zero Samplers & disappearing Free Offers

Today we get zero Saturday Samplers.  I’m actually posting about the disappearing and no-inventory FREE OFFERS over the past few weeks.  Most stores have been out of the wipes and small sanitizers since they sold for full price; I’ve never seen Riley’s.  They restocked the unfree big packs of wipes, but puny ones are now gone with the breeze.  Biggest peeve is not the two weeks of one-day Coke coupons but the Jaden Wellness hand soap that disappeared from my clipped list.  Not cool, Jewel.  Bad enough you think we’re trained seals who’ll bark (run to stores) for promised treats, but then to withhold the fish …  rewards gonna be adding up real slow on U™.

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7 thoughts on “zero Samplers & disappearing Free Offers

  1. Amazingly enough, last night I actually found the Riley’s and the wipes in the 5516 N Clark St, Chicago store. It’s on the end stand, close to the pharmacy for anyone in the neighborhood. Good luck!

  2. based on my experience with another pulled e-coupon a few months back (and maybe 1-2 others before):

    IF you find the Jaden in-store (by end of 9/14/21), try buying it anyway. there’s a good chance the clipped coupon is hiding in your account.

  3. So, I bet you’re wondering what kind of birthday treat Jewel for U will give you for providing your birth date ??
    According to the FAQ on the website, at the beginning of the month you’ll get a birthday treat offer (up to $10 value).

    Well, Jewel gave me 2X points for the whole month. Plus the coupon appeared Thursday 9/9 or Friday 9/10. So any points I got the first 9 days of the month weren’t doubled.

    Not what I expected.

    I NEVER get enough points to get a monthly reward. I’m not even sure if I can spend $50 and then get it doubled for the birthday treat.

    P.S. Since I never rack up points for any monthly reward, what I’ve decided to do is any items I get with Jewel for U coupons, I do as a separate transaction. For the other items, I do a second transaction and use my friend’s phone number so they get more points. This way my points don’t go to waste.

  4. the e-coupon for freebie New York Bakery frozen breadsticks/texas toast/knots with family size Stouffer’s entrees is continuing this week.

    however, the title reads differently:
    “$7.99 each
    Stouffer’s Entree
    Buy ONE Stouffer’s Entree & get free New York Bread.
    Expires: 09/21/21”

    this is possibly relevant because for the 2nd straight week, the e-coupon’s linkages (per website) include items not in the 32-38oz size range that was specified in last week’s ad. we’re talking about gigantor items in the 50s to 90oz range, with regular prices of $12.49 to $15.99 (versus $9.49 on sale for $7.99 for the intended size)!!

    IF the coupon’s title means that it actually SETS the Stouffer item’s price to that amount in addition to granting the freebie bread, that’d be one major steal!! i doubt it does, but it’s worth investigating…

  5. I found the Rileys today! It appears to be a bottle of 80% ethanol alcohol. Looks like water. They had a ton of the 80 count wipes but no 10 packs like you said.

    But heads up; next Sat. we DO get a freebie sampler. It’s a 20 oz. bottle of zero sugar Coca Cola!

    *the 69c lb. peaches are to die for with the digital coupon. I recommend them highly!!!

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