Word of the Day Freebie Tomorrow (2/26)

Tomorrow (2/26) only, get a free box of Sesame Street Cereal – two flavors to choose from – when you say “SESAME STREET” at the Jewel register. No codes, coupons or loyalty account required – your cashier will scan the free UPC paper.

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9 thoughts on “Word of the Day Freebie Tomorrow (2/26)

  1. i have a $1.50 “Special Pick” manufacturer’s JustForU expiring 3/31/21. in the event these stack with Words of the Day (i’m leaning yes, but might be thinking of Saturday Samplers), make another purchase to offset this moneymaker.

    • Thanks, added it to mine – I have to use 2 rewards by the end of the month, so will pick up a few items & we’ll see if Jewel gives a rat’s ass about its customers. well, actually i’d rather kiss a rat’s ass than JoJo, but that’s just me ….

  2. It worked! I bought the cereal plus 2 avocados and 1 tomato for 17c out the door! Husband got a bigger tomato and he paid 21c for his little haul! Thanks for pointing it out!

    • excellent. did you notice the $0.75-off-3 Avocados from Mexico peelies affixed to cardboard Troy Aikman’s body at some jewel-oscos? (his shoulder, but i half-considered moving the things for cheap laughs.)

    • it’s a yellow banner that appears at the top of some JustForU coupons, usually higher value ones. note that jewel or the manufacturers particularly like to add these to our accounts retroactively. so if you have your coupons ordered by most recent date at the top, you’ll often have to scroll down a bit to see these things.

    • also, i don’t think everybody receives a given “special pick” coupon — it might hinge on purchasing or coupon-clipping habits — but they do seem to be reasonably widespread.

      • Yes! We both had it, yet 1 of my friends does not and one has already used hers! Neither of these 2 use very many digitals at all except the one friend who uses her number at checkout OFTEN (as in for getting reward points for dollars spent) did not have this special pick!? The other never puts her number in for much of anything….unless I share a deal with her!

    • Thank you all.
      Weird, I actually have a few Special Picks and my sister has none. We have the same shopping habits, and I actually clip the coupons for her, so no rhyme or reason why they do what they do.

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