& these were the puny oranges

Don’t know about your Jewel, but mine was stocking weapons-grade oranges bigger than grapefruit for the 7¢ sale – I got five for 68¢ since the total weight was a half pound over, meaning their scales are as useless as tits on a bull.  crap, I forgot to check for the free Mediwipers on U™.

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5 thoughts on “& these were the puny oranges

  1. Did you eat one yet? Lots of the weight is in the peel but I cannot complain since they were so sweet and juicy for 7c a pound! I wish they hadn’t limited us to 3 lbs! I found a tiny one to add for weight and my scales showed a hair under 3 lbs and the register rang it up the same. My husband paid what you did bc he wanted 5 giants lol! Let’s hope after the sale they may keep them cheap if they have too many…I love when that happens!

    • Haven’t tried them yet but on the idea of sales, I bought 14 lbs of baking russets for 25 cents a pound yesterday based on a sign. Checked out fine and commented to SD that it was a great sale. He said they had been clearing out Thanksgiving overstock earlier in the week & the sign should have been removed since the sale was over. I lucked out … now I wish I’d taken 20 pounds 🙂

      • I almost forgot to mention my favorite part about 7c a pound oranges….the peel! I was complaining they weighed so much but I actually use the zest. I use my vegetable peeler and try to get just the zest and no white and I use or freeze them for later. I LOVE it in hot tea and especially my Asian salad dressing! Those beautiful oranges you show in the picture look perfect for zesting! Then your hands smell so good all day long even after you wash them. It’s the oil in the peel that I love!

  2. *Unrelated to oranges but relating to produce: FRESH EXPRESS SALAD RECALL!
    Also makers of O Organics, Signature Farms, Little Salad Bar (Aldi) and Marketside? (Target)
    Listeria infected, I believe. This includes certain batch numbers. Go to their site and check it out!

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