More free Curad bandages

photo.JPGSince Walmart carries this brand and size, you are welcome to shop there instead.  Menards has the Curad Flex-Fabric bandages on sale for 2/$1.  Use the 50¢ coupon in the 6/21 S and pay tax.  I like Menards because they make it easy to place a special order, pay and await the email.  If you only have a few coupons and a handy Walmart, then run it there.

Clorox 2 for .50 @ Menards!

photo.JPGMenards new ad starting today has Clorox 2 33 oz bottles for $1.50 – use the $1 coupons from 9/21 S and pay only 50¢!  Note, the coupon’s expiration date is 11/21, so don’t have a lot of time to waste.  The usual price at Walmart is $5.49, so a great stock-up deal.

Normally I”d say just price match the ad at Walmart, but this is the “fresh scent” and Walmart only shows the original scent in the 33 oz size.

free stuff @ Menards – save big money!

photo.JPG This week’s Menards ad has two sweet deals (pun intended):  Fisher trail mix for $1 a pouch and Clorox 2 for 99¢!  You don’t want to pay for clean clothes – don’t blame you!  Print out this $1 Clorox coupon and get it free.  When I got to Menards, I was told that it was a special deal with no rain checks and they were out…asked for the manager, who pulled it up on the computer and said it was NOT a special, limited deal or discontinued scent and that I could special order and pay upfront; I’d receive an email when the pallet came in (within a couple of days).  Bought 12 Clorox with 20 Fisher trail mixes for $1.24.  Use the Fisher nuts coupon from the 6/18 S  6/15 S and you’ll get the pouches for free.  Make sure that you only pick 4 oz varieties (Tropical is 3.5 oz), which is what the coupon stipulates.  Everything scans beautifully.

Free Fisher trail mix at Menards

imageGot this tip from Donna early in the week, but it’s a drive to get to Menards…however

You can score lots and lots of free Fisher trail mix through Saturday at Menards, where they’re on sale 5/$5 which plays nicely with the $1 off any Fisher nut product 4 oz and larger from the 4/27 S; it was in the Hoy inserts, which means I must have at least 80 of them.  Most everyone notices the 4/$1 trail mix in the same insert, but hey, these trail mixes are mostly all nuts, so that works for me!  Coupon scanned beautifully; bought 20 packs and paid 35¢

FREE Sunday Trib – update

Update:  Tim received a call from the Tribune that this coupon is only valid at Jewel/Osco stores.  Rightly or wrongly, I wouldn’t use it anywhere else on the off-chance that your store wouldn’t get reimbursed for it and you might burn that relationship.

Update:  Reader informs me that since this is a MANUFACTURER COUPON, it can be used at Menards, where the Sunday Trib is a buck anyway, so FREE papers for ALL!  I didn’t know that Menards took coupons with other stores’ names on them, even if they are manufacturer coupons (don’t shop there, but now there’s a reason!)

Reader sent in this $1 off Trib coupon at Jewel-Osco – expiration date March 31, 2012 – doesn’t Jewel sell these for $1.99?  This gives everyone an additional outlet for buying papers when the dollar stores get iffy.

various drug store bits and pieces

A very happy first day to you all.  Looks like all the stores want us to stay home and spend quality time with our families because these deals (and coupons) sure suck.  If there’s a deal out there, it’s hiding under a Chuckie Cheese flyer. And before I forget, make sure you clip the $2 Tide coupon on page 15 of the first section of the Sunday Chicago Tribune.  Not that it’s a fantastic value, but another Tide coupon is always welcome.  Store it in with the other $2 Tide coupon in the middle of the January P&G insert.

The home delivery papers here all got a 2012 calendar from Menards/Chicago Tribune.  The Trib provided the photos and Menards provided the monthly coupons.  Maybe it’s time to start hitting up Menards, especially since they’re running an 11% rebate promotion this month.  Their rewards program is similar to CVS, in that it’s a store credit, not cash back.

Moved this from the Comments section:  “You can make this an additional one dollar money maker by instead of buying the $100 fixed amount Vanilla Visa gift card, buy the one that is a variable amount in which you can put anywhere from $20 to $500 on it. The activation fee on that one is $4.95 and on the fixed amount gift cards the activation fee is $5.95. But be careful if you buy the variable amount Vanilla Visa gift card remember to buy the one that is GOLD color, with ribbon on the front, vanilla logo on the back. DO NOT buy one that is variable and has silver and black packaging and says “ONE VANILLA” on it because that one will not track nor will you get your +UP. But I have personally tested and can confirm the variable amount Vanilla Visa that is gold in color and has bow on it WILL produce the $20 +UP and only has a $4.95 activation fee making you an extra dollar off this deal.”  blatantly stolen from Cuckoo for Coupon Deals

I see nothing jumping out from the Walgreens insert, but as is usually the case, stuff just appears unexpectedly (weird clearances, BOGOs that shouldn’t be…).  We’ll keep hoping for a better couple of months from our old pals at Wags.

One bright spot on the CVS horizon is that sometime in the next few weeks the Naperville store will be doing their annual reset.  This is the entire store reset, not the clearancing out a bunch of cosmetics or a few hair colors.  When this happens, products will be marked down to dirt (can we say a buck?) just to get them out the door.  As soon as I have more info on dates, products, I’ll post.  Ask at your local CVS when they run their own resets and let us know, please.

Those of you with Rite-Aid stores (and I’m really jealous right now) can score some FREE $$$$ this entire month.  Meryl emailed me this deal days ago, but I didn’t post ’cause there isn’t a Rite-Aid within 100 miles of Chicago – sorry!  Basically, you buy a $100 Vanilla Visa card ($5.95 activation fee) and receive a $20 +Up Reward (that’s the Rite-Aid program similar to CVS ecbs).  Your actual cost would be about $87 for a $100 Visa card.  Again, I’m not sure if you can pay for this with +Up rewards or if the limit is one per week or promotion (January).  Any more info, please let us know.