Saturday Sample: AHA sparkling water

We have one Saturday Sampler, a 16 oz can of AHA Sparkling Water – the same item as AmazonFresh was handing out during their grand opening and very welcome.  Check your  U™ account and see if you got anything extra because weird freebies are popping up for other people 🙁  I’ll be stopping in for the little 49¢ watermelons – heard that they’re sweet and juicy or tasteless and dry, so we shall see.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Sample: AHA sparkling water

  1. Funny I got an email telling me that my FREE tahini was here but I actually got the free aha water, like everyone else did instead. (I just made hummus too!) Possibly it will come tomorrow? I did get a free bag of those Green Giant fresh little red potatoes that you microwave last week. ($4.49 value)<<<<insane! Hubby got nothing!?

    • Neither Pita nor I have gotten any freebies for some time. Looking over old posts &stumbled over the Word of the Day freebies – there were incredible deals (remember the large Wild Mike frozen pizzas in 2018?).

      • Yes! I remember all those great WOD’s! Hands down the best one ever has got to be the free Fisher “never fried” cashews or mixed nuts! Another top favorite is the Simeks? frozen lasagna! I wonder if they are ever doing that again? I check all the time on their facebook page.
        We got 2 baby watermelons the other day and they were not so great. I’m glad we didn’t pay full price! The ones they had out at first were a bunch of larger ones but today I looked and they were tiny….I wonder if those would be any better? See what you think?

        • omg, that lasagna!!! That was another 2018 deal; never realized how good we had it back then 🙂 Jewel for watermelons & AHA tomorrow; weren’t in a hurry ’cause some folks had sweet melons & others not so good.

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