Saturday Sampler 20 oz Coke Zero

Today we get one Saturday Sampler, a 20 oz bottle of Coke Zero.  Have you found any of the other freebie offers from this week (and previous weeks)?  Last week we got Riley’s and the 2 oz Pro Sanitizer, but no small wipes and this week it’s empty shelves.  Rewards are adding up real slow on U™. 

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler 20 oz Coke Zero

  1. Both husband and I got the free pop and the Rileys and the 10 count wipes this morning! I was happy to get that.

    All over town it’s falling apart though. Our Panera’s dining room is closed and they have limited hours for drive thru.(opens at 11 am weekend now!)

    All Dollar Generals had closed signs on doors stating register problems! The whole town? I was planning a nice $5/$20 trip too dang it. Plus many fast food places (BK, Wendys +) have no service at all. No one will work!

    • And just in case, Amazon delivered my case of toilet paper this afternoon – yesterday’s order. Really don’t want to have that alarmist mentality, but too much is going out of stock on a regular basis to be comfortable. I have powdered heavy cream to mix up for my coffee if things turn dire 🙂

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