time to check your JFU store again

Check your store and see what JFU freebie you can get by switching locations!  I was able to add a free package of Jewel hot dog buns, .99 thin crust frozen pizza, 49¢ celery and 49¢ Signature Farms baby-cut carrots to my list.  Although the items will disappear once you change stores, they’ll reappear when you swap back.  These were in the Westmont store, but I also added a free head of lettuce and a 5lb bag of red grapefruit when I switched to 60439.

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27 thoughts on “time to check your JFU store again

  1. aww haw… i saw the first 4, but not the last 2; very resourceful!

    regarding the $0.99 pizza, there’s a Reward Offer i’m contemplating clipping before the end of January: 2 Rewards for “FREE Signature SELECT Pizza 14.2 to 32.7-oz. , Excludes Artisan and Stuffed Crust. Limit 1. , Expires: 2020-02-29”

    the boxed variety is shown, but the thin crust, unboxed variety do fall within that weight range — *and* they have the *same* brand name, ever since these cretins decided to do away with “Signature Kitchens” et al, and call nearly EVERYTHING “Signature Select”.

    so if i try to capitalize on the 99-cent coupon _before_ claiming my larger, boxed pizza, i have no clue whether things will unfold properly. so my 2 questions are:
    1) do you think the normal, cheapo pizzas with just the cellophane wrap would be lumped into that reward?
    2) would their registers at least “know” not to expend the $0.99 coupon when granting a freebie? this situation shouldn’t be happening if #1 is handled properly; i’m just trying to avoid an add-insult-to-injury type situation here.

    any insight or theories would be appreciated.

  2. did anybody else get these Personalized Deal freebies? they showed up for me 2 or 3 days ago:

    1) “FREE O Organics Coffee Pods 12-ct.
    Limit 1. In the Coffee Section.
    Personalized Deal , One time use
    Expires: 02/02/20”

    2) “FREE O Organics Plant Based Bowl 9.1-oz.
    Limit 1. In the Frozen Section.
    Personalized Deal , One time use
    Expires: 02/02/20”

    both are pretty generous, especially when looking at the (admittedly ludicrous) shelf price of the coffee.

    • I have a $3 off O Organic ground coffee and a $2.94 special price on the 12 ct pods. My Plant Based Bowl price is $2.09. Checked 3 stores. I noticed that when switching stores I’d get either 6 or 7 Special Offers, which only meant a duplicate of the $5 off $50 deal 🙂

  3. I got 49c eggs but husband did not?
    Oh….and thanks for the heads up on lettuce and grapefruit…no reason any of us should not be eating healthier after Jewel has been so generous as of late!
    I got neither the O Organics coffee or the bowl in mine.
    I would think if you clip the 99c pizza coupon AND the reward for the pizza, you would get 2 items in your list, one free and one @ 99c. Or buy the 99c one in a separate order and then add the reward after. Good luck!

    • i was hoping to put off redeeming the 99c pizza as long as possible (freezer space issues), meaning extending past 1/31. but “buy the 99c one in a separate order and then add the reward after” is probably the only sure way to avoid a mess. thanks.

      it’d be nice if Rewards were like normal e-coupons, and the website showed you all the items they applied to. then i could rule out the cheaper thin pizzas.

      • pizza follow-up:

        i did the first $0.99 thin & crispy earlier on 1/31, redeemed my points for the free pizza Reward (boxed, fancier type illustrated) that night, then clipped and attempted the Lemont thin & crispy today 2/3.

        no go; it was spending Rewards and making the cheap-o pizza free. 🙁 since i do want the superior, larger, boxed pizza by 2/29, but lack freezer space for it, i had them void the transaction.

        dumb coding, probably stemming from that moronic private label brand name consolidation. if everything is “Select”, then *nothing* is Select!

  4. LOL @ freezer space! I took out a Signature square (flat bread?) pizza we had from a past deal and 2 of those thin pizzas fit right in the slot! We ate the square one yesterday and have decided no matter how I bake it, it always comes out hard as a rock around the entire edges! Not “crispy”, just tooth breaking hard. I though we loved the first one we ate? On the contrary…we LOVE those 99c Signature pizzas! Thank goodness because after I bought mine yesterday ANOTHER 99c one popped back up to clip when I clipped the grapefruit! Man cannot live on pizza alone…..

    • “On the contrary…we LOVE those 99c Signature pizzas! Thank goodness because after I bought mine yesterday ANOTHER 99c one popped back up to clip when I clipped the grapefruit! Man cannot live on pizza alone…..”

      curious.. changing from my usual zip code to 60439 unclipped my pizza coupon, or disappeared it and replaced with an identical one. parallel pizzas! something similar is going on with buns: my clipped free hot dog ones disappeared, and free hamburger or hot fog buns showed up in its place. if these work like pizza did for you, you might be able to get 2 free buns across different visits.

      other nice 60439 offers: $0.99 Daisy 16oz sour cream, and $1.49 Vienna beef 12oz hot dogs.

      • Yes! I also got the HAMBURGER or hot dog buns again. First buns said just hot dogs….so I am planning on grabbing some hamburger buns before that free coupon expires too! I was able to get a second 99c pizza yesterday, another thin one came off fine.
        I also saw the sour cream and Vienna Beef prices but passed on clipping them. Today at my normal store I had Sabra hummus J4U price $2 and since it is BOGO right now, I was able to snag 2 for $2! $1 each is a steal since we like Sabra. Husband grabbed his cheap apples along with the word of day snack. (he was eating that on way home!) Jewel has been very generous lately!

          • I think it is just on mine since it says “Personalized Deal”, limit 1 per day and then unlimited?
            Try 60914 in case it does pop up but my husband doesn’t even see it in his. I think it’s because we bought so many last year. He almost always gets the 38c lb. price on bananas, yet I will just every so often?

