Playtex & Always cheap at Jewel

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The P&G $5 Instant Savings when you spend $15 includes both Tampax and Always, both  $3.99.  Since the coupon limit now reads 2, you can buy four of each per transaction, use the $2 coupons from the July P&G insert and pay 74¢ a box.  This deal stacks, so you can buy in sets of four or eight for the same savings, depending on how many coupons you can beg, borrow or steal.  And remember, we now pay zero tax on this stuff!

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3 thoughts on “Playtex & Always cheap at Jewel

    • Every $15 point you hit means another $5 off instantly, no matter what products are purchased, as long as they are part of the promotion. If your store is bad about tags, you can always check online; the item detail will include the instant savings info.

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