Free WOD Bosco Breadstick 1/7

Tomorrow only (1/7) you can get a free single serve frozen Bosco stuffed breadstick at Jewel when you say BOSCO at the register.  No codes, coupons or loyalty account required – your cashier will scan the free UPC paper.

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1 thought on “Free WOD Bosco Breadstick 1/7

  1. off-topic: i am both blessed and confronted with the following e-coupons and discounts:

    JustForUs (manufacturer):
    1) Save $1.00 on one (1) Impossible Burger 12oz or Patties 8oz, expires 1/14/2021.
    2) ditto, expiring 3/5/21, not yet clipped.
    3) Save $1.50 when you buy one (1) Vero Gusto pasta sauce and one (1) Impossible Burger 12oz product, expires 1/28/21.
    4) Special Pick: Buy one (1) jar of Vero Gusto sauce, get one (1) jar of Vero Gusto sauce free. Expires 2/15/21.

    Store sale:
    1) Buy 1, Get 1 Free Impossible Burger 12oz, valid 1/6/21 – 1/12/21.


    i cannot recall the last time i’ve had so many related and overlapping coupons and discounts!! i’m both salivating over the prospects of combining 3-4 deals, and dreading all the ways that this transaction might go south. i am also preemptively shopping for a titanium helmet to stop my head from exploding, as a pound of prevention is worth at least eight of cure.

    has anybody else clipped these coupons, and is anyone planning a mega stacking? do any of you have the “Special Pick” coupon?

    is there a snowball’s chance in Hades of getting more than 2 coupons to kick in properly? am i correct in saying that Jewel-Osco coupon policy (as updated Summer 2014, not the nonsense copy+pastes of Safeway’s policy that appeared when MyMixx became JustForU) SHOULD allow #1, 3, and 4 to coexist? in which order should i scan the items for the best chance of success? do i go self-checkout (my usual preference), or to a manned register? is there any point to clipping #2, or will that just risk barring #3 or otherwise ruining things?

    advice is desperately sought, and much appreciated!!

    (one thing i will do is make sure to scan some other, probably unrelated, item after the 2nd burger, so as to “jostle” the register. i know that at least in self-checkouts, there’s a bug where combining a cents-off coupon with a BOGO sale will have the latter’s discount shrink by the coupon’s value, until you scan another item.)

    no, this post is not a prank or avant-garde art exhibit.

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