        • “Today at my normal store I had Sabra hummus J4U price $2 and since it is BOGO right now, I was able to snag 2 for $2! $1 each is a steal since we like Sabra.”

          what i have is a manufacturer justforu coupon:
          ” Buy any THREE (3) Sabra® Hummus 10oz, Get ONE (1) Sabra® Hummus 10oz FREE , Expires: 02/11/20″

          can anybody refresh me on how that interacts with a store B1G1F sale?!?

          i know jewel policy lets you do cents-off mfg’er on the freebie in a store sale/offer.

          also, per policy:
          “- Manufacturer coupons may be combined with store offers, store promotions & store coupons.
          – One Manufacturer coupon and one Store coupon may be redeemed per item.”

          but are there any restrictions when it comes to a store freebie counting as “bought” from the manufacturer’s perspective?

          i know i should be able to AT WORST walk away paying for 2 if i buy 6. but that’s a tad burdensome.

          the goal i’m getting at is: can i buy 4 total, have the e-coupon activate, and pay for just 1?


          • “i know i should be able to AT WORST walk away paying for 2 if i buy 6.”

            or 3 if i buy 8. something like that.

          • I also have that buy 3, get 1 free loaded in my account….I think twice.
            I also wondered if I could somehow combine the J4U price plus the BOGO sale plus that coupon you have but I was too chicken to try it!
            It shows reg price is $3.99…..so if you did only get charged for the 1st hummus, you’d be paying $1 each like I am in my BOGO personalized deal! I figured why not just buy 2 at a time if that’s the best deal? But if my price was $2 for ALL FOUR….that’s only 50c each!!! Try it and let us know how it works. I bet most people have that B3G1 free coupon as well?

          • chicken as in afraid of your head exploding? that’s gotta be one of the most complex interactions of discounts i’ve ever seen! LOL.

            yeah, it makes sense that everybody would have the mfg e-cpn, given it’s not “Special Pick” or “Personalized Price”.

            as for combining PPs with B1G1F sales (forget the dang mfg cpn for a minute!), they’ve worked for me lately, provided i scan some token additional item afterward to “jostle” the register. the running price will be too high before that countermeasure.

            heck, if you do try to combine all 3, probably scan some token item FIRST as well, just in case the register wrongly thinks all these discounts are putting the transaction into negative territory.

            here’s a curious thing i’ve written about on jillcataldo.com a few times: JustForU coupons for BNG1Fs or outright freebies have a bug: they deduct the regular, PRE-SALE price. iow, a moneymaker!

            if this issue still exists AND it also uses the pre-PP value, you might be getting $3.99 deducted for an item you paid $2 for!! all the more reason to buy other, normal items surrounding the hummuses — both to keep your transaction in positive territory, and also to “jostle” the register as i mentioned.

            so your transaction, should he gather up the courage to attempt it, will likely range from Great to Lucrative! however, its head-ache inducing complexity will range from Chess to Tearing a Hole in the Space-Time Continuum!!

            do take a picture of your receipt and post it somewhere! (provided we still exist, and there’s still a “where” to be found.)

  5. I spotted a sale price for Lil Snapper apples I think in Westmont stores list for $1.49 (it says a 1 pound bag)
    I talked to produce guy and he thinks it’s a typo, so I went ahead and bought a bag of the kind listed, PINK LADY, 3 pound bag NOT organic. Price was $4.99 and the J4U $1.49 applied fine at register. That’s only 49c a pound for good apples! That is half price from the weekend sale of 99c lb. on some types of non bagged apples coming up tomorrow.

  6. What was the grapefruit expiration date? I clipped it, but it’s not there today. Mine and my sister’s are both gone.
    Anyone else had this problem?

  7. Update on Sabra hummus deal!
    Since it is still on BOGO this week AND both the buy 3, get 1 free manuf. cpn. plus my personalized price of $2 returned again this week (more on that later) and both expire on 2-11, I decided to try the deal this morning. I bought the 99c items I had added to my J4U, which included the Fritos, Johnsonville sausage & Simply Orange along with my Lifeway freebie drink and 4 Sabra hummuses. We don’t have self scan lanes anymore, so I just piled all on belt and hoped for the best? I was expecting my total to be around $5 (praying the hummus would work for just $2 for all) but my total was only 97c OUT THE DOOR!!!
    I did pick up a lucky penny walking in Jewel this morning….but WOW! I wish I could take a picture of my receipt and post it here to show you. As Assassin said, it gave me $2 OVERAGE on the hummus! I almost fainted.
    The reason I took so long to try it is last Sunday our fridge died and life has been chaos since! Also, my PP for Sabra was $3.03 on Wed but appeared Fri morning the $2 popped up again!? huh

    • excellent!! thanks for trying this and reporting back. always nice to hear about legalized looting in action. 😉

      i’ll have to live vicariously through you, as i’m passing on a great 4-for-$4 chance. i already have two unopened marzetti veggie dips with late March dates and 1oz left of a field & farmer dip, and learned that a family member with whom i’d considered splitting the 4 isn’t into hummus.

      i can take consolation in Jewel offering me a THIRD straight week of freebie Personalized Deals on O Organics items: 12-pack K-cups and 9.1oz plant-based bowls. :). not as gratifying as your triple combo would be because it lacks the complexity (and money-making!), but still fun.

      between those 2 PDs and all these more global (albeit sometimes just for Lemont citizens) JustForU freebies and bargains, i can’t help but think that Jewel-Osco is in a knife fight with somebody. but whom? mariano’s? some small new chain?

      • Since the deals are zip-specific, I’d guess there is action going on competition-wise in those limited areas. And fyi, hummus freezes beautifully – trust me on this, since PITA loves the stuff.

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