Saturday Sampler: Orchard Valley snacks

The Jewel Saturday Sampler this week is Orchard Valley Harvest Snack Mix (7-8 oz) you’ll be able to add to your U™ account for redemption by Monday.  No extra freebie like last week.  Don’t forget to clip the $1 digital coupon to make this a bit of a money maker.

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: Orchard Valley snacks

  1. Extra $1 coupon didn’t come off at self check. :<(
    I was fearing this because I think they were both manuf. coupons? Did your come off? Both hubby and I had extra just in case but no go today.

  2. *take that back…I just looked and they must have both been “store coupons” because there is no remit address on the $1 one left on my list. Usually it works when 1 is store offer and the other is manuf. coupon?

    • I would have thought the freebie coupon was mfr. & the $1 a store, but I had no interest in Jewel shopping today … well, that’s pretty much most days, but still. I’ll try tomorrow with Pita. And who knows what Jewel does any more. Thanks for the comments.

    • “Usually it works when 1 is store offer and the other is manuf. coupon?”

      yes. a rare exception i had to stacking store e-coupons awhile back, i think for frozen pizzas, was when one was a “$N.NN cost” coupon, and one was a “$M.MM off” coupon.

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