$50 MIRs for booze – enter now!

photo.JPGI have TEN of these Save $50 when you buy SIX or $21 when you buy THREE of the brands shown on the front of this rebate form.  I’m now at the point where drink = fall asleep, so you can have them all.  Just comment here before tomorrow, Tuesday, May 12th at 10 pm and, depending on the number of entries, you can choose either one or multiple rebates. Expiration date is 7/5/15.

This rebate is only valid in Illinois, so make sure to keep in touch with old college friends who still live in the area…just sayin’

Crest 3D whitestrips clearance & cheap on Amazon

I found these two Crest 3D Whitestrips on clearance at Ultra, marked down from $42.99 to $9.99.  Keep your eyes open for similar deals at Target, Kmart, etc.

But if you’d rather getitnow, Amazon has a kick-ass promotion on Crest whitestrips right now:  Buy the Crest 3d White Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips 20 Count (40 strips) for $37.22, “clip” the $7 coupon and then submit this MIR for $10 back!  Or choose the Crest 3d White Intensive Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips 7 Count for $39.55, “clip” the $7 coupon and submit for the same $10 MIR!  These are the one-time only prices – choose Subscribe & Save to take another 5% off and get FREE shipping (if you don’t already have Prime).  Remember, you are under no obligation to take any other shipments.  You can cancel at any time without penalty.

MIR Miller rebates

Please don’t kill me, but I just realized I never mailed out the beer MIRs.  I’ve addressed the following three envelopes (all I see):  Barb B, Michelle B. and Brienne C.

Anyone wanting any of these (I have a few more), please just use the contact tab and I’ll send them right out – this time.  You have until February 10 to BUY the beer and the envelope must be postmarked by February 25th, so still plenty of time.

booze rebates – first come, first served

Lots of booze rebates here, folks, far too many for someone as lazy as me to list, but I’ve given you a nice big picture that you can click on and enlarge for greater detail.  If all else fails, look at the pretty liquor bottles.

Let’s just say that the first ones to comment get two of whatever ones they want.  Note that these all have to be purchased by 12/31/12, but you have a couple of weeks to mail in the rebate forms. The $10 groceries coupon is a 992…just sayin’

I’ll sticky this for another day or until they’re gone.  HURRY!  I’ll either mail them out or you can pick up at the Lisle Jewel.

alcohol rebates are going out

Sorry, I completely forgot to mail these, – they will be taken to the post office this afternoon.  Remember, you only have to purchase the booze by the 1st; the envelopes can be postmarked up to the 15th.  Here are the people who submitted names, etc.  If anyone else in the valid areas wants the rebate forms, please use the contact tab and send your vitals ASAP.

The following people have envies going out – the other people…what happened to you guys?! Hurry and contact me.

Pat G.

Boozapalooza winners

Apparently you are all still coasting on the cases of vodka from the last rebate ’cause only six of you entered.  We’ve still got seven bottles of vodka from the last deal!  Of course, this might also be because the rebate is only valid in a few states…

Whatever the reason, I’m going to just hand over two rebates to anyone using the contact tab.  Let me know if you want them mailed out or plan to pick up at the Lisle Jewel.

Crayola Holiday 2012 MIR

Crayola has their Holiday Rebate mail-in rebate form available for download, offering rebates on the following products:

Digital Light Designer – $5
Crayon Maker – $3
Glow Book – $3
Glow Board – $3
Glow Dome – $3
Jewlry Boutique – $3
Color Wonder Light Up Paint Palette – $3
Marker Airbrush – $3
Sketcher Projector – $3
Light Sketcher – $3
Ultimate Art Supplies – $3
My First Crayola Color Me A Song – $3

This promotion ends 12/31/2012 and is limited to one rebate per household. You must include your receipts and UPCs.