Waffles in stock & cheap Newman’s pizza

Decided to check if the Jewel clearance cart was out (wasn’t) and to pick up the freebie energy drink I won’t; Signature waffles from a few weeks ago were in stock (only a couple varieties), plus cardboard display of Twining’s cold teas with $2 tearpads.  Since they were BOGO at $5.99, I took a pass and will wait until they’re 75% off; I have a ton of teas on the basement shelves from prior clearance deals and the date is 12/31/23, so lots of time.

There’s a $5 digital coupon for any Newman’s Own frozen pizzas; they’re $7.49, so paying $2.49 is pretty good.

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2 thoughts on “Waffles in stock & cheap Newman’s pizza

  1. My husband had an idea to make a fake “McGriddle” sandwich using 2 of those waffles and put a sausage patty and scrambled egg in between and then drizzle with a little syrup. I skip the egg part but it does turn out pretty good. Or you could dip it in syrup so it’s not quite as messy!

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