Saturday Sampler: Coke Y3000

The Jewel preview ad is up for next week and there’s a Coke Saturday Sampler.  Dunno what this is, but Coke has moved off the beaten track so far it’s not part of the same species!

I like quite a few of the deals in this ad, like the 49¢ avocados, the $2.99 Fisher’s peanuts (the big jug that’s usually $9.99!) and quite a few of the clip coupon deals.  Since they always have low limits, clip ’em all and run it on one trip.  That way you won’t be tempted to over pay on another trip.  Click on the U™ account link and check the preview ads for your own finds.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: Coke Y3000

  1. Hopefully they have some paper coupons in store for the Fisher peanuts. Last week we had $1/2 right on product for the Planters, making those 99c a jar!
    I’m happy about the 49c lb. cauliflower too! And the 99c raspberries. Last time we tried a new Coke product hubby said it tasted like medicine. (Circle K had been really pushing that and we got several free playing their game) I want to say Jewel also gave us a free bottle of new Coke a few weeks ago?

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