FAR Bai Strawberry Kiwi from Ibotta

Add this Ibotta offer to your account, buy an 18 oz bottle of Bai Strawberry Kiwi and redeem for your cash back.  Rebate is available for purchases at Jewel, Walgreens, Aldi, CVS and lots more locations, but they only offer a certain number of offers, so if you don’t add it to your account, you’re SOL (they point this out themselves).  Once there, you’re fine.

Jewel clearance + Ibotta for $ & down I go

Not my usual Jewel, which only proves you can find deals anywhere!  Love walnut oil for salads and it keeps so well on a cool basement shelf (dates are a couple of years out, anyway) so for 87¢ I’m definitely stocking up.  Almond butter jars were a particularly nice find because not only is the price awesome, there’s a $2 Ibotta rebate (limit 3, exactly the number on the shelf).  So that overage paid down my walnut oil 🙂

Good thing I’m in pretty decent shape ’cause this Jewel had a huge water spill across half the floral aisle and I went down hard and fast just walking through.  Clerk explained customers take bouquets from floor buckets and drip; pointed out that they would also have to be upending the buckets to get that much water on the floor!  A little sore and I know it’ll be worse tomorrow.  I’d say nothing was injured but my dignity … but we all know that ship sailed years ago.

FAR Shredded Cheese – many stores

Pick up a package of shredded cheese from Aldi or any of the other stores and submit for a Ibotta rebate of $3.29 – this offer also qualifies for a bonus 🙂  Add this offer to your account now while they have inventory.  I checked a couple of Aldi stores by me, but they only carried Crystal Farms wraps, which weren’t qualifying purchases.

Fetch Rewards 4,000 points ($4) to join

Ibotta can be great, but often the rebate won’t be for Jewel. That’s where Fetch Rewards comes into play, ’cause they don’t care where you shop (even online)! Scan the receipt and if there’s an item that’s part of a rebate, you get it automatically in addition to the usual scan points – this month a minimum of 25 points for every scan.  Through 5/31, earn 4,000 points ($4) just for signing up with promo code WVAB6 (asks at the end, so make sure it’s entered before your first receipt scan ’cause you can’t go back).  I  earn points if you sign up with my code (thanks).  Buy gift cards for Amazon, Panera, Target, Visa and more with as little as 3,000 points. Once you start earning points you’ll see FREE items pop up on your Discover page.  I got a 2,500 bonus last night with my Jewel purchase of $50 or more (damned steaks) plus my regular 25 points.

You can use both Ibotta and Fetch for the same receipt.

FAR 10 oz Sabra Hummus

Add this Ibotta offer to your account, buy a 10 oz container of Sabra hummus and redeem for $4.29 back.  Rebate is available for purchases at Jewel, Walgreens, Aldi and lots more locations.  You only have a few more days to grab this warm-weather favorite.