Saturday Sampler: 2L Starry + probiotics?

As shown in the Jewel ad, today we get at least one Saturday Sampler, a 2L bottle of Starry lemon lime soda and possibly another one for a quart of GoodBelly probiotics juice.  Pita had both as well.  Add to your U™ account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.  Make sure to scan the receipt for Fetch Rewards; you’ll get at least 25 points from your purchase and maybe score a big bonus on the daily spin (I won 10k points!).

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: 2L Starry + probiotics?

    • Lisle had lots, but they were in an end cap cooler; only a few were on the regular shelf. Think there were four varieties. Nasty ice cream for 50% off – thank god for freezer Tillamook 🙂

  1. Did you happen to notice if the Starry zero is included? It was only showing the regular below in my app. We skipped going there this morning since it was wind chill -1 here! I will get the juice (I think we’ve had it free before from somewhere?) if they still have some when I run over there. I was able to get a free Starry zero in the 20 oz. bottle a couple weeks ago from Kroger….this week it’s the zero Pepsi? I can’t imagine why Jewel wouldn’t have the diet version.

    • Pita grabbed two and put them in the cart – I never even saw the display! Oddly enough, Starry Zero doesn’t show up in the 2L size when you “shop” for it, only12 & 20 oz bottles (well, mini cans, too).

      • My store only offered the reg. Starry. I asked the girl at self check out if they had the diet and she explained to me (in her kind manner) that if it isn’t displayed under the coupon in app, it is not included. It’s very specific! she said. I guess others must have asked and she was sick of it lol

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