Ibotta Flash Cash: extra 5% at Sam’s Club

24 hours to get up to 5% extra back from Ibotta when you shop at Sam’s Club.  They pay fast and it adds remarkably quickly.  This is the rebate APP I use most often – well, there’s Fetch Rewards, but those are mostly 25 and 50 points, but it’s for every store, every receipt and you can combine with the other rebate APPs.  They usually offer a signing bonus of at least a couple of thousand points. Enter promo code WVAB6 (it asks at the very end, just make sure it’s entered before your first receipt scan ’cause you can’t go back).

cheap Purina High Protein cans @ Jewel

The Purina High Protein canned food is on sale for a buck at Jewel through 9/1 and also on Ibotta – get $1 when you buy 3 cans. I also add the Buy any Item for 20¢ rebate whenever it renews.  Buy 4, use the BOGO coupons in 7/28 S then submit for the rebate!  You’ll end up paying only a buck for all four.  And if it resets you’ll do it again 🙂  Honest T is the Saturday Sampler freebie.

Dollar Tree also has the Purina cans and they’re part of the Ibotta rebate, but I don’t know how they’re registers will take this coupon since it requires the cashier to enter the price and their registers are iffy so often.

Ibotta + Jewel clearance = $

I only have hardwood floors, so carpet cleaner isn’t gonna do me any good – – except when it’s $1.50 on the clearance cart and there’s a $2 Ibotta  rebate (Limit 5 per receipt)!  Had a bunch of dried dates in the cart, but noticed expiration dates of April and early June when I went to scan – – so yes, even my Jewel messes up. It’s one thing to pull expired from your stockpile, but to buy it that way to start with?

Jewel clearance shopping

Stopped at Jewel to pick up the sale brie using those $2 coupons in Sunday’s paper.  Handed out some and left a stack for other people (don’t worry, I kept plenty for myself!).  While there, they wheeled out the clearance cart!  It hasn’t made an appearance in many weeks, since they started the remodeling so what a surprise, and especially on a Sunday, but so much stuff was piling up…  I picked up Perrier for 50¢, boxes of Papa Nicholas cold brew coffee (French Roast) for $1.74 each and lots more.  They had bags of coffee, but even I won’t drink light roast Donut Shop or Maple Bacon, even at $1.74. Those Campbell soups and chili were all under a buck, so if you have a $1 JFU personalized coupon off any soup, check your store (I didn’t have it on my account).

Freezer clearance end cap was full of these KidFresh products and there’s a 75¢ Ibotta with a limit 5!  As I was scanning the boxes a $2 cat printed out, so I used that, too!  Since the pasta was only .98 (and I got 5), it was a money maker!  Check your JFU digital coupons, since both PITA and I have a $2 off KidFresh and the Chicken Nuggets are $2.14!  We each got back $3.75 in our Ibotta accounts and some very cheap nuggets.