Free Nutella!

photo.JPGButera has a half-price or less sale going on this week (starting today) and one of the items is $1.99 Nutella! Use the $2 coupon in 2/1 S and get it FREE! I ran this two times at Butera, since their registers were programmed to only allow the two, then the price jumped and once at Walmart and the latter is definitely the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, Butera cashiers were great, but they couldn’t get the register to scan two coupons (I did have overage), nor were they easily able to override and mark the coupon down.  Took way too long and it’s not worth it.  If your Butera is super-coupon friendly, then by all means buy there – otherwise?  Walmart is easy-peasy price-matching shopping.  Walmart also had 2016 expiration dates.





credit to MUM

Wags – Butera – CVS

and a pleasant experience was had by all!!!

Wags was the last day for the 15% library card discount, so took the twelve Colgate Optic White boxes left and about 70 packs of Mentos…oh, and one lousy Quattro cartridge ’cause the coupon was in the Trib and I got a buncha rock inserts (insert ugly mean face here).  Worked out okay, since I would pay $5 and get back a $6 RR …and lots and lots of toothpaste.

Butera had Granny Smith apples for .99, so we packed up a bag to go with the cheese chunks.  They have a pretty decent selection of cheese flavors:  mozzarella; sharp cheddar; medium cheddar; monterrey jack; co-jack; colby jack; pepper jack (boy, that jack sure gets around); muenster…i forget the rest.  Remember, you get 4 for $5 or $2.50 A POUND!  Of course, you could pick up five of the Kraft punys at Jewel for $5 and have less than one pound…your choice.  Personally, I feel it’s a bad use of your free gift card.  and I did not take a picture of boring stacks of cheese.

Hope we don't get any trick or treaters this year!

Then CVS…You all know about my love/hate relationship with CVS.  The relatively new store at Ogden and Naper Blvd is clean and the people who work here are über-friendly, and I really, really want to give them business. They just never have stock!  And while I could love them to death as people, lack of stock is the deal-killer for me.  So you can imagine my surprise when I hit them up on my last shopping leg of the day that not only did the cashier remember me from the non-supply of Air Wick deal a few weeks ago, she had stock for me AND boxes upon boxes of the Hershey chocolate bars.  Sweet(pun intended)  You are looking at about 150 chocolate bars..hehehehehe.  Obviously I couldn’t eliminate all costs (high taxes, thank you rat bastard Q), but I ended up about $18 OOP.  Oh, I forgot…that included a gallon of Dean’s milk.

PSA – Jewel $1 promo – hit up Butera instead

A laugh riot on its own, the puny 3 oz chunks of Kraft cheese on special for a buck should be compared to the ones on sale at Butera.  Their Food Club brand 8 oz cheese chunks are on sale for $1.50 (limit 4).  Take that, Craig Herkert (CEO Supervalu – former Walmart COO), you rat bastard.  Did you ever read the description on a package of Shoppers Value “cheese?”  Pasteurized, processed, imitation cheese product.  blech!

The Supervalu website reads:  Entry Level Price Point – These Store Brand products provide customers with “good” quality products in a limited number of commodity items. Under the Shoppers Value label, these products give the price conscious customers a value alternative to the regional or local brands.   notice that the word good is in quotation marks…


For four days only (Thursday through Sunday), Butera is having a double coupon deal:  must have the coupon doubler coupon from the weekly ad; mfr coupons only; up to and including $1 will double; limit of 5 coupons doubled; must reach a total of $10 before tax and coupons AND limit one coupon doubler per household.  Admittedly, that last condition might be kind of hard to monitor.

Your best bets?  The Stubb’s barbeque sauce and marinades are on sale for $1.99; use the $1 from 6/19S and it’s free.  Since the total is just under $10, you should throw in a Bounty napkin for 1.29 – use the $1/1 coupon from the June P&G.  It won’t double, but you will need the .29 to get your total over $10.  You are looking at two transactions here; the Stubb’s were all free (low tax) and the eight Bounty were about $2.32 plus high tax.  The Xtra detergent is on sale for $1.89.  Using the $1/2 coupon from 5/1S will get you two bottles for .89 each, a very good price for laundry detergent with no need for a filler.