Jewel clearance + Ibotta for $ & down I go

Not my usual Jewel, which only proves you can find deals anywhere!  Love walnut oil for salads and it keeps so well on a cool basement shelf (dates are a couple of years out, anyway) so for 87¢ I’m definitely stocking up.  Almond butter jars were a particularly nice find because not only is the price awesome, there’s a $2 Ibotta rebate (limit 3, exactly the number on the shelf).  So that overage paid down my walnut oil 🙂

Good thing I’m in pretty decent shape ’cause this Jewel had a huge water spill across half the floral aisle and I went down hard and fast just walking through.  Clerk explained customers take bouquets from floor buckets and drip; pointed out that they would also have to be upending the buckets to get that much water on the floor!  A little sore and I know it’ll be worse tomorrow.  I’d say nothing was injured but my dignity … but we all know that ship sailed years ago.

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4 thoughts on “Jewel clearance + Ibotta for $ & down I go

  1. Well how are you feeling today? That’s awful you fell in Jewel! My friend had an accident where a lady rammed her with one of those electric carts….and kept pushing her into the deli racks claiming she couldn’t stop it several years ago. Her leg was hurting so bad she went to the ER! She filed an accident report before leaving and Jewel never ending up paying her medical bill. My other friend who works for that company that sets the shelves in Jewel fell and broke her wrist while going thru the check lanes and they would not pay for her bills either because they says she was punched out and on way out of store. I’d think Jewel would need to pick that up since now she was technically a customer!? Insane on both incidents.
    One time my husband alerted the manager there was a water leak coming from a cooler and a puddle of water was right in the aisle and after that he had the CS lady give him a $25 Jewel gift card! He said my husband saved him a possible law suit/claim. Accidents do happen but that is what insurance is for. I broke a bottle of wine once (knocked it over with my purse hanging on my winter coat shoulder!) and they were so nice to me and never made me pay for it. Lucky it was not expensive! I still felt horrible!

    • Thanks for asking. Ended up taking more aspirin before bed and feel aches today when I hit the floor, but other than that, okay. Heck, I should have insisted on a gift card, but never thought of it 🙂 was actually thinking about groceries for a year, but my luck they’d always be OOS on what I wanted!

    • Weirdly enough I still have some aches in my shoulder and left wrist, although not enough to warrant aspirin. Very disappointed with my body’s recovery time 🙂

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