Vegas bye-bye: no glitter, no glitz, no way

Here’s a buttload (pun intended) selection of the 85 pix texted me by FirstBorn and honestly, I said to PITA we should go if only to visit New York, New York ’cause the real place is gonna be dead for at least the rest of the year (we would be hitting the pool every day and riding the monorail, but taking Uber!).  Craps tables are restricted to six players, three to a side, every other slot was turned off, similar player limits on all table games as well.  Only employees required to wear masks and less than 10% of the tourists did. This is his friend; at least the “cops” wore masks 🙂  I have to say I don’t know most of these places, except for the ones marked Flamingo and the New York, New York casino. I do know that the cannabis dispensary snacks are rather pricey – over $20 for a chocolate bar.  Hell, I’ll buy BOGO Pixies for that bit of cash and probably enjoy them more.  See if you recognize the weird displays ’cause I sure haven’t a clue.  Most days it was over 100°, but Uber drivers said that wasn’t a problem because you didn’t really feel that dry heat until it hit 118°.  Yeah, tell that chicken in the oven all about dry heat.


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1 thought on “Vegas bye-bye: no glitter, no glitz, no way

  1. Thx for the pics….awesome! My husband wanted to move to Vegas eons ago and I refused. We were married 31 years ago at Circus Circus casino (his parents lived there) and my 1st experience with Vegas was walking outside the airport and being blasted with the furnace that is their weather in June….and his mom saying “it’s like sticking your head in the oven!”

    I had to LOL @ your comment about the dry 118 degrees and the chicken in oven!!! Back then there wasn’t a NY NY or a monorail. Or Uber! We rode a trolley for a dollar anywhere on the strip back then. We also packed walking shoes so we could walk off the buffets! Those days are gone now. We used to fly out at least twice a year for dirt cheap deals and the hotels/food/drinks were practically free!

    We stopped flying years ago and you could not get me on an airplane these days with all that recycled air/virus you are forced to breathe in that claustrophobic cave in the air! Husband hates flying anyway….and after a 2 1/2 hr. holding pattern over Chicago bc of storms one trip…we BOTH vowed to NEVER get on a plane again! (I do miss Vegas though, I told him when we were married that I would visit there but never moving there!) and 75c Coronas were dancing in her head…from Slots a Fun next to Circus Circus…NOT a virus!!!

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