Where’re ya been, Goddess?

Posted a couple of times in FB, but not on the blog –  I checked into the hospital Monday morning because I’d been having stomach issues for a few days and I’m NEVER sick; I’m a carrier!  Checked out today AMA because I’m a patient, not a profit center, although some would insist we are all both.

I’m gonna finally get a good night’s sleep without machines lighting up my room or nurses waking me up every few hours to check my blood pressure/oxygen/temperature or trying to exist on bowls of clear broth.  If there’s nothing it them, why ain’t I skinny?  And if I’m no longer on an IV or restricted diet, why can’t I be officially discharged?  well, that last one was obviously rhetorical…

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7 thoughts on “Where’re ya been, Goddess?

    • Well, I’m sure Hospital 5 couldn’t take that signed Against Medical Advice form back fast enough. Who knew hospitals would be such bad testing grounds for new comedy material?

  1. There’s no place like home! Hope all is well. Saw your Jewel clearance cart post – there’s nothing like a great shopping trip to lift your spirits!

  2. I’m glad ur back & have a question for u
    I used to live in the Chicago burbs & bought Chicago Tribs at the Dollar Tree – do they still sell them?

    • The Trib raised their prices and DT couldn’t sell them since they’d be losing money, so for a few months we were without. They now sell them on Mondays for a buck, so if people don’t mind waiting (and the best deals aren’t usually with current insert coupons anyway), they can still stock up.

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