yes, we love cheese!

Found these 14 oz rounds of La Bonne Vie Brie in a couple of locations at Jewel – $3.99!  So naturally I took them all.  See, the thing about brie and camembert is that, as living things, they only continue to improve or ripen with age.  And sadly, it will not last THAT long 🙁

Got TWO Monopoly pieces – – I foresee a glut of gravy packets in our futures.

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3 thoughts on “yes, we love cheese!

  1. So far I’ve only gotten a crap ton of BOGO tickets and a free bagel. And I got a lot of mileage out of the bonus Lysol wipes 🙂 I’ve actually just been putting them in a baggie for later review ’cause I’m not real thrilled so far with what I’ve seen. Like I really need Spotify discounts…

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