Target, we hardly knew ye

targetdogUsed to shop Target a lot, but lately it’s just not worth the bother.  Usually I buy online and clearance.  Which leads to puny statements, when I even get one!  Pay in person by check or cash since I drive by a Target once a week – save the stamp.

Today I give the statement and check to PITA and go pick up some 12-pks.  Comes running back to tell me they want identification before they’ll accept payment.  Yes, a $37 bill that isn’t due until September, but I want to give them a leg up on payroll and they want ID.  I don’t know how you feel, but my first reaction is to say that anyone on God’s Green Earth is welcome to pay my Target bill, don’t matter none to me.  Second is to get angry and call for management.

Guest Services (don’t you just love the name) Manager comes over to tell me that the registers automatically ask for identification every one hundred transactions or so.  She did it without; I left without buying anything.

From now on, any online clearance deals I can’t resist will be paid by mail.

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8 thoughts on “Target, we hardly knew ye

  1. Why the uproar? So what? Asking for your id…..just show the i.d.
    Is it really that much of an inconvenience? Why does everyone
    Get so upset over minor things?
    Its minor.!!!!!

    • No, the actual showing of identification is the matter of a moment, it’s just the whole question of why they’d need it? Banks now won’t allow payments in cash without ID, same thing. When you are talking the $10,000 government limit, okay, but to require this for small amounts makes me wonder if no-cash transactions will be next (there are fast food chains using this now). And why take the check in the mail but not in the store? turning into a survivalist in my old age…

  2. No need to get upset wether paying a bill or charging with credit card or writing a check. Even if it is for payment.
    Producing an ID is easy and not worth getting so upsey over.

  3. Younger people have less of a problem giving up privacy than us older folks now-a-days. Banks want thumb prints or won’t touch checks if you don’t have an account to cash in person. But then again as my nephew tells me, only old people write checks. He HATES it when people write checks in check-outs & slow up the line. I almost always use my cards & rarely miss the opportunity to get my 2% or more cash or rewards on every transaction at just about everywhere now. Cash is also tough on cashiers. Being short or over. And how many times have you seen cashiers having a hard time calculating cash back & change. It’s more common now. More people in the US have had at least one of their accounts compromised, than people who haven’t. Lots of cards are on sale on the dark web. Pretty easy to buy 100s of accounts & IDs on the cheap & start charging like crazy.

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