Saturday Sampler: Rockstar Energy

As shown in the sales ad, today we get one Saturday Sampler, a 16 oz can of Rockstar Energy in Strawberry Peach, Strawberry Lemonade or Strawberry Peach Zero Sugar; well, someone around here will probably drink it.  Add to your U™ account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.  Make sure to scan the Fetch Rewards; might as well get at least 25 points from your purchase.  Rockstar shows a 10 points per $1 bonus offer, so let’s see if we can make money for nothing.

Check out holiday clearance around the store – the usual seasonal aisle has already moved on to Valentine’s Day offerings.

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11 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: Rockstar Energy

  1. there’s also a $0.50 Ibotta for this product line. now, neither Strawberry Peach item passes the barcode test. but i’ve submitted one (the Zero Sugar) for review, and am gonna do the other (i.e. my purchased one) soon. (no Strawberry Lemonades are in local store to test its barcode.) they do fit the description and size of the rebate, after all.

    on top of that, there’s a generic $0.10 Ibotta for Any Energy Drink. dunno whether that’d succeed in light of the barcode issues. i’m waiting until that challenge is resolved or at least responded to before i submit my receipt.

    • Figures – both Pita and I took the Strawberry Peach ’cause that would probably be the only one FirstBorn would drink. Ibotta was passed by Fetch some time ago in terms of being user-friendly, imo.

      • My husband and I both got the zero sugar one (strawberry lemonade?) and I had both the single can 50c rebate and the $1 off the 4 pack clipped and my ibotta gave me the $1 automatically but his acct just gave him the 50c!? Didn’t have to scan either bar code in and got paid immediately!

  2. as of very early 1/9/2023, my Peach Mango Zero Sugar product review submission was accepted, which should make future rebate claims smoother. (unless yours was already accepted off the bat; dunno how that happened when the item wasn’t linked yet. 😛 are they just going off of the textual name on the receipts, as opposed to Product UPC?)

    i’ll post back on the normal Peach Mango.

    • Yes, I think the receipt just says “Rockstar Pure Strw” and no numbers, so they didn’t even make me scan my UPC! Sometimes that works in our favor. Like for the Angel Soft toilet paper. I don’t think it was exactly the correct item but since receipt says “Angel Soft Bath”, it gave me $1 rebate!

      • yeah, there is a flexibility to it. it doesn’t always make sense to somebody who’s trying to follow along and discern their methods or rules (e.g. me), but it often works in our favor, as you said.

        btw, have you ever encountered this upon submitting a photographed receipt?

        1) one of your desired, relevant offers isn’t listed as a match.
        2) when you go to the larger, clipped offers list for that store as prompted, the offer you want already has a green check mark icon next to it!

        if Ibotta knows enough to check the offer there, then why was it not added to the initial, upon-submission list?!?

        was there some 10 or 20 -second delay to process and include it? are “checkmark” offers in a “close enough” category, but not sufficiently fitting to be considered a flat-out match?

        it’s weird. the above has happened at least twice to me now.

        • I have to say that although Ibotta has always comes through on credit issues like this, I really prefer the ease of Fetch Rewards, especially with that bonus points daily deal they’ve been running.

    • a correction and then follow-ups:

      – dunno why i started referring to “Strawberry Peach” as “Peach Mango” mid-thread. i must be learning disabled. or the many Celsius flavors from Tony’s Freebie Friday (they were echoing Jewel-Osco!) were still rattling in my head.

      – i bought normal Strawberry Peach. it appears as “ROCKSTAR PUNCHED” on my receipt. this is the 2nd item for which i submitted the review. (the 1st was Zero Sugar Strawberry Peach.)

      – my 2nd review was accepted at 1:00pm on 1/10/2023, and by 6:49pm, “Check product barcode” changed to yielding “Barcode matched!” yay! 🙂

      – i submitted my 1/7/2023 receipt at 6:54pm on 1/10, and it was accepted by 6:56pm. given what was discussed above, it might well have worked, anyway. but it’s nice to go the formal route, and bolster Ibotta’s database with 2 new UPCs. 😀

      – including “Any Energy Drink” $0.10, this acquisition was a $0.60 moneymaker!!

      – as a panera unlimited sip club member (that may change when my rate goes up to $11.99 from $8.99 in 7 days.), i can’t recall the last time i’ve opened a CAN or BOTTLE of pop, let alone an “energy drink” or sparkling water. 😛 thus, my hoard of these things still grows…

  3. Omg! We are all senile it seems at times…The reason I said “Strawberry lemonade zero” is bc my hubby handed me the 2 cans in the store and asked me if we wanted that flavor. I assumed they were that kind until I opened up a can yesterday and thought hmmmm? peachy! They are both zero strawberry peach! My receipt does state “rockstar pure strw” and ibotta gave us both the offers without even scanning bar codes!?
    But I certainly have had to contact their CS to either get a product UPC approved (when it clearly is a match and they haven’t entered that code into the system yet) or they didn’t give me the credit like it said they were going to. Some stores seem to give automatic credit and some stores make you work for the offer! Kroger seems to be a smoother process than say Jewel or Berkots for me.
    Funny you mention the Panera sip club….after nearly 3 years of being in the club, I cancelled my membership last month! It was either free or $5.99 or $3.33 off and on because they would keep sucking me back in with the deals! I decided I was burned out and sick of their drinks for now and have been making my own coffee here at home. I may go back later or join the Circle K club, we will see what they offer?

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