valued reader says screw you

Latest rip-off in mail – postcard claiming supply chain prices and surcharges are forcing the Chicago Tribune to increase their rates by up to 15¢ per delivery.  Of course, they never actually raise their rates, they just reduce the length of your subscription: pay for six months and suddenly renewal notices start appearing at four.  The magazines they cram in there are also a subtraction for something I neither want, need or read. They do a hard sell on auto-pay because then they’ve already got your cash by the time you realize what’s happening, but if you insist on a bill it’s an extra $3.50 for that paper.  Customer service is out of country (with agents so very sorry for your trouble); they’re saving a crapton there.  So where’s all the revenue actually going?  Check out management expenditures – millions in salary, plus incentives, bonus and stock options.

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3 thoughts on “valued reader says screw you

  1. I got this as well. Hard to believe they can actually increase your price AFTER you have paid for set weeks of delivery!? I can see them telling you on your NEXT billing cycle, they will be adding a slight up charge, but this seems illegal. Even more suspect is our carriers here are constantly quitting and I have had to call several times to report a missing paper and all you get is automated choice of 1) bring out my paper or 2) extend my subscription another week. By the time I realize they have missed me (and are just not the typical “late”) they cannot deliver me a copy! My specials went from 49c (Sunday only) to 75c and then now I think it’s 99c. I lost track of their price, but it may now be $1.49 per week!? I sure wish Dollar Tree still sold them here but I may be stopping their delivery and picking up a paper at Menard’s. Anyone know how much they charge now? This is a horrible service. My neighbor keeps getting the cards or calls or emails offering her 49c for Sunday paper if she signs back up but we all know what it will lead to! She passes.

    • By decreasing the subscription length they don’t have to give you back money. Adding a magazine I neither want or read to the Sunday paper and then claiming it’s a benefit they’ll charge me for is the same thing. If they got sued, though, only the lawyers would be able to afford the paper. And we’re stuck getting both Wednesday & Sunday papers since they started splitting inserts. Not that I’ve dulled any scissors on coupons since 2020.

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