Way-back posts (8/2010)

These popped up from 2010 and I had to chuckle when I remembered how sweet they were.  Driving back with PITA in her booster seat getting bopped on the head by toilet paper with every turn 🙂

Read online about Wags clearancing the Cottenelles for a buck or less. Well, since I just happened to have a whole load of $1 coupons, why not? Took a drive and we’re set for a couple of years. Well, I hope we’re set, since we’re talking 168 packages. The asst mgr was so excited she wanted to print out a duplicate receipt to post on the wall, showing people how you can save shopping at Walgreens.  Oh, how much did I spend?  Less than $12.

[also from 8/2010, about a Jewel sale on Gold Peak tea] As well you might ask.  This was another strange deal…..Coca Cola product, for which I had fifty cent coupons.  With a BOGO, it ended up costing me low tax, or two cents a bottle. Lost count after 190 bottles. People are starting to refer to my Beverage Basement.

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