Family Dollar, Dollar Tree & more Gerber!

unnamedFamily Dollar stores are “closing” while they remodel and convert to Dollar Trees, which means lots of shopping opportunities!  Personal care items were 50% off, which made these Herbal Essence hair colors only $2.50 each…and what do we have in our October P&G?  Yup, a $5/2 coupon.  Take a walk around the store, but be careful, because many of the products categories are only 25% off.

Have not yet been able to find any of the bonus Crest tubes shown on the current Dollar Tree ad – I must have hit at least 8 or 9 so far – so don’t know if I’ll be able to use any of those delicious $3/3 coupons from the October P&G.  boo

And one Jewel had the Gerber baby cereal jars marked 79¢ on the shelf, but they rang at 39¢, which totally threw off my math!  And yes, it’s a complaint because then you have to scurry to find more filler items while not tying up the line!

Free Scrubbing Bubbles at Family Dollar ymmv

I say that this is a ymmv deal because not every Family Dollar store carries the same merchanise, but if your’s carries the Scrubbing Bubbles starter kit, you can score some FREE products with the following IPs. Note that the Bolingbrook store on Rte 53 does not carry this item. And it was different in there today, normal-like, no people watching your every movement – to catch you shoplifting or just to creep you out (works for me).

Walmart has a $4 Scrubbing Bubbles coupon hidden in its enhanced section – huh?  Click and you’ll start on WM and then get directed to the Scrubbing Bubbles site, where you can print out two $4 coupons per computer.  These are regular ole mfr coupons, don’t say Walmart anywhere on them at all.  Take them over to a Family Dollar store, where they’re on sale for $4 all month and what do you have?  FREE cleaning supplies!

There are deals coming up at Wags and, I think, CVS, but they won’t be FREE.