) $2/1 (10/28)
Maybelline New York Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, or Brow Product (exc. Expert Wear Mono Eyeshadows, Twin Brow & Eye Pencils, mini and ETS) $1/1 (10/28)
Maybelline New York Face Product $2/1 (10/28)
Nutramax Brand Including: Cosequin, Dasuquin, Proviable and Welcatin $3/1 (12/31)
Olay Super Serum Minis 0.4 fl oz (ETS) $3/1 (10/28)
Olay Super Serum 1.0 fl oz (exc. Minis and ETS) $6/1 (10/28)
Prevacid 24Hr 42ct Product $3.50/1 (12/31)
Purex Crystals In-Wash Fragrance Boosters $2.50/2 (10/29)
Purex Laundry Detergent (ETS) $1/1 (10/29)
Ready Minis 20ct $1/1 (12/31)
REFRESH Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops Product $5/1 (12/31)
REFRESH Product $8/2 (12/31)
Revlon ColorSilk Digitones $2/1 (10/28)
Revlon Eye Cosmetics $3/1 (10/28)
Revlon Face Cosmetics $3/1 (10/28)
Revlon Lip Cosmetics (exc. Revlon Kiss Balm) $2/1 (10/28)
Rimmel Eye Product $2/1
Rimmel Product $1/1
Soft Scrub Abrasives $1/1 (11/12)
Soft Scrub Toilet Bowl Cleaning Products $1/1 (11/12)
Suave Professional Green or Gold Shampoo or Conditioner Product (exc. Suave Essentials, twin packs and ETS) $1/1 (10/28)
Suave Kids Hair Care Product (exc. twin packs and ETS) $1/1 (10/28)
TUMS + Heartburn + Sleep Support $2.50/1 (11/4)
TUMS Product 54ct+ $1.50/1 (11/4)

One SmartSource insert 10/08/23

One SmartSource insert in this week’s paper (10/08). Not all papers carry the same coupons or values, so this national list might show coupons we don’t get around Chicago.


Clairol Nice’n Easy, Natural Instincts, Root Touch-up or Blonde It Up Hair Products $5/2 (10/21)
Clairol Root Touch-up 2 in 1 Volume Spray or Textures & Tones Hair Color $2/1 (10/21)
Energizer Batteries or Lights Pack .75/1 (11/25)
Energizer Batteries or Lights pack $1/1 (11/18)
Florastor any product $4/1 (11/19)
Florastor any product $8/1 (10/21)
HALLS Cough Drop Products 9ct+ (exc. HALLS Defense) $1.25/2 (11/18)
Lumify Eye Drops 7.5ML and/or Lumify Eye Illuminations Lash Serum, Eye Cream, or Micellar Water $9/2 (12/9)
Lumify Eye Drops 7.5ML or Lumify Eye Illuminations Lash Serum, Eye Cream, or Micellar Water $4/1 (12/9)

Adding coupon codes in 3rd party APPs

Fewer people are sitting in front of a desktop computer to shop online these days. So why don’t coupon browser extensions work when you’re using your favorite retailer’s app on a mobile device? Shopping on your phone or tablet can end up costing you, if it means missing out on coupons and deals that are available to desktop users.

So one coupon code provider is working to change that.

Rakuten has described a way to apply coupon codes to purchases made in third-party mobile apps, in a recently-published patent application. “A number of browser extensions are able to detect coupon code fields and test coupon codes on webpages,” the patent documentation reads. “However, this functionality does not yet exist in mobile applications… As many transactions occur on the go by means of mobile applications, there is a need for a system and method for detecting and filling coupon codes in a mobile domain.”

Rakuten is one of several coupon code aggregators offering a browser extension to automatically inject available coupon codes into the checkout page of a retailer’s desktop website. If you’re shopping on a mobile device, these aggregators also offer their own apps where you can activate offers before shopping on a retailer’s mobile website. Here’s the entire (short) article from Coupons in the News.

2 inserts 10/01: SmartSource & Save

Two inserts in this week’s paper (10/01): SmartSource and Save. Not all papers carry the same coupons or values, so this national list might show coupons we don’t get around Chicago.  Those BOGO Dove coupons might come in handy for a future Walgreens promotion.


Aleve 200ct+ (inc. Aleve, Aleve Back & Muscle, Aleve PM) or AleveX Product (exc. Aleve-D Products) $5/1 (10/29)
Aleve product 80ct+ (exc. Aleve-D products) $3/1 (10/29)
Arm & Hammer Adult Toothpaste (ETS) $1/1 (10/28)
Bayer Aspirin product 200ct+ $2/1 (10/29)
Bayer Aspirin product 50ct+ $1/1 (10/29)
Chobani Greek Yogurt multi-packs or multi-serve products $1/2 (10/28)
Chobani Oatmilk 52 fl oz, or Coffee Creamer 24 fl oz $1/2 (10/28)
Claritin Non-Drowsy or Children’s Claritin 56ct+ (exc. Claritin-D) $10/1 (10/8)
Claritin Non-Drowsy, Claritin-D product 15ct+, or Children’s Claritin Product 15ct or 4oz+ $4/1 (10/29)
Claritin-D Non-Drowsy product 15ct+ $8/1 (10/8)
Curel Skincare Product (ETS) $1.50/1 (10/29)
Ensure Max Protein Multipack $3/1 (11/11)
Ensure Multipacks $7/2 (11/11)
Glucerna any product $4/1 (12/2)
Jergens Skincare Product (exc. Jergens Natural Glow, SOL and ETS) $1.50/1 (10/29)
Tena Product $2/1 (10/15)


All Free Clear Laundry Product (ETS) $1.20/1 (10/15)
All Free Clear Unit Dose Laundry Detergent (ETS) $2/1 (10/15)
Blue Diamond Almonds 12oz+ bag $1/1 (12/2)
Blue Diamond Almonds 6oz+ cans $1/2 (12/2)
Blue-Emu 12oz Original $3/1 (1/31)
Blue-Emu Pain Relief Creams $2/1 (1/31)
Blue-Emu any product $1.50/1 (1/31)
CoverGirl Skincare Product $3/1 (10/14)
CoverGirl Eye Product (exc. 1-kit shadows, accessories and ETS) $3/1 (10/14)
CoverGirl Face Product (exc. Cheekers, accessories and ETS) $3/1 (10/14)
Dove – Buy One Dove Body Wash Product, Get One Dove Men+Care Body Wash product FREE up to $6.99 (ETS) (10/14)
Dove Body Polish Product – BOGO up to $6.99 (exc. twin packs and ETS) (10/14)
Ester-C Tablet 60ct $2/1 (10/29)
Ester-C Tablet 90ct-120ct $3/1 (10/29)
Family Guard Brand Product $1.50/1 (10/31)
Family Guard Brand Product $4/2 (10/31)
Lindt Classic Recipe or Excellence Bag $1/1 (11/1)
Nature’s Bounty Kid’s Vitamin or Supplement $2/1 (10/29)
Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Vitamin or Supplement $2/1 (10/29)
Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D Supplement $2/1 (10/29)
Nature’s Bounty Vitamin or Supplement $1/1 (10/29)
Osteo Bi-Flex Ease product $7/1 (10/29)
Osteo Bi-Flex Bi-Flex Item 120ct-180ct $10/1 (10/29)
Osteo Bi-Flex Bi-Flex Item 30ct-88ct $5/1 (10/29)
Persil Large ProClean Laundry Detergent 100-150oz/38-62ct $3/1 (10/15)
Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent 40-150oz/15-62ct $2/1 (10/15)
Schwarzkopf or Got2b hair color product $3/1 (10/15)
Schwarzkopf or Got2b hair color product $6/2 (10/15)
Snuggle large product (inc. Fabric Conditioner 75oz, Scent Boosters 19oz and Dryer Sheets 105ct+) $2/1 (10/15)
Snuggle small product (inc. Fabric Conditioner 50oz, Scent Booster 9oz and Dryer Sheets 80ct or smaller) $1/1 (10/15)
TheraTears Product (exc. 0.1oz size) $4/1 (1/1)
ThermaCare Heatwrap (exc. ThermaCare 2ct Neck) $3.50/1 (10/31)
Zyrtec Adult 24-60ct or Children’s Zyrtec 24ct Dissolve Tabs or 8oz product (exc. Wipes & Chewables) $4/1 (10/15)
Zyrtec Adult or Children’s Zyrtec Chewables 24ct or Adult Zyrtec-D 24ct product $4/1 (10/15)

Goodwill for second hand & … groceries?

It may bring to mind images of gently used, hand-me-down cans of peas, or boxes of mac and cheese that came from the back of someone’s cupboard and may or may not have expired this century. But the backers of a unique new grocery store promise it won’t be filled with someone’s unwanted giveaways.

Goodwill Industries of the Valleys in Roanoke, Virginia has gotten the go-ahead to open what’s believed to be the country’s first-ever, full-fledged Goodwill grocery store. The city council last week approved a rezoning request, clearing the way for renovations to get underway at a former Goodwill repackaging facility and office building. Here’s the article from Coupons in the News.