Jewel JFU & clearance vitamins

I got everything in the photo for $45 – outrageous, I know, but sometimes you have to put out some folding green.  Vitamins were 75% off, so naturally I grabbed them (plenty more, as you can see from the bottom photo). Adding every JFU coupon got me BOGO Vero sauce, the Impossible Patties took $2 off plus $9 store coupon when it didn’t scan as BOGO.  Potatoes did come up for $1.99 and the free Bosco cheese stick – whee!  All told, I’m very pleased because of the vitamins; dog food was also a few bucks off and I have a cat who thinks all food in the house belongs to him. Got $2 from Ibotta for Nature’s Truth vitamins and 1100 Fetch Rewards points (use WVAB6 and I’ll get points for a new sign up) when it somehow read frozen dinners on my receipt! There’s also a $2 Nature’s Bounty coupon in 1/3R2 and a $2 Nature’s Truth printable (limit 1) which I’ll attempt to post-redeem (given all the covid rules & restrictions, I never know from week to week what to expect)

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5 thoughts on “Jewel JFU & clearance vitamins

  1. the sale specifies 12oz Impossible burgers (ground), and you bought the 8oz patties. so that’s probably the reason for the B1G1F not kicking in.

    ” Adding every JFU coupon got me BOGO Vero sauce, the Impossible Patties took $2 off plus $9 store coupon when it didn’t scan as BOGO.”

    can you elaborate on which coupons you added? for instance, was the “Save $1.50 when you buy one (1) Vero Gusto pasta sauce and one (1) Impossible Burger 12oz product, expires 1/28/21” clipped?

    do you remember the order of the scanned items? was it self-checkout or manned register?

    i’m seeking help on planning this transaction, as seen in this topic:

    so the more specifics i hear about other people’s experiences, the better. thanks!

    • I ran this through a cashier line which helped. Added BOGO Vero sauce plus $1.50 coupon for the Vero sauce & Impossible Burger product plus the 2 $1 Impossible products coupons. Believe sauces & patties were scanned right after each other. The warehouse did not send my store burgers, only patties, which was why they put 50% off stickers on them, so the register took off $9 in store coupons & $2 JFU. I did not get the $1.50 JFU for sauce + Impossible product discount since as you pointed out, burgers are 12 oz & patties are 8 oz.

      I would have preferred 12 oz burger packs over 8 oz patties, but what can you do? If my store ordered them but didn’t get them in, I wonder how many other stores will have the same issue?

      • thanks for the reply. i tried it near the end of 1/12/21 in a cashier line, and had mixed results. the B1G1F Impossible sale and the B1G1F Vero Gusto manufacturer coupon worked. as did the $1.50 off Impossible+Vero manufacturer coupon. per the tabulation at the end (and on the receipt), one of the $1 off Impossible mfg cpns applied, but was then kicked out (presumably by the $1.50 cpn on the 1st burger, but i can’t rule out the sale freebie on the 2nd burger).

        so i’m not getting the benefit of the $1 burger e-cpn, even though Jewel-Osco coupon policy allows it, and the coupons’ fine print do not prohibit overages.

        i was actually hoping all 3 Impossible coupons might apply, given your and Jane’s experience with the General Mills e-cpns. but i can’t lament getting 2, so will probably try a service desk visit to that end.

        iow, you got the better coupon mileage, thanks to your stores improvised arrangement — albeit not the better final pricing on faux meat.

        the thing is, i’d been to another location on 1/12 which was out of stock (they had ’em earlier in the week), and they wrote me a raincheck. depending on how they implemented the freebie at the register — perhaps cutting 50% off of each — i might have been better off just waiting. aggravating! doubly so if the Vero goes on sale by then!

        something tells me that even with my screen captures of the coupons involved, my service desk effort is gonna be 5x harder than making the case with paper coupons. yay, digital?

        • And this, Gentle Reader, is why I prefer a paper coupon since if it scans & then disappears it can be retrieved from the bin, but if a digital coupon disappears from the screen & your device, what are your alternatives?

          • yeah, there’s no substitute for good, solid paper. now, in this case, i do have proof of the coupon’s existence on my very receipt, in the form of its application and reversal. however, it’s hard to say what manner of service desk employee i’ll encounter, and what “logic” they might employ. hopefully, that receipt info and screencaps of the coupons’ terms are enough.

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