meh Meijer shopping


Upfront, I don’t shop Meijer so not sure how things work over there.  The Spend $20 get a $10 cat was showing up all over as something you could roll – –  wrong, since it’s a store calatina.  Each set of six came to $22.18, less six of the $2 coupons from 7/30 rp (I used self-checkout).  Total with high wax was $11.80 and out popped a $10 cat.   But since you can’t roll it, you’re not saving that much money (to me, anyway).  I ran this 3 times and ended up spending about 78¢ a bottle (the first cat wouldn’t scan, so the attendant entered two $5 coupons, which broke the $10 Beauty lock and enabled me to earn a second cat).  But that price isn’t good enough for me; I’ll wait for the next instant savings deal at Jewel, thank you very much.

Took a Flyer on Meijer…

next time pass – pain in the ass!

Meijer has a two-day Father’s Day Sale (Friday and Saturday) and one of the items shown is Weber seasonings for $1 – there’s a $1 coupon 6/14 S – so figured it would be worth a drive…wasn’t.  These were shelf-tagged at 89¢ (I scanned to be sure!) so figured I’d get a bit of overage and tossed a pack of sponges and a Coke into the cart.  When I checked out at self-scan the coupons auto-adjusted to 89¢, so I had the cashier remove the sponges and Coke.

The belt kept missing jars and saying item not found, which eventually caused the cashier to halt the transaction and complete it at her station.  Ended up paying 86¢ in tax, but that included 25¢ worth of high tax when I hadn’t bought any high tax items and there was also a subtotal amount (which should have been zero).  Cashier suggested I go to Customer Service, but by this time it was almost Saturday and I passed.  As I will on any future deals at Meijer.  Maybe if one were more convenient it might work, but as it stands…no.

free BRUT deodorant @ Meijer

photo.JPG Forgot all about posting this deal from yesterday!  FirstBorn announced he was going to Meijer and I jumped on the opportunity to grab some free deodorant, since it’s too far away unless you are grabbing huge quantities of something or have free gas.  Meijer has BRUT deodorants on a temporary price cut to 99¢ – shelf tags for most are over $2!  Use the $1 coupon from 5/18S and it’s free.  FirstBorn was able to get the 16 remaining on the shelf – I was surprised that they didn’t have more, but even without the coupon people were probably scooping it up.

Note:  Since this is a temporary price cut and not a sale, you won’t be able to price match at Walmart.

and if you’re making money @ Walmart anyway…


Meijer has El Monterey breakfast burritos on sale (through Wednesday in this area – but check your weekly ad) for 88¢.  Use this $1.00 off any one El Monterey Breakfast Burrito printable to get them for FREE.  I prefer to price match at Walmart, mostly because it’s much closer plus I get 12¢ in overage on each.  Remember, you can print two coupons per computer.  And if you’re heading out to Walmart anyway, check out these other FREEBIE and MONEYMAKERS here.  If you don’t see the Hydroxy shakes on the shelf, ask them to check in the back – I got 3 packs that way ’cause no one had bothered to restock the empty shelf!

Money making gift card deal @ Meijer – last day!

I’ve been sick in bed with the flu the past couple of days, so here’s a little something from a reader.  Reminds me of the good ole’ days at Jewel!

Follow closely:

Clip $10 off $100 Mastercard GC on Mperks Coupon Side.
From Mperks Rewards Side clip Buy $xxx on anything and get $10 back (the value is different for some users. My current one is spend $250 get $10)
Buy $100 mastercard gift card at Meijer. (may have to ask at cigarette cage register lane, not usually out for public taking)
Pay $95.95
Transaction 2:
Buy 12- $15 I-TUNES or I-TUNES APP cards
for each 2 you purchase $5 comes off automatically
Use 12-$3 Santa bucks
Use a dominicks card for an additional 10% savings.
Use Mastercard GC from transaction 1 to pay for transaction 2
The receipt looks like this 12 times:
APP Store $15.00        $15.00
=> 2.50 off
=>$3.00 off
=> 1.50 off (not 100%  sure about this line as I used a family  Team Member discount which took off $.95)
Total $102.60…. Dominick’s card should give a larger savings then the $.95/card
Have satisfied $200 of my MPERKS rewards.
$180.00 worth of I-tunes gift cards for $98.50 not including the $10 pending MPERKS REWARD or $8.21/$15 GC
Must do today as it is the last day for the Santa Bucks!

Price matching for free shampoo & conditioner

photo.JPGMeijer has a sale on Suave products – $1.50.  This wouldn’t be such a great deal, but the 9/29 rp has a $1.50 off Suave Professionals, so clip, trot over to Walmart with your Meijer weekly ad for a price match and pay only high tax.  I was only able to find this coupon in the Trib insert, not the Sun Times or other smaller papers (not even the Deals Delivered Trib edition).

Here’s a picture I just got from a reader who took advantage of this great price:


Ice Mountain and razors (we’re clean-shaven & hydrated)


The Ice Mountain 1L bottles are on sale through July 28th at Meijer for 79¢.  There was a catalina promotion that ended yesterday, but since I needed to get sufficient coupons to make a road trip worthwhile, I pretty much passed on it.  And frankly, Meijer can be pretty pissy about running small transactions just to roll cats (this is a mfr, not a store cat, so you can roll it).  Using the $1/2 coupon from the 6/16 rp means you’re paying 29¢ a bottle.  I plan to come back until my water needs for the entire summer are met (no rain checks). ’cause that’s the only way I want to see water now:  bottled!

Since I was driving around any way, stopped at another Food4Less for razors.  hehehehehe.

shot down at Meijer – recovered at Walmart

This week’s TRU ad has a store coupon for $8 off any 128 oz or more laundry detergent – Meijer has Purex  and Arm & Hammer on sale for $6.99 and there’s a $1 coupon in 3/3 rp for Purex.  I read and reread the Meijer coupon policy since I’m not a steady Meijer shopper (I live in Lisle – Google Meijer, the IL Supreme Court and Lisle for grins) and thought I could use the coupon there.  I was wrong.  Apparently, because it doesn’t say any one particular brand, it can’t be accepted.  Which meant a whole heck of a lot of time shopping for overage items…but they were very pleasant and courteous.

So drove over to the SuperWalmart in Bolingbrook to pick up a few more burritos and to hunt for Almay.  You see here 52 assorted burritos and five packs of Oreos.  I did find out something interesting, though:  Walmart will price match, but not require purchasing in multiples.  In other words, if Food4Less or Ultra or Jewel is running a Buy 10 items and get $5 off (or whatever combo), Walmart will match that lowest price without the quantity purchase.  I took five packs of Oreos anyway because I could run into a medical emergency and they’d be valuable to have on hand…right?

Over on the TRU site, they show Arm & Hammer laundry detergent for $8.98 – there’s a $1/2 coupon in 1/20 S, which would result in very cheap soap, considering you’d only pay tax on the 98¢!  If any of you have tried this or understand TRU coupon policy, let us know.  I plan to stop there tomorrow morning.

Meijer & Walgreens (Poise coupons)

Only had twelve inserts – plan on getting more – so that’s why you only see the 12 cartons of Smart Balance milk. I ran these in sets of two because this $1 off Simply Pure milk cat kept spitting out. Dates are 4/26, so I’ll wait like a spider for a decent sale ’cause the stuff’s $3.29 otherwise.

On the way back, I stopped at the Walgreens on Boughton just west of Meijer, where I was able to grab eight of the $3.99 Poise products. Using the $3 mfr coupon from the 2/10 S insert and the $2 Poise products in the March IVC, I was able to use my Colgate $3 RRs to get the Poise and the Natrol for 41¢ (Poise is high tax).  They only had six Natrol, so I lumped the other Poise with the Nice popping corn, to eat up the overage.

Everyone at this Walgreens was very nice, too.  as nice as the popping corn!

cheap milk & olive oil at Meijer this week

The Sunday-Saturday stores reported this unadvertised sale a few days ago, and I was hoping we’d get it in the Thursday-Wednesday areas (we did):  Pompeian olive oil is 50% off.  Use the $1 coupon here and the $1.99 variety will be only 99¢.

You can also pick up some very cheap Smart Balance milk, currently on sale for $1.99.  Use the $1.50  from 2/10 S for 98¢ a gallon milk!  This stuff also freezes very nicely (assuming you have room in your pizza freezer).  Great timing, since DH just brought in the last gallon from the garage refrigerator.  PITA’s off tomorrow (teacher in-service); they said she could spend the day shopping with me.  oh joy…