Sorry Charlie, one week to fix coupon

If you received one of those $5.03 StarKist tuna coupons in the mail last month, as compensation to resolve a six-year-old class action lawsuit – have you been able to redeem yours? Consumers across the country have been reporting that various stores are questioning and outright refusing their coupons, effectively making their share of the settlement worthless.

StarKist has not responded to numerous inquiries on the subject from Coupons in the News. Neither has the class counsel. And neither has the settlement administrator responsible for distributing the coupons. The federal judge who approved the settlement, however, was interested to hear that coupon recipients were reporting problems and that no one was responding to their concerns.

So now the judge has ordered StarKist to come up with a solution. And he’s given the company one week to do it.  Here’s the entire article from Coupons in the News.

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2 thoughts on “Sorry Charlie, one week to fix coupon

  1. We used the coupon at Meijer last week on 4 cans of sale priced fancy EVOO albacore marked $1.50 per can. My husband got 4 cans since it would only be $4.50 if he got the 3 items the coupon required. The register only gave him $4.50 (self check) and we called over the cashier and told her so she added 53c more so he’d get the full $5.03. No issues and she was very nice about it. I really like shopping with coupons at Meijer. They have always made it right when something did not scan or credit correctly! I was leery to use it at Walmart or Kroger since they are both known to be awful with their coupon policies. Kroger especially will make a big scene in front of others and make you feel like you’re a criminal!

    • Sounds like Target “Guest” Services, where you are guilty until proven innocent. Where they never met a coupon they liked. I haven’t used the coupon yet – hey, maybe I’ll use it and we’ll all get MORE coupons.

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