what *isn’t* the Goddess making?

Yup, Pita bought a couple of spaghetti squash and since I’d always heard how similar it was to pasta, decided to give it a shot.  By the time you bake (well, that’s the easy part) the squash, let it cool and fork it out, you’ve earned a pint of ice cream.  Tastes fine, but it’s squash and no one should have to work this hard for a vegetable, imo.  Told her to stick to acorn squash if she gets a hankering.  Or maybe I’ll do something savory with those cans of pumpkin puree in the basement…

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1 thought on “what *isn’t* the Goddess making?

  1. I totally agree! I think it tastes so watery and blah even if you drain the heck out of it! I normally bake all of my squash in the microwave since it is so fast and easy and this is one I have tried. We used to grow them in garden but to us it’s a waste of space. My neighbor grows them in his and says they eat it like pasta. I feel exactly the same with stuffed zucchini. Or even zucchini lasagna. All we’d do is eat the saucy cheese anyway!
    I love butternut squash though. Roasted in oven or baked in microwave. It’s so packed with flavor on it’s own and so good for you!

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