Working from phone in Vegas

Okay, this majorly sucks! I get two devices on internet with the Resort Fee of $44 – standard around here; more devices are $14.99 each. That is so not gonna happen. Can’t set up personal hot spot with phone because it kicks me off wi-fi. Have to figure this out :).

Here are a few shots so far. Most are from our room (nice) at Paris.  Pita won $80 using the $10 new reward member bonus — she immediately said let’s cash out!! Got four glasses of Framboise while playing, so pretty decent.

Picked up two salads and two sandwiches at Walgreens for $22 – pretty much the price of a salad alone with no wait time!

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1 thought on “Working from phone in Vegas

  1. You can walk over to the Tupac Memorial on Flamingo Rd where he was shot to death on the way to Ellis Island for Fish & Chips that’s reasonably priced for Vegas 2021. There is a McDonald’s next to Harrah’s for free possible WiFi. I’ll check it out tonight. If that one don’t work, you can go to the one by Circus Circus. I’ve also gone to the Vegas library to print. The Peppermill is kind of cool as well a bit farther north on the strip. If you order the nachos there, they give you a mountain of them prices are OK there. And the Walgreens you went to doesn’t participate in deals. Just there to rip off tourists…

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