Vaya Con Dios, Las Vegas

I have so many Vegas vacation pictures taken over the past week that I’ll try to break them down by day/location.  Pita and I grabbed bus passes, which meant we decided on the fly where and what we’d be doing (sorry, Mark, we would have loved to get together).

My feeling is that Vegas is schizoid, advertising itself as family-friendly while nearly naked women costumed as showgirls, police officers and dominatrix crowd the boulevard. Unless you have some very strange family values, this will involve extensive future therapy (Daddy, why is that woman hitting the man with a whip and Tigger moving his hips like that?).  One thing that I can’t stop thinking about were the vast number of scooters on the sidewalks.  These are slightly smaller than the ones you find at stores, available for rent to any and all, and since the majority of tourists seem to be mid- to late-twenties and deeply invested in alcoholic beverages, lots of speed races and wheelies.  Just what you want – hot wheeling drunks you can’t avoid.  This photo is of a convoy of older folks ’cause they were moving slow enough to shoot 🙂

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