Saturday Sampler is cereal

Today we get one Saturday Sampler, an 18 or 18.7 oz box of Signature Select cereal Raisin Bran or Toasted Oats; only regular Toasted Oats are included under Qualifying Products.  Add to your JFU account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.

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1 thought on “Saturday Sampler is cereal

  1. i can say that this coupon’s wording is to be taken literally. after seeing “18 – 18.7oz” on the in-store sign (which pictured 18oz Toasted Oats and normal 18.7oz Raisin Bran), i decided to give the 18.2oz Raisin Bran Crunch a go, as its sale price was the same. it did not work. so i stuck with the normal, 18.7oz type.

    oddly and unfortunately, they had a ton of *12oz* Toasted Oats at the service desk, which they were apparently substituting for out-of-stock 18oz. big step-down in size. but that beats Tony’s with their Ruth’s plant-based crumbles/patties/meatballs freebie, which had zero stock, substitutions, or rainchecks. 😐

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