new Organic Girl $2 coupon

Organic Girl has a new $2 coupon on FB coupon to celebrate their birthday for use on their triple-washed line of lettuce blends.  The newer Walgreens with the fresh stuff sells this, as does The Lemon Tree Grocer in Downers Grove.  If you can find this at your local Walgreens, buy it today for another 15% off with the F&F sale.  Otherwise, hit up The Lemon Tree ’cause they’re always having produce deals. Last time I was there, they carried all varieties of the Organic Girl clamshell lettuce (Wags only had one or two).

Lemon Tree in DG

Think I told you about Lemon Tree emailing $10 coupons for produce a couple of weeks ago — which I promptly forgot about.  Got another one which expired today but they are having a 25% off produce sale, so that kinda made it imperative that I haul my fat can over.  Well, the produce is absolutely beautiful (which explains the picture) and the prices are not crazy-high.  In fact, their price for cabbage is just what I paid at Jewel two days ago…like PITA said, even if it were more, it’s better quality.  So my produce and salami (which was about $4) came to $3.54. I should probably point out that this was monster-sized fruit, for the most part.  No puny apples or pears here!

Another nice thing is that they had a tremendous variety of apples and pears – a couple of different size pomegranates, Organic Girl greens…danger, will robinson territory for produce-lovers